Mail or return your Recall ballot by TOMORROW, September 14th! Vote YES to replace extremely Pro-Abortion Governor Newsom!


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Newsletter Monday, September 13th, 2021
VOTE YES to Recall Governor Newsom!Tuesday is election day!

Forward this email or send this link: friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and church members!TUESDAY IS ELECTION DAY! Every vote is critically important! Vote YES to Recall pro-abortion Governor Newsom!
Here are three ways to return your ballot:
1. Find your nearest Polling Place and vote in person. If you haven’t registered, they will help you with same-day-registration. Polls are open now and close at 8pm tomorrow, Tuesday. 
2. Or, find your nearest Drop Box and drop off your completed ballot in the box by tomorrow. 
3. Or, mail in your ballot using the postage-free envelope, which must be postmarked by tomorrow, Tuesday!
Make sure everyone you know returns their Recall ballot! 
Please forward this email on to everyone you know, encouraging them to VOTE YES to recall extremely Pro-Abortion Governor Newsom and replace him with a Pro-Life Governor! 
Share this Californians for Life Pro-Life Voter link with everyone you know. Voter InformationEverything you need to know about the Recall Election voting process can be found at the California Secretary of State Voter Information website, including: How to Register to vote at a Polling PlaceHow to replace a lost or damaged ballotWhere to find your nearest polling place or Ballot Drop Off location.How to trace the status of your ballot to make sure it is counted!Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the last day to vote YES on the Recall Election! Make sure everyone returns their ballot!Here are step-by-step things you can do to help remove extremely Pro-Abortion Governor Newsom andreplace him with a Pro-Life Governor:

Make sure you and everyone you know are registered to vote. You can check on your voter registration status and details at the Secretary of State website. Make sure you, your family, your friends, and everyone you know VOTES YES on Question 1 on their ballot to recall Governor Newsom. Voting YES means that you support the recall which will remove Pro-Abortion Governor Newsom from office. Question 2 on the ballot is your opportunity to select a Pro-Life candidate to replace Pro-Abortion Governor Newsom. Vote for ONE of the Pro-Life candidates who are listed belowPLEASE FORWARD this email to everyone you know, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and church members, so that they all know how important this election is for LIFE! 
NOTE: If Governor Newsom is recalled, then whoever gets the largest number of votes on Question 2 will become our next Governor! The new Pro-Life Governor will take office as soon as the election is certified in October! There is no run-off. See details at the Secretary of State website. Watch Larry Elder being interviewed by the LA Times in the video above and by the Sacramento Bee in the video to the right to hear his position on a variety of issues. Larry Elder is the leading Pro-Life candidate for Governor. Victory is within reach if we all do everything we can to elect a Pro-Life Governor! 
The most important thing for everyone to do is to VOTE YES on Question 1 to recall extremely Pro-Abortion Governor Newsom. 
You can watch Larry Elder’s interview with the Sacramento Bee and with the Los Angeles Times.
Larry Elder is a nationally syndicated radio host, a bestselling author, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and one of the best-known media figures in America today. 
His daily radio program, “The Larry Elder Show,” is heard in all 50 states where he promotes the timeless American principles of personal responsibility and accountability.
Larry Elder was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and his family’s story represents every bit of the American Dream. Elder has a B.A. in Political Science from Brown University, and a J.D. from the University of Michigan School of LawAdditional Pro-Life Candidates for Governer:John Cox is strongly Pro-Life, including his own personal story. He might have been aborted, if abortion had been legal. 
John Cox is a successful business man who worked his way through college, earning a law degree and CPA license.
John and his wife have four daughters and are active members of Nativity Catholic Church. Kevin Kiley currently serves in the California State Assembly, with a 100% Pro-Life voting record. Kevin graduated from Harvard, earned a law degree from Yale, and a master’s in secondary education from Loyola Marymount. He has served as an adjunct professor at McGeorge School of Law. 
Kevin Kiley began his career as a high school teacher in inner-city Los Angeles, where he chaired the English Department and led his students to significant academic gains.
Kevin defended the U.S. Constitution in California courts, then became a prosecutor and Deputy Attorney General, representing the People of California in cases against violent felons.
In 2020, Kevin won a legal case against Governor Newsom because Governor Newsom violated the separation of powers. Kevin continues to challenge Governor Newsom at every opportunity. DO NOT VOTE FOR FAULCONER: He is PRO-ABORTION!
There are several additional Pro-Life candidates for Governor. We thank these candidates for their Pro-Life commitment and urge their supporters to VOTE YES on the Recall of Governor Newsom! 
More Pro-Life Candidates running for Governor include:
Doug Ose from Sacramento has withdrawn from the race, is no longer a candidate for Governor due to recent health concerns, and has ENDORSED KEVIN KILEY!Ted Gaines from El Dorado CountyJenny Rae Le Roux businesswoman from ReddingSam Gallucci from OxnardAnthony Trimino Entrepreneur, CEO, freedom advocateDr. James Hanink Retired Professor from the American Solidarity PartyCalifornians for Life is your one-stop information center for our state, united together to end abortion! Quick Links
40 Days for Life starts September 22nd in 56 cities in California. Abortion Changes and Support After Abortion for healing from the pain of abortion shows how abortions are done helps abortion workers leave the industry
Embrace Grace equips the Church to help women and save babies, through love
Heritage House for pro-life supplies
OptionLine helps women find their nearest Pregnancy Clinic
Rachel’s Vineyard post- abortion healing ministry
Silent No More post-abortion voice
Students for Life of America equips high school and college students and young adults to be effective voices for life!The Californians for Life websiteincludes:What can you do to help women, save lives, change minds, and end abortion?
Is “it” human? and Facts on fetal development 
Pro-Life Curriculum for kindergarten through college students and all ages 
Spanish Pro-Life Material  a very comprehensive site for Spanish pro-life resources
Life-Affirming Resources for Women who are considering abortion
Information about Adoption filled with amazing lovePost-Abortion Healing opportunities throughout our stateCalifornians for Life have eight Statewide Workgroups, including:Cultural Outreach Schools/Youth/Campus OutreachClosing Abortion Businesses   Pregnancy Clinics and CentersChurches   Pro-Life Medical WorkgroupVoter Education/Political Advocacy/Public Policy Messaging/Media/Marketing 
Californians for Life | PO Box 642, Pleasant Grove, CA 95668

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