Aug 23, 2021

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How Biden’s Afghanistan failure has emboldened Iran

Iranian military

Image Source:  Office of the Supreme Leader

Anyone with even a small amount of knowledge on world politics knows that America’s hasty retreat from Afghanistan will have geopolitical consequences for years to come. And it looks like some of those consequences are starting to materialize.

Thanks to the increased instability in the region, Iran now plans to hold joint military drills with Russia and China, according to Russian and Iranian leaders.

That’s a worst-case scenario for the US, as three of our nation’s fiercest enemies are banding together as the power vacuum grows stronger in the Middle East.

It won’t be long before the countries stake claims in Afghanistan. And that doesn’t bode well for American interests around the world. And our allies will quickly blame us for this mess as it gets worse.

But Joe Biden refuses to admit that he messed up the Afghanistan withdrawal as he continues to claim it was the best he could do.

Our political standing on the global stage will continue to fade as this problem encourages our enemies and forces our allies to think twice about helping us in the future.

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