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March 1, 2019 by The Lord’s PlaceThe below answer was from a question I asked the Facebook Subscription referring to a Facebook site on Father John Corapi. 

My question was:Did Father John return to the Priesthood? I know I last saw him on Linked [In Page].Father Corapi Catholic site reply: “That Linked In Page is fake and is being operated by an imposter, we have reported it to the authorities but so far they have ignored all requests to take it down. 

As for Father Corapi leaving the Priesthood, please do not believe hearsay and gossip which has been promoted by liberal haters of orthodox Catholic teaching which is what Father always taught, Bishops who are behaving immorally and promoting same-sex marriage absolutely hate preachers like Father Corapi because he was publicly singling them out as heretics to the true Catholic Church established by Jesus Christ.

This is a brief explanation outlining this false accusation (..in case you have been misinformed by the many lies that have been circulated by those who do not like Father’s straightforward and undiluted teaching of authentic Catholic Doctrine.).

Allegedly – Fr. John Corapi was accused of sexual misconduct, drug abuse and financial improprieties. 

Thousands of international Catholics believe in his innocence. We have congregated across the world in staunch defense of his unjust victimization. We are spiritual warriors because of Fr. Corapi, and now we battle to reinstate his impeccable reputation, honor, and to deliver him from such accusations.

He was ordained a Priest within the order of the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity, also known as S.O.L.T. He did not receive a fair hearing or review by Church authorities or by his peers. They demanded he surrender his civil and legal rights, which he refused to do. Within only three short weeks after the false accusation, mediated by a trio of unknown so-called ‘experts’ who showed preferential treatment to the accuser, and he was finished. He was not even allowed to examine the evidence, much less defend himself. Not a single member of his staff was interviewed. Caught ‘between a rock and a hard place’ Father resigned from public ministry.

Certain people have access to Fr. Corapi’s preaching and teaching ministry.  People would also have access to Fr. Corapi’s media operation; including telephones, text messaging, email, and all relevant sources of communications. Furthermore, certain persons have access to private contacts and information regarding Fr. Corapi’s business when employed by him.  It would not be hard to work with this kind of information for personal gain. 

ln today’s world certain bishops are not defending their priests.
We, the members of the body of Christ, support Fr. Corapi and many other falsely accused priests throughout the world, and indeed there are many (over 1,000). The zero tolerance policies do not treat our Priests with the same rights as the accusers. It is impossible to find Fr. Corapi guilty of all those accusations. 

SOLT’s ‘fact finding team’ did not even interview employees at Santa Cruz Media, nor Fr. Corapi himself, nor anyone who was associated with him.

Their claim of Fr. Corapi having inappropriate amounts of money is also an insult. 

The courts compensated Fr. Corapi after he became a whistleblower against a fraudulent healthcare company.

Fr. Corapi gave so much to charitable institutions and to SOLT, yet the silence of his generosity is deafening.

In a civil court of law this case would be thrown out immediately. One solitary letter of accusation without any evidence corroboration.
The Church rules proposed by the bishops, including ‘zero tolerance’ for Priests who faced allegations of abuse, were drawn up in a short amount of time under intense public scrutiny. Certain rash ‘decisions’ were made under intense heat and pressure, caused by the sex scandals inside the Church, to take drastic action in order to satisfy the demands of the media and public. This is clearly what happened to Fr. Corapi. He even offered to take a drug(s) test but they were not interested. That, within itself cries ‘foul’ – when the accused is offering his very own body to be examined only to be rejected, is indeed an injustice. SOLT’s ‘fact finding team’ rushed through this decision to appease the likes of SNAP and many others who bear personal grudges against Priests.

It is rather heartbreaking to know that Fr. Corapi’s public ministry has been taken away by just one letter.  

They did not lift a finger to investigate this correctly through fear of scandal, yet by their actions they have caused more scandal.

Father prays the Rosary and celebrates Mass daily for all his faithful supporters. He remains silent out of love for the Church and even though he is suffering in the aftermath of this false accusation, he will not go against the Church in any way. He lives in Montana and until he is exonerated, he will not be giving any talks or communicating publicly. Father John is offering this up for all, and in God’s time He will exonerate him.

Father Corapi was, and still is hated by the Evil One, as well as by many liberal individuals both outside and inside the Church.  Father loves the Church and never left the Church, he resigned from public ministry because he had no choice. He is, and always will be a Priest.

We are doing everything possible to help clear his name and are very confident that Christ will soon win the victory for his chosen apostle Father John Corapi. 

Our Blessed Mother in Heaven will surely intercede for her beloved Priest who has brought thousands upon thousands of souls into, or back into, the Catholic Church by passing on the Faith without subverting or diluting it, unlike many Bishops, Priests and ‘Theologians’ are doing today.

Fr. Corapi’s Catechism series and many of his other talks on our Facebook Page and YouTube channel are still bringing new converts into the Catholic Church, as well as bringing back fallen away cradle Catholics – we don’t make this claim lightly – the proof is in the public comments.

For more important work by Father John Corapi see here: 

Please tell your friends and family to pray and do penance for more than one thousand falsely accused Priests worldwide, and to continue watching Father’s videos on this  YouTube Channel where they are all freely accessible.
God bless you and keep you safe.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyvpGjfRsSPEse8fWGuEO0Q/playlistsGod Bless Fr.J.Corapi

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    Thank you so much for this information. It is so good to know he didn’t go off the deep end. I was very concerned about the website he created after his departure. Was that actually created by an enemy?(the black sheep one)?

    His sufferings must be helping to keep back the chastisements we deserve!

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