By E.P. Unum

April 17, 2021

            As a continuation of some thoughts and perspectives I believe are important, and with deference and respect to the unparalleled Charles Krauthammer the author of Things That Matter, I’d like to share these with you:  1.       Can you think of a time in our history when we the people have had more of our freedoms hijacked by politicians before? Over the last year we have witnessed first- hand our right to worship as we choose, speak freely without fear of censorship, our children forced into isolation with limited education delivered through a computer, government restrictions on dining out, entertainment, and even curtailment in medical testing for conditions such as cancer, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders all drastically curtailed because of a virus from China? Hell, we can’t even call it what it is….the Wuhan Virus, without recrimination from the cancel culture crowd.  2.       Don’t you think it is such a creative idea, a stroke of democratic genius, to add four Justices to the Supreme Court? What could possibly go wrong? When the Republicans assume control again, they can, in turn, add four more, and this process can be continued to the point when we could have 29 Justices on the Supreme Court…hell, the more the merrier.  I may be wrong, but I thought our government was built on the principle of checks and balances with three co-equal branches…the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. 3.        President Biden and Vice President Harris have yet to visit the U.S. Southern Border where we have a crisis of monumental proportion due to the influx of illegal aliens into our country…at the invitation of President Biden. The Biden White House is actually considering paying citizens in Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Columbia to stay in their countries rather than come to the U.S. In other words, pay to stay away! What could possibly go wrong? If you believe these payments will actually reach the citizens of these countries, I own an island off the coast of Sardinia I’d like to sell you! 4.        Just spitballing a bit, but taking away guns from law-abiding citizens, or restricting access to them and assessing tax penalties seems to me to be closely akin to castrating your neighbor because you think he has too many children. Surely, Biden and his acolytes cannot be that dumb, although today, speaking in the Rose Garden with the Japanese Prime Minister, Biden said “there is no reason why anyone should have access to assault weapons with magazines containing 100 bullets”. Well, someone needs to inform our President that an AR-15 is not an assault weapon and uses a clip with only ten rounds, and I am not aware of any commercially available rifle or handgun that contains a clip with 100 bullets….stop exaggerating Mr. Biden.   Do they really feel that if people abandoned their weapons or sold them back to the government, that criminals will do the same thing and everyone will live happily ever after in a newly created utopia? Dianne Feinstein said as much just a few years back.  Maybe I am giving them too much credit and they are really a special kind of stupid. 5.        I am genuinely looking forward to listening to President Biden…or anyone in his Administration…explain how spending $2.3 Trillion on a new Infrastructure Plan in addition to the already approved $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan is going to “cut poverty in the black community by over 37% and create 19 million new jobs!” Keep in mind the economic forecast for the U.S. Economy prior to Joe Biden taking office was for the creation of 16.3 million jobs in 2021…without spending one cent! 6.        Just the other day, Vladimir Putin turned up the heat on the Biden Administration by barring foreign warships from the Kerch Strait that connects Russia and Crimea amid escalating tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border. There are now over 40,000 Russian troops massed at the Ukrainian border with Russian artillery boats and landing craft transferred from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea. Biden’s response was to immediately recall the two American warships he had dispatched to the Black sea and call for a face-to-face parlay with Vladimir Putin. In other words, Putin and Biden briefly stared at each other and Biden blinked. Strong leadership. I will say it here: Putin would not have taken such a posture with Donald Trump nor would he have escalated tensions in Ukraine. Biden, of course, cut back foreign aid and weapons to Ukraine.  7.        Biden’s ineptness doesn’t stop there. Iran announces it is turning up its efforts to reach weapons-grade uranium. Biden’s answer to that: pump more U.S. dollars…your tax dollars…into Iran and resume negotiations towards a new Nuclear Agreement. Strong leadership. Israel, which has been palpably ignored by Biden, will not stand by and watch Iran build a nuclear weapon. 8.        I was fascinated to read the announcement from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. The Vermont-based company tweeted the other day this remarkable comment: “the murder of Daunte Wright is rooted in white supremacy, and results from the intentional criminalization of Black and Brown communities”. Perhaps Ben & Jerry’s ought to stick to producing ice cream because their qualifications as psychologists and historians are suspect. 9.        Have you noticed that when democrats speak, everything seems to be a crisis? Take Climate Change as an example. It is referred to by democrats as a Climate Crisis of monumental proportions. Indeed, Barack Hussein Obama has said it is an existential threat to the world! But, have you ever heard an honest to goodness debate among scientists representing both sides of this argument…and there are, in fact, two sides diametrically opposed to each other…to determine just how real this “threat” is? I have not seen or heard such a debate, but I have read both sides of the argument on my own and I can say without equivocation that the issue of climate change is clearly unsettled science. You notice that democrats and liberals no longer use the phrase “global warming”any longer and the reason for this is because the earth has cooled some 0.7 degrees over the last decade! Like Casey Stengel, the old New York Yankee Manager said, “you can look it up”. 10.   President Biden boldly announced that all troops stationed in Afghanistan will be returning home on September 11, 2021. What strong leadership! Leadership cut in the mold of Barack Hussein Obama…let your enemy know your plans ahead of time so they can plan their next moves. Do you think Al Queda is watching this? Keep in mind that Biden is our Commander-in-Chief….not theirs. 11.   Did you hear Maxine Waters telling Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio to “shut your mouth” during questioning of his holiness Anthony Fauci, MD. What a disgrace! Where is the outrage over this, from democrats and republicans? How does this crass, unintelligent, belligerent, racist woman get away with her ridiculous outbursts? Someone needs to take her to task and I mean right now, without delay. Her attitude, vindictiveness, and arrogance cannot be tolerated. 12.   Have you checked the price of gasoline at the pump recently? In New Jersey where I live gasoline prices have risen $1.00 to over $3.00 per gallon. They will rise further in the coming summer months. So will food costs and other products. And wait ‘till you see the new taxes we will be faced with thanks to the Biden Executive Orders. 13.   Finally, I was watching a movie earlier today and had a novel thought. Don’t you think there would be less crime in our streets and far fewer accusations of police brutality and confrontations with police if we taught our children to respect their elders, the police, and people in authority and emphasized this in our schools and in our homes?  Don’t you think, as I do, that by reinforcing the principle of ‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you…the “golden rule”…should be resurrected and made a part of everyday life. Wouldn’t that go a long way towards reducing crime and the mob mentality we see in the media every day? Just a passing thought. 

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