Moynihan and Derksen regarding Bergoglio resigning or issuing a document on succession

Raymond Antonini7:56 PM (2 hours ago)

In 2003/4 ‘Cdl.’ Gottfried Daneels of Belgium pushed to get rid of the papacy (in the Apostate Sect of Vatican II that masquerades as the Roman Catholic Church but is not) and substitute a governing council with a rotating head as president of the council.
Bergoglio is such a power mad narcissist he would normally want to stay in power forever, unless by resigning and formulating new governance he could out of his extreme hatred for God, the Faith and the Church cause even more damage.
So let’s see what Bergoglio the Lesser Beast of the Apocalypse, the Prophet of the future Antichrist, chooses to do to and in his apostate sect.
Please note the True Holy Roman Catholic Church still and will always remain in all the baptized who hold the Faith, Whole and Entire.

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