I write first to send my prayers for your health and my Easter greetings .

    I mention that In Cranmer’s Anglican prayer book of 1549 is a prayer, I think in the Litany, “to be delivered from the Bishop of Rome and his detestable enormities”. It occurred to me yesterday that Bergoglio by his total lack of interest in Christ’s truth, his deceits , his vanity and general corruption of the papal office, has made this Protestant prayer suitable for all faithful Catholics . It is also of the greatest significance that all Protestants, at the so-called Reformation ,  made exactly the same error that Bergoglio himself has made. They found the papal office in the Bishopric of Rome as he now does, having declared [ Annuario Pontificio 2020 ] that the Vicariate of Christ granted to Peter is of ‘’ historical ‘’ ie not present significance ; by this he himself ‘’pontificates’’ on any nonsense, Pachamama, Human Fraternity etc. that comes into his head , ignoring Christ’s very specific commissions to Peter . He behaves , indeed, as though he knows better than God. I pray daily for his overthrow although not actually using Cranmer’s words ! Quite apart from the incompetent renunciation of Benedict XV1 there is a major impediment , at present , in the overthrow of any pope for which no collection of pious opinion makes the least difference , and , as I now see , this is a great weakness in the system . Canon law proceeds from the pope. There is no provision in its texts for a removal, nor can be , until it is understood that Christ’s primary commission to Peter is not that of Matthew 16 , this concerns the means of the office , not its purpose. It is the Lucan Commission [ 22:32] which is primary. Peter must be able to confirm his brethren in the Faith by professing it in its entirety and above all in terms of justification in Christ . Bergoglio is wholly incapable of making that profession standing as it does on FAITH in the ONLY God , the Blessed Trinity, and the Father’s gift of belief in Him , and only in Him , whom he has sent . [John 6: 29 ]When Christ’s Church arises from her present peril , it seems to me that every elect of Rome  , before accepting Peter’s office, must be required to profess justification and its ‘’installation ‘’,in himself , as Trent has it, by means of his baptism . I did not perceive the papal significance of justification myself . I read it in the Consecration Sermon of Innocent 111 , 22 February 1198. It is a tragedy that Innocent’s remarkable understanding of the Petrine office , and of the pre-eminence of the Gospel ,have been forgotten . Kind Regards , XXXXXX

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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