The next plague will be famine!

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Posted on August 1, 2022 by abyssum

Dear Reader,

President Biden’s political future is in big trouble…

And there’s one particular issue that’ll break his administration, potentially in the next 3o days.

This one issue is bigger than gas prices… 

It’s bigger than the midterms… 

It’s bigger than any health or cognitive problems Biden may be facing…

Now, before you ask — the issue I’m 
talking about is not inflation… 

It’s true inflation is bad and getting worse. Yet the issue I’m talking about is an even worse threat to your standard of living.

This issue is not Biden’s terrible poll numbers… 

If anything, when this issue hits full blast, we could soon see Biden’s polling drop into the twenties, or even the teens.

This issue is not crime or the decay of cities. When this issue explodes, we could see violent crime doubled in many areas.

According to my forecast, nothing can stop this issue now. 

The die is cast. 

This issue is already moving full-speed ahead.

Soon, it could mutate into a full-bore disaster for America.

What’s this global disaster in the making?

It’s food shortages.

That’s right — food shortages. 

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: we’ll never see food shortages here in America. You’ll probably dismiss this message as crazy, or alarmist. 

But give me 5 minutes of your time and I’ll prove my entire case for food shortages beyond a reasonable doubt here in this message. 

You see, I predict once we start to see the global food crisis hit here in America, it will force Biden’s resignation.

We’re already into the first stages…

In the next 3o days, you could soon see many foods disappear from shelves at your local grocery store — including staples like pasta, meat, eggs, and bread.

Now, it probably won’t be every item which goes out of stock in your local store.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to scrounge up rice and beans…

But however it shakes out, it’s clear to me we are facing a FOOD DISASTER of epic proportions over the next few months…

Your life savings and standard of living are 
facing immediate disaster!

My name, by the way, is Andrew Zatlin. 

I was recently ranked #1 for Jobs Forecasting by Bloombergahead of analysts at major Wall Street firms like JP Morgan and Bank of America.

Today, I run an investment research firm, Moneyball Economics.

My research has been used by more than 20 of the world’s top hedge funds to make investments.

And as The Wall Street Journal reported, my data can help investors “knock it out of the park” when it comes to making money.

But right now, I don’t want to talk about me.

I want to talk about you

Do remember the COVID lockdowns and wandering around the grocery store with all the empty shelves?

Well, that was a supply chain problem.

The food was there all along, sitting in warehouses. The problem was everyone was locked down. Nobody was working to get the food to the stores.

What I’m warning you about today is a supply problem.

Meaning, it won’t matter if we’re locked down or not. It won’t matter if there are people working the warehouses, trucks and stores to stock up the stores…

The stores won’t be stocked… because the food won’t exist.

Why? I’m going to tell you exactly how this food disaster will go down in the next few minutes…

But know this… 

One of the reasons why you are seeing higher prices in the grocery store is certainly because of monetary inflation. 

The Fed printed trillions of dollars and now we’re stuck with a big problem…

But there’s a BIGGER problem at the supermarket, if you can believe it…

Our farmers won’t be able to produce enough food this harvest, and very soon I’m expecting we’ll see massive shortages at the grocery store.

As I said, the political consequences of a food crisis in America will be disastrous for the Democrats.

Biden will likely resign in disgrace, and President Kamala Harris will be stuck holding the bag. 

It won’t matter much who controls Congress, the GOP or Democrats…

Our farmers are already not producing enough food, right now…

For example, check out this chart:

What you’re seeing here is the price of wheat… 

Notice the huge spike in 2022?

The price of wheat is up almost 100% in a year-and-a-half.

If you eat bread, and I’m guessing you do, you’ve spotted a BIG problem…

But it gets worse. Now consider a second chart…

What you’re seeing here is the record high prices of fertilizer in North America…

Remember, every piece of food you eat was grown somewhere. 

And growing food requires fertilizer. 

Higher fertilizer costs means higher costs for food.

And it’s already starting to bite. 

Check out this third chart, showing overall food prices:


The last time food prices spiked like this was in 2011. As a result, we saw food riots, revolutions, terrorism, and war. 

Gaddafi got whacked. Americans were murdered in Benghazi.

Today we’re facing something even worse…

Potential worldwide famine

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

I’m already seeing a lit fuse. And a global-sized pile of TNT is about to go off.

