Guardian Angel
October 26, 2021

“Men have counted as naught the precious blood of Christ
By seeking to destroy those for whom He has died.

Oh man, you shall know great sorrow and a time of great desolation 
As the justice of God is unfurled upon the land, 
For a drop of that precious blood causes demons to quake, 
And holy men to fall to their knees. 

How then shall the Lord overlook what man has done?
For the Son of God has given His life,
And His precious blood has covered mankind,
Those born and as yet unborn, 
But man has counted that blood as naught
And has attempted to destroy those that the blood of the Lord has covered.

Oh man, the earth will quake,
And the sea will refuse to be confined.
The mountains will spew fire,
And the air will turn to poison.
For man has counted as naught
The precious blood of Christ
By seeking to destroy what He has covered.

Who will avoid the justice of the Lord?
There is none.
For the Lord in His mercy
Has covered all men with His blood, born and unborn, 
But man has attempted to destroy what God has covered. 

The cries of the babies testify that a great abomination is afoot in the world, 
For man has counted as naught the blood of Christ, 
And that precious blood which was shed for man testifies of this abomination.
For those God has proclaimed as worthy of life and has covered with His blood 
Have been judged unworthy of life by man. 
Oh who are these who would cast aside the judgment of God?
And who are these who would seek to destroy 
What He has deemed precious and has covered with His blood?

Those who slumber, awaken!
Those who shut their eyes, open them wide!
Those who refuse to hear, listen now!
Those who are silent, speak out with the voice of a trumpet!

For a great abomination has occurred and still continues, 
And it cannot be hidden from the sight of God. 
For the cries of the babies are heard throughout the land 
As these who are precious to God are slaughtered. 
For as man has sacrificed the babies
Upon the altars of science, medicine, and convenience, 
The wrath of God has been kindled
And blazes forth as a fire that cannot be contained. 

Oh man, look now what you have done!
For you have counted as naught the precious blood of Jesus 
As those He has covered have been harmed, 
And now there is nowhere for man to flee.
For the justice of God flows forth upon the earth
And shall not be turned back! 
For man has counted as naught the precious blood of the Lamb.”


In Christ,

About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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