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Signs of the long term effects of vaccinations are beginning to appear.  It’s called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

where antibodies that normally alleviate the symptoms of viral infection end up doing the opposite, facilitating entry of the virus into cells, and via a resultant “cytokine storm,” damage internal organs.  This is precisely what Canadian virologist Dolores Cahill predicted back in January.
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These things happen when you buy into the lies of the Luciferian Gates Population Controller CABAL with its Grima Wormtongue FAUCI!

Portentous Sign: Covid Cases Spike in a Dozen States With High Vaccination Rates Which May Signal a Feared Health Catastrophe

By Bill Sardi

March 22, 2021

Virologists and public health authorities aren’t publicly saying what this means, at least not yet… but they know there may be something very ominous unfolding.  Something virologists all feared.  Something that must be kept hush-hush until vaccine makers inoculate the world and make their billions of dollars and national leaders reach their political goals.  But politicians just may end up taking blame, not credit, for a health catastrophe of unprecedented proportion.

The fact COVID cases are spiking in a dozen States with high vaccination rates may indicate vaccination is spawning viral mutations that turn vaccinated individuals into superspreaders.  The vaccine suppresses symptoms but fails to halt transmission.

A vaccine-induced health catastrophe may be unfolding.  It is something journalist Mike Whitney recently called “Satan’s Poker.”  It is what mathematicians in France recently feared in their analysis of the future course of the COVID pandemic.

COVID-19 is likely mutating and is turning on younger age groups.  As the mathematicians stated in October of 2020 in the journal of Mathematical Biosciences, health authorities need to monitor, very early on, if a significant number of younger people are affected by a severe form of the disease.  That would be a shift from the frail elderly to middle-age adults, which is what is occurring in Israel where 50% of the population has been inoculated with an RNA vaccine.

Israel becomes the country where its citizens become guinea pigs

Israel is the human laboratory where such a catastrophe may first be noticed.  Reportedly 76 of every 100 Israelis have been vaccinated with the Pfizer RNA COVID-19 vaccine at $28 per dose.

Under a headline article entitled “Israel’s Clever Coronavirus Vaccination Strategy,” (Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster) quotes the chief of anesthesiology at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv to say:

 “We are seeing young people connected to a heart and lung machine – something we have not really seen before.  We are witnessing tragedies here.”

The government there in Israel is blaming the problem on vaccine refusal rather than investigating whether the vaccine itself is changing the direction of the pandemic.

A frightening story comes from Mike Whitney, writing that “Israel’s COVID-19 cases… spike sharply during the first month of the mass vaccination campaign.”  Israel has sold itself to Big Pharma and has agreed to become a giant experimental laboratory for the new RNA vaccines.

As the RNA vaccines have been rolled out and around half of the Israeli population has been immunized there has been a major shift in coronavirus demographics: “70% of new COVID-19 cases are under age 39; only 5.5% are over age 60; 40% of critical patients are under age 60,” according to Whitney’s report.

This begs the question: have the vaccines created a more virulent strain of the virus that targets younger age groups, in particular the unvaccinated.

According to Whitney’s report, Orthodox Jews in Israel now experience a 15-fold rise in morbidity while Israeli Arabs experienced a decline.  The Arabic segment of the population did not comply with the efforts to vaccinate as did the Orthodox.

Not monster virus, but monster vaccine

An alarm has been issued by a leading virologist that vaccination will create “a wild monster” that is going to wipe out large parts of human populations.  The Israeli experience appears to back this claim.

According to Whitney’s report, within a two-month period, inoculations in Israel managed to double the number of accumulated deaths in the prior ten months of the pandemic.  The so-called superspreaders may be the vaccinated.

Antibodies backfire

What the French mathematicians are talking about in medical terms is called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) where antibodies that normally alleviate the symptoms of viral infection end up doing the opposite, facilitating entry of the virus into cells, and via a resultant “cytokine storm,” damage internal organs.  This is precisely what Canadian virologist Dolores Cahill predicted back in January.
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Reinfection among the vaccinated

Also, reinfection is surely occurring.  Vaccine makers are saying maybe a third inoculation may now be needed, a concession the initial round of two inoculations isn’t working, believing this will raise antibody response 10-20-fold.  But that may only worsen the problem.

In their mathematical predictions, the mathematicians in France describe a pandemic that alters course and instead of reinfection causing 4.1% of all COVID deaths it causes 28%.  All reinfected individuals experience severe disease with a death rate of 10% in their mathematical model.

Excess deaths not COVID

The World Health Organization, which is over-committed to the vaccination model of managing infectious disease, isn’t waving a red flag yet and has been keeping another fact hidden, that the excess deaths that have been reported are among non-COVID patients and are middle-aged.  This is the CDC reporting this, not some wanna-be-famous anti-vaxxer.

There is no health crisis, no evidence that demands a lockdown.  Over 95% of infected patients globally get well on their own.

The New Voluntary Health Passes – What’s Next?What many have been dreading is now happening – the rollout of so-called ‘health passes’ to prove your vaccination and health status. Is this the edge of the slippery slope that I’ve been warning about that will divide the vaccinated from the less-desirable ‘untouchables?’READ MORE

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[Note:  For full article, with multiple videos featuring experts, plus extensive references, need to go online.  Connects the dots, again … See also:  “Definitions of Pandemics, Vaccines, Herd Immunity All Changed”, at: ;  also, “Masks Impair Patient Trust of Their Doctors”, at:

—  DNI]


IBM Partners With Moderna for COVID Reset

by Dr. Joseph Mercola


  • IBM and Moderna have teamed up to produce COVID-19 digital health passes to allow people to “return to the activities and things they love.” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the Excelsior Pass, built on IBM’s Digital Health Pass, during his January 2021 state of the state address
  • Other pilot programs for health verification passes have also been rolled out in various places around the world. In Israel, there’s the Green Pass, and in Los Angeles, California, schools have adopted the Daily Pass QR Health Portal, a partnership between Microsoft and Anthem Health. The European Commission has also rolled out a plan for its own digital green pass
  • The voluntary “health passes” now being rolled out are just the tip of the iceberg. Before long, they will become mandatory, at which point unvaccinated individuals will be effectively excluded from society
  • Health passes are tied in with the far broader agenda known as the Great Reset, which involves a complete redesign of supply chains and capital organization structures
  • Health passes will also help build and facilitate the transhumanist technocratic plan to profit from genomic data collection

[see VIDEO:  “Dr. Vernon Coleman (]

Words That Changed Meaning in the Midst of COVID-19The long-held definitions of pandemic, vaccines and herd immunity may have changed recently. Find out what they mean

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