If my research is correct, markets will be crushed in ways we’ve never seen before… 

The dollar will be hammered… 

Food inflation will ignite even more monetary inflation, and potentially hyperinflation.

Worse still, we could run out of food…

Don’t believe me?

You’re already seeing empty shelves at your local supermarket. 

Keep in mind, these shortages were caused by supply-chain problems. 

Last year, the food was still being grown..

The problem was it kept getting stuck in transit because of tangled supply chains.

That’s why stores ran out of food during Covid.

But now we’ve got a bigger problem coming… a production problem. 

Food simply won’t be — can’t be — grown.

Farmers are facing what I call “Farmageddon” — higher costs andshortages that will soon wipe out harvests across the planet

Food won’t be on the shelves because it simply doesn’t exist.

What’s all this mean for Americans like you and me? 

The immediate consequence is that the cost of food will likely skyrocketin the next 12 months.

It’s already happening. Nobody can stop it now.

Soybeans? Already up 60% in a year…

Corn? Already up 50%…

Beef, already up 12%…

Look, there are hundreds of other charts I could share… 

According to a Consumer Price Index Summary, the “food at home” index rose 6.5% over the past 12 months. 

To put that into perspective, that index rose, on average, 1.5% every year for the last decade. 

A 6.5% jump is unprecedented

It’s more than a 300% increase over what we’ve seen in the past.

Make no mistake, the price of food is raging — and it’s not about to stop.

During the long course of my life, I have never seen anything like this… and conditions are getting worse with each passing day

Yet Farmageddon will spiral into something much, much worse:

I’m anticipating massive food shortages at your local grocery store…

As news of the shortages spreads, I’m expecting hoards of desperate shoppers to clean out entire supermarkets, stripping every shelf bare…

I can see “flash mobs” robbing items right off the shelves in every city in America… 

And grocery stores responding with increased security and checkpoints. 

I’m also predicting that the Federal government will respond with attempts at price controls and rationing, causing even more shortages. 

We already saw American cities set on fire in 2020. 

What will happen when we see catastrophic food shortages, bread lines, and bread riots?

Desperate people will do desperate things…

A truly nightmarish global food crisis really is upon us. 

And it’s going to hit America, hard…

But look, I’m NOT trying to scare you. 

In fact, as an expert on the economy and markets, I wrote this letter you’re reading to share the facts with you about what’s coming — and to share what you can do about it to protect your money and your lifestyle

Most of your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family will tell you that I’m crazy. That YOU’RE crazy for taking steps to get prepared. 

Surely the Federal government will figure this all out, they’ll say…

Are you so sure about that?

I’m not.

So I hope you take whatever steps you need to protect yourself and your family. 

That’s why you can go through everything I have for you today, for FREE, and then decide for yourself if I’m “full of it”…

You’ll see what I’m doing to protect my family and my assets.

You’ll even see the steps I’m taking to profit from this situation.

It might seem strange to think of profit at a time like this…

Yet I can tell you that in every crisis across history, there’ve also been unique opportunities to profit and make large sums of money. 

The last two times we faced a food crisis like this, investors could have made as much as 173%… 451%… even 977% returns on their money

This crisis is no different in terms of opportunity.

To prove it to you, I’m going the extra mile:

*** I will share with you one of my top investment ideas to play Farmageddon — for FREE — right in this letter

In a few minutes, you’ll get the name of this investment and ticker symbol. 

This opportunity isn’t a commodity trade, and it’s not a regular stock. This is something far better. 

And it’s yours, 100% free, just for hearing me out today. No credit card, no delayed billing… in fact, no billing whatsoever. 

But I’m jumping ahead…

Let me tell you a shocking story you’ve probably never heard about… a story about the last time we saw food shortages back in 2011…

On December 17, 2011, a food-cart owner lit himself on fire…

He poured gasoline on his body…

And lit a match.

His name was Mo Bouazizi. 

He was 26 years old, and lived in Tunisia all his life.

Mo supported his family by selling fruit from a cart. 

With his meager earnings, he supported his mother, uncle, and five younger siblings. But Mo had a big problem… 

Because of the food shortages back in 2010, government officials were confiscating Mo’s fruit.

Food was in short supply — and the corrupt officials figured they could simply steal Mo’s food and livelihood.

Mo had had enough. 

So he doused himself with gasoline and burned himself to death in protest. 

