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World renowned Graphene expert Dr. Andreas Noack was raided by police, and later ’died’ 24 hours after making THIS VIDEO, where he revealed that the intended ‘mechanism of death’ from the COVID vaccine is ‘death by a trillion cuts’ from ‘Graphene razor-blades’ inside in the vaccine.

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Sent: Monday, November 29, 2021 10:39 PM
Subject: let us pray


GOD’s Blessings…let us continue to pray and especially for those who are risking their lives to share the truth.

May Dr. Andreas Noack (died receive GOD’s Mercy and rest in peace….We pray for his family…..

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A German doctor,scientist (died under suspicious circumstances) who specializes in nano carbon materials isolated a mono layer of nano carbon in the vaccines and did a video exposing it below. In the video he says these carbon structures are basically VERY sharp razor blades. He says that the leaders are either incompetent or mass murders. He said there isn’t anyway to get these out of ones system and they have the propensity to kill those with high flowing blood streams such as the pro athletes we are seeing die suddenly. He says it will slowly cut others epithelial cells in your vessels and/our heart. He says this is why we are seeing so many heart conditions. 

 This may help explain some of your family/friends reactions post the shot.

Subject: Dr. Andreas Noack – Murdered – 4 Days After Exposing “Razor Blades” In Death Jabs

Police raids German Dr. Andreas Noack house during live video stream (

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  1. Jane says:

    I saw that in last days. That shot is worse than any bullet. If they had all these years to put this together you had to know it would be evilest injection ever. Look what they have done to all these poor kids and babies. May God have mercy on us.

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