By: Bill Shuey

May 15, 2021


Oppression is defined by Webster’s as prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. The word is thrown around to represent some perceived mass movement on the part of white America to keep blacks downtrodden and subservient. The logic being that white people are fearful that they are losing control of their lives and country. The Democrats promote this supposed subjugation as being the result of systemic racism.
I have long wondered how we could see so many rich black people if they are truly oppressed. Why are more and more blacks finding success and moving into the suburbs of America if they have no opportunity? Why do we see so many black career military officers if they have no chance of success?
The obvious answer is that we aren’t supposed to notice or think about the upward mobility of the millions of blacks who have worked hard, studied, and become successful. Their stories of success just don’t square with the Democrats’ ongoing narrative.
Certainly, there are blacks that live in miserable environments to which most of us wouldn’t subject our pets. The same can be said for millions of white Americans in some parts of our country. Poverty and human misery aren’t the exclusive possession of the black race. 
W.E.B. DuBois was a black writer, teacher, sociologist, and activist whose work transformed the way the lives of black citizens were viewed. DuBois is probably best known for advancing the concept of the “talented tenth.” He believed that full citizenship and equal rights for blacks would be brought about through the efforts of the intellectual elites within the black community.
DuBois probably got the numbers about right. It’s probably accurate to state that about ten percent of the black population in the United States has achieved educational and/or economic success. Many enjoy the social experience of living outside the “black bubble” that keeps most black citizens segregated in their own communities and churches.
Where DuBois’s theory went astray is in believing that the ten percent of successful blacks could or would somehow influence the overall black community to strive to achieve success. It just hasn’t happened. 
Typically, when a black person finds success, he or she physically and intellectually moves into the larger world. Rarely do successful blacks make any great effort to help those in the community they leave behind. Thus there are two distinct groups within black society: those who remain mired in their misery and those who live within the mainstream of society. Typically, these two groups have about as much in common as apples and oranges.
What DuBois failed to consider in his theory was that black success breeds black resentment. Blacks who are successful and display conservative values are viewed as traitors to their race. Also, he couldn’t know that the Democrat/Socialist Party would work so persistently to keep the lower class blacks in perpetual bondage to a government system. A system that houses, feeds, and treats blacks much as if they were caged animals in a zoo, but without onlookers to see them on exhibit.
The initial Civil Rights Act and everything that has followed has been geared to allow blacks to choose their own destiny. The prevailing problem is that far too many have chosen to take the course of least resistance and remain in their self-imposed, segregated, closed society. Then almost without exception, they blame white America for their circumstances.
At this point, it should be noted that old white men don’t impregnate young black girls who are either having illegitimate children or aborting them. Old white men don’t go to inner-city schools and steal the textbooks. Old white men don’t force young black men to kill other black youths to achieve some kind of turf bragging rights.
The Democrat/socialists, race-baiters and fomenters, and the various black advocate groups can blame white America for the plight of the black community until Hades becomes an ice skating rink. Their chatter will change nothing until each individual human decides he or she wants something better for themselves. That is the inconvenient truth!
Bill Shuey is a freelance writer in Milford, Kansas.

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