This is certainly a tragic tale. But there’s a twist…

What Mo sparked that day was bigger than the fire which ended his tragic life…

In fact, as the story of Mo’s death spread, it launched one of the most violent revolts of recent history.

His death became the trigger for the “Arab Spring” in 2011…

Maybe you remember the Arab Spring. But do you know what caused it?

Food shortages. 

That’s right. 

Food shortages. 

After a sudden surge in food prices — prices doubled overnight — civil disobedience and mass riots shook this part of the world to the core.

Protestors were beaten in the streets…

Governments were overthrown… 

Dictators were stabbed and shot to death by rioters …

From Tunisia, the violent protests spread to five other countries: Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain.

In all five countries, their ruler was deposed… or killed. 

The riots, civil wars, or insurgencies then spread to other parts of the region… leading to a global crisis.

According to Gulf News

“Mo Bouazizi didn’t set himself on fire because he couldn’t blog or vote. People set themselves on fire because they can’t stand seeing their family wither away slowly, not of sorrow, but of cold stark hunger.”

I’m telling you Mo’s story to help you understand one thing:

When the food shortages of Farmageddon hit, you need to be ready for anything… 

After all, to quote the author Alfred Henry Lewis, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy…”

Welcome to “America’s 
Arab Spring”

In short, Farmageddon is going to become extremely ugly as it plays out.

And the potential carnage will likely NOT be confined to places like the Middle East. 

I believe a disaster is brewing right here, in the USA…

We could be facing “America’s Arab Spring” — and far more quickly than you might realize…

On March 28, President Biden made a shocking confession…

President Biden went on TV and declared food shortages are “gonna be real…”

At least Biden is being honest about what’s coming!

In response, Tucker Carlson of Fox News said:

“Our problem has always been having too much food. Now we won’t have enough…”

If that wasn’t grim enough for you, the Washington Post opined,

“There is almost certainly not going to be enough food to feed the world this year. The situation is quickly becoming ‘catastrophic,’ with a high likelihood of famine…” 

We can hope and pray that the U.S. government can stop this…

But for my money, I’m not planning on it. Because the scary truth is…

Farmageddon Can’t Be Stopped Now

Consider this map of the U.S…

See all the red? Those are areas with drought conditions. Much of America has experienced severe drought recently, particularly in wheat-growing areas.

Kansas, for example, is the top wheat producer in the U.S… 

But it’s had the worst rainfall conditions since 2018. Almost zero rain or snow since October.

And it’s not just bad in America. China is the world’s largest wheat producer. And it’s having the worst harvest on record. Massive flooding has delayed planting.

This is a global problem. In fact, here’s a chart with the world’s top 10 wheat-producing countries. Look how many are in turmoil right now:

We’ve got China and the U.S. dealing with shortages…

Russia and Ukraine are at war…

And then there’s India, the world’s second-largest wheat producer. India just declared that it’s not going to be exporting as much wheat.

This is creating a severe wheat shortage — we’re talking about a double-digit reduction. 

And when there’s not enough supply to go around, prices go up…

History Is Repeating, Again…

I mentioned the food shortages which led to the Arab Spring in 2011

But you might not remember the world also faced a massive food shortage back in 2008.

During this global food crisis, food riots spread across Africa, Asia, even Mexico.

Food shortages hit the U.S. back then too.

According to CBS news:

“…more than one in seven American households struggled to put enough food on the table in 2008, the highest number since the U.S. Department of Agriculture began tracking food security levels in 1995.”

As you can see in this chart, both times we’ve seen a food crisis, it was followed by massive global unrest:

But that’s not even the bad news…

The bad news is the current level of food prices — right now — are surpassing the peaks observed the prior two times. 

Food prices are now higher than in 2008 and 2011.

Which means…

Farmageddon is already worse than the previous global food shortages

You probably already guessed this after looking at your recent grocery bill…

And remember, what you’re seeing now is only the start. 

My forecast says food prices are only going higher… to levels we’ve neverseen before.

Already, we’re seeing the dire consequences:

  • In Peru, people have taken to the street to protest high food prices. Peru deployed its military to quell the food riots — and at least six people have died in clashes with police, authorities have said. 
  • With higher wheat prices, protests have broken out in Iraq and Sudan, sparking fears of a new Arab Spring…
  • We’re already seeing food rationing in places like Germany, Spain, and Greece…

History seems to be repeating already, with all the same problems as before.

