St. Nathaniel

December 6, 2021

“They have chosen silence,

These to whom the Deposit of Faith was trusted.

They have chosen silence—

Orderly lines,

Circumspect behavior,

Tails tucked between their legs,

Retreating from battle.

We would not recognize them,

Those of us who defended the Deposit of Faith then,

As keepers of the truth now.

Ah silence— 

When communing with the Lord,

Silence is golden,

For to hear His words is of the utmost importance.

And what could we say that would be of any importance then?

Ah—but when dealing with sin,

With heresy and with attacks on the faith,

Silence is the choice of cowards,

For has not the Lord given you a voice for moments such as this?

The Lord has agreed to be among you,

And when you sit with Him,

To choose silence is the best choice indeed.

O but when men would count as naught His very presence,

And not only cast what is sacred before swine,

But offer it to them on a silver platter,

Then silence becomes the sound of souls perishing.

These men have chosen silence.

Pilate washed his hands in silence.

Infants are murdered in silence.

The world slides into darkness in silence.

O these silent men,

Loving order and pompous ceremony,

Loving comfort and elevated circumstance,

O these men of silence.

It was a silent night before the Christ child arrived,

Before the angels pierced the night with their songs,

Heralding His arrival.

And it will be a silent night before the archangels draw their swords,

And their battle cries pierce the night,

Heralding the arrival of the King,

And the fall of these silent men.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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