This news is just horrific.  We are seeing a logical conclusion that if you think it’s OK to kill a child in the womb, then it only makes sense that it should be permitted to kill a child after birth.  This just happened in two state legislatures right here in the US… Legislators in Maryland just proposed a bill that would effectively decriminalize infanticide – death by neglect – up to 28 days after birth. And, legislators in Colorado just proposed a bill that could force pro-life doctors to perform abortions and would allow them to leave a newborn baby to die if the mother wishes. In short, our country is moving towards a radical, legal acceptance of infanticide.  Your faithful support has fueled the pro-life successes we’ve been seeing… Will you join us again to expose the horrors of these bills by making a gift to Live Action right now?  
https://give.liveaction.org/halt-infanticide/ The truth is that every abortion is an act of infanticide, our goal remains to make abortion unthinkable, and we have seen real progress in changing hearts and minds to become pro-life.  However, these bills show us that the culture is shifting and changing.  As the pro-life message becomes stronger through our combined efforts, the pro-abortion mindset opposing us is also becoming more desperate.  Do you remember when former Governor Northam of Virginia made a comment in 2019 about how a “discussion would ensue” between a mother and her doctor if her baby survived an abortion? Everyone found it horrific that Northam was implying that killing a child post-birth should be an option. But today, we have two states trying to make the killing of babies outside the womb legal and normalized.  I can hardly believe this is real… Rene henry, it gets worse. The idea that killing a baby after birth is justifiable is being spread even within leaders in the realm of so-called “bioethics.”  Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University, is spreading the idea that it’s morally acceptable to kill newborns because they are not fully cognitive at that age and therefore not fully human persons. As if the worth of human life is dependent on cognitive ability?!  Logic is thrown out the window, and these deadly lies are spreading like a wildfire.  Your support in the past tells me you have a heart for this mission. You and I must act now to save our cultural mindset and the babies at risk.  Can I count on you to combat the lies by giving to Live Action right now? Your gift will help us spread the truth that killing a child – preborn AND born – is horrific and evil. It will ensure that we can increase our outreach on every social channel and draw attention to these dangerous legislative proposals before it’s too late. You can make your life-saving gift here: 
https://give.liveaction.org/halt-infanticide/ Thank you for your loving support in the past and for acting again now. I am feeling the weight of our responsibility to end this evil madness, but I am given hope from your partnership. For life, Lila Rose Founder and President

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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