And this time it’s going to get worse…

Feeling worried yet?

You should be. This is bad news for everyone on the planet. 

But here’s the part no one’s telling you on TV… 

When History Repeats, Money Can Be Made…

As I mentioned before, there are special opportunities to profit from Farmageddon.

Why? For one simple reason…

Whenever we see a repeat of history in world events, we often also see a repeat of history in the markets.

Here’s what I mean:

There’s a company called Mosaic based in Tampa, Florida.

It makes fertilizers and sells them to farmers in the U.S. and around the world.

When the 2008 food crisis hit, Mosaic saw its stock spike up a whopping 977%.

Here’s the chart:

Make no mistake, a 977% profit could be life-changing money…

It’s enough to multiply someone’s money by 10 times.

If an investor put in $10,000 into Mosaic before the peak of the 2008 food crisis, they’d have $97,000…

Start with $50,000 and they’d have $488,500… nearly half a million bucks!

The numbers start adding up fast…

My point is, food shortages went up and so did certain investments…

Commodities, stocks, ETFs and others.

Which opportunities do I expect to skyrocket with Farmageddon?

I’ll show you one of my top investment picks in a moment — which you can grab completely free right here in this letter…

But first, check out three specific “Farmageddon flashpoints” I’m seeing…


The war in Ukraine is tragic on all levels. 

Not least of all, because it’s a flashpoint in Farmageddon…

Ukraine and Russia are the “breadbasket” for much of Europe, Africa and Asia.

In a typical year, Russia and Ukraine account for approximately 30% of all global wheat exports.

A full half of Africa’s wheat imports usually come from either Russia or Ukraine.

Other nations rely on wheat exports from Russia and Ukraine even more than Africa does…

According to a report from MSN, 

“Armenia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Eritrea have imported virtually all of their wheat from Russia and Ukraine and must find new sources. But they are competing against much larger buyers, including Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh and Iran, which have obtained more than 60 percent of their wheat from the two warring countries.”

Ask yourself… with the war going on… who is going to plant and harvest the wheat in Ukraine?

With the global sanctions choking off trade, how will Russia continue to export wheat?

The fact is, they won’t. Or at least not to the degree the world needs to feed millions of people. 

According to the New York Times,

“Russian shells have destroyed Ukrainian cities, homes, hospitals and schools. But the war has also reached deep into the fertile plains of a region known as Europe’s breadbasket, paralyzing harvests, destroying granaries and crops, and bringing potentially devastating consequences to a country that produces a large share of the world’s grain.”

It’s being reported that one-third of Ukraine’s farmlands may not be harvested or cultivated this year.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the “vast destruction of crops and infrastructure due to the war jeopardizes food production.” 

The war has choked off more than a quarter of the global wheat trade, about a fifth of corn, and 12% of all calories traded globally, according to the Financial Post.

Yes, I’m throwing a bunch of numbers at you here.

The point is, what’s happening in Ukraine is unprecedented — and will only get worse…

Image of a destroyed dairy farm in Ukraine

According to Bloomberg News:

“The food shock in Ukraine looks devastating. Grain and sunflower oil in storage from last year’s harvest can’t be shipped because of fighting and port closures. Shelling and fuel shortages may interfere with spring planting and fertilizer farmers need to apply to the winter wheat crop as it emerges from dormancy.. Sanctions and disruption of Black Sea shipping routes also will limit Russian exports, beyond grain….”

Yet, with crisis comes opportunity… if you know where to look.

With the food shortages coming from Russia and Ukraine, American farmers are going to have to increase their production.

Consider a company called American Vanguard…

It makes chemicals for farmers, including insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

In the years that followed the 2011 food crisis, the one that sparked the Arab Spring, this company’s stock shot up an amazing 451%…

That’s a nearly 5 times return!

The trick, of course, is finding these opportunities before the food prices peak…

Sometimes these opportunities are in commodities… sometimes in stocks… sometimes in more exotic investments.

The good news is we still have time to get in on opportunities that can soar in times of crisis like these… and potentially make a fortune from Farmageddon.

In just a moment I’ll show you a three step “blueprint” for how to prepare for what’s coming. But before I show you the specific steps to take… 

There’s another major “flashpoint” which will blow global food prices sky high…

FARMAGEDDON FLASHPOINT #2:The World is Running Out of Fertilizer

As a direct consequence of the war in Ukraine, the world is also running out of fertilizer.

