Governor Given Ultimate Power — “No Show” Democrats Left Scrambling

August 11, 2021

The Texas Supreme Court this Tuesday shot down an order that would have prevented the arrests of the Dem lawmakers who left the state to stop a quorum from forming in the Legislature.

GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and Dade Phelan, the House Speaker, had filed a document to overturn this order, according to KVUE-TV.

“In this circumstance, there must be no doubt that the Plaintiff’s arrest and transport to the Capitol is within the Legislature’s sphere of power to compel a lawmaker’s attendance,” the petition says.

“Plaintiffs are 19 state lawmakers who obtained public office and made an oath to uphold the state Constitution — the same exact Constitution that authorizes every House to force attendance from its members,” it said.

“If plaintiffs do not wish to complete their public duties, they can resign and return to the state.”

The Dem lawmakers fled to D.C., on a private charter plane and have stayed there to block any progress on a GOP election security bill.

It is easily among the most bizarre and ridiculous political stunts of this decade, as many of these lawmakers eventually tested positive for coronavirus and could be arrested upon coming back to Texas.

“The Texas House will make use of every available tool under the Texas Constitution and the unanimously-passed rules to protect a quorum to debate election security, bail reform, benefits for retired teachers, Child Protective Services changes, and the other important topics which Governor Abbott put on the session agenda,” Phelan said in a comment.

“The clock is ticking — I expect all lawmakers to be there in our Capitol to immediately work on these topics.”

On Friday, the truant state lawmakers filed a lawsuit against Phelan and Abbott for threatening to arrest them.

Unsurprisingly, they are saying that their civil rights were broken when officials attempted to force them to perform their jobs.

These Dems have put themselves above the law because they don’t want to deal with the consequences of their own actions.

Instead of trying to negotiate, they have been bringing in more money, asking for care packages, and even taking vacations in Portugal.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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