With higher fertilizer costs come the food shortages. 

Keep in mind the largest exporter of fertilizer in the world is Russia. 

According to Reuters,

“Western sanctions on Russia, a major exporter of (fertilizers), have disrupted shipments of those key inputs around the globe. Fertilizer is key to keeping corn, soy, rice and wheat yields high. Growers are scrambling to adjust…”

Since this time last year, some fertilizer prices have gone up by as much as 300%.

Check out this chart, where you can see the price of North American fertilizer exploding to record highs:

According to Bloomberg:

Expensive fertilizers are just one of many factors that have driven food prices to a record. In response, rice farmers across Asia are scaling back usage of the nutrients, threatening harvests of a staple that feeds half the world. The repercussions could be huge: The International Rice Research Institute predicts that yields could drop 10% in the next season, causing a loss of 36 million tons of rice, or the equivalent of feeding 500 million people.”

What’s all this mean?

According to the Wall Street Journal, “farms are failing as fertilizer prices drive up the cost of food…”

This is also very bad for farmers right here in the U.S.

You see, farmers here in the U.S. are facing a big problem.

If fertilizer is too expensive, farmers will simply plant less crops!

Fertilizer bills for American farmers are expected to jump 12% this year, after rising 17% in 2021, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation and U.S. Department of Agriculture… 

Now this might not seem like a big jump. But as a result, it could decrease U.S. corn plantings by 1.3 million acres. 

Ben Riensche, a farmer from Oklahoma, recently told Tucker Carlson:

“Soaring fertilizer prices are likely to bring spiked food prices. If you’re upset that gas is up a dollar or two a gallon, wait until your grocery bill is up $1,000.00 a month, and it might not just manifest itself in terms of price. It could be quantity as well. Empty Shelf syndrome may be starting.”

It seems certain record high fertilizer costs — and less food planted — will also skyrocket food prices beyond the levels we’re seeing now…

But they will also likely also skyrocket the prices of certain investment opportunities…

Smart investors, who know where to look, will have the chance to build tremendous wealth…

For example, consider a company called CF Industries Holdings…

It makes the basic materials needed for fertilizer. 

As you can probably guess, this company had a product in high-demand during a global food crisis

In fact, back in the 2011 food crisis, CF Industries saw its stock spike up a whopping 429%…

As food prices shoot even higher with Farmageddon, I’m expecting a handful of new opportunities like this one to open up…

I’m sure you are seeing the opportunities someone like me might have for you… 

But there’s one more “Farmageedon flashpoint” which will be like dumping gasoline on a fire in this global crisis…

FARMAGEDDON FLASHPOINT #3:A Perfect Storm of Bad Weather, Shortages & Disease!

If the war in Ukraine, the sanctions on Russia and the shortages of crops and fertilizer from these regions wasn’t bad enough.. 

We are now facing a “perfect storm” of other issues which will only accelerate the price of food around the globe.

Keep in mind, these other issues alone would be a big problem all by themselves…

But these other issues are happening ON TOP of the problems we are seeing from the Ukraine war.

It’s going to be a bad harvest this year, in lots of places.

What are these other issues?

*** Bird Flu:

If one global pandemic wasn’t bad enough, now we have another — and it’s affecting birds. Specifically chickens and turkeys.

Here in the United States, a bird flu pandemic continues to escalate, and as a result the price of eggs has more than doubled in recent weeks…

According to CNN Business:

“A deadly and highly infectious avian flu is forcing US farmers to kill millions of egg-laying hens, reducing the country’s egg supply and driving up prices…”

But it’s not eggs which will soon be in short supply. We will also soon see shortages of poultry. According to CBS News:

“Across the nation, farmers have had to kill about 22 million egg-laying chickens, 1.8 million broiler chickens, 1.9 million pullet and other commercial chickens, and 1.9 million turkeys. Iowa accounts for many of those cases, with operations having to kill more than 18 million chickens and 305,000 turkeys…”

*** Bad Weather:

Mother Nature is also working hard this year to ensure a poor harvest…

According to the National Weather Service, nearly 50% of the continental United States will either see drought conditions persist or intensify in the coming months. 

China’s crops are being destroyed by winter flooding.

According to China’s Minister of Agriculture the condition of China’s winter wheat crop could be the “worst in history.” 

This is bad news because China is the world’s biggest wheat consumer. 

According to Reuters

“A survey of (China’s) winter wheat crop taken before the start of winter found that the amount of first and second-grade crop was down by more than 20 percentage points…”

*** Higher Energy Prices:

No doubt you’ve experienced pain at the pump from high gas prices…

But then consider what higher fuel prices will do for global agriculture…

Tractors run on fuel. Trucks which transport fertilizer rely on fuel. So do the trucks which transport the crops to the factory, and the trucks which ship the food to grocery stores…

According to report from Bloomberg:

“Diesel is the workhorse of the global economy. It keeps trucks and vans, excavators and heavy machinery, freight trains and ships all buzzing. Wholesale and retail diesel prices surged last week to an all-time high, surpassing the peak set in 2008…”

Check out this chart:

Bottom line is higher fuel prices will mean higher food prices… 

And more damage from Farmageddon!

*** Even More Supply Shortages:

Farmers are running out supplies they need to farm…

For example: Shortages of farm equipment, and parts for farm equipment, like tractors. 

The same chip shortage we are seeing create shortages in automobiles is hitting farm equipment too. 

Jim Boyer, a farmer in Iowa, is still waiting for a $40 emissions-related sensor for his tractor from the factory. And he’s not sure if it will arrive anytime soon.

According to Farmer Jim:

“I cannot drive that tractor — a quarter-million-dollar piece of equipment — because I cannot get that sensor…”

Of course, even if farmers can get their equipment and parts, who is going to do the actual work of farming?

As you know, most sectors of the U.S. economies are facing a labor shortage at the moments. And this includes farmers.

Check out this chart of the U.S. labor market:

Do you see the gap between job openings and unemployed but willing workers? 

That’s the labor shortage.

Farmers are competing with other sectors for a limited pool of labor. 

And without hired help, who is going to work the harvest?

It’s all bad news for food shortages, for everyone on the planet.

But as you might expect, a “perfect storm” like this also opens up opportunities in the markets, if you know where to look…

It happened in the past. And it’s happening again…

Back in the 2011 food crisis, there was a company called Titan Machinery.

It runs retail stores which sell agricultural equipment like tractors.

With the huge demand for food prices in 2011, farmers needed more new tractors!

And as a result, Titan’s stock went up 140%.

A 140% return is enough to more than double an investor’s money…

Then there’s a stock called Lindsay Corporation, whose company provides water and infrastructure services for the agricultural industry.

This company saw it’s stock rise BOTH times during the food shortages in 2008 and 2011.

In 2011, Lindsay’s stock went up 173%… that’s nearly 3 times, or enough for an investor to nearly TRIPLE their initial stake…

And in 2008, Lindsey’s stock went up 419% …that’s a 5 times increase…

Can you imagine finding opportunities like these today from Farmageddon?

I hope so. Because in a minute I’m going to tell you one you can invest in now. 

In fact, I will tell you the name of the investment and even the ticker symbol, 100% free. It’s my way of saying “thank you” for reading this letter today. 

But first, please know this… 

Farmageddon Will Unleash an Avalanche of Destruction…

Famed economist Jim Rickards has been known to say… 

“Every avalanche begins with one snowflake…”

Well, with Farmageddon — and with the flashpoints I just showed you —

we are seeing a TON of snowflakes dumped on the problem of global food supply…

Believe it or not, but I’m expecting all this to trigger something worse than higher food prices, shortages and mass starvation.

I’m expecting all these problems to compound, due to hoarding.

We’ve all seen what happens at grocery stores, such as when a hurricane or snowstorm is incoming…

We all saw what happened at supermarkets during the Covid supply shortages…

People get scared, and start hoarding food.

Can you blame them? I don’t…

But the fact is, hoarding creates a “self-perpetuating food inflation spiral.”

Prices rise due to hoarding, leading to shortages, which leads to people getting scared, leading to hoarding, higher prices, and more shortages…

And on it goes…

To quote from Barron’s:

“As grocery prices climb, so do the odds of unhinged inflation expectations, opening the door to an upward spiral in prices…”

In short: Food inflation is going to lead to more food inflation, which ultimately leads to shortages, and potentially a total collapse of the global food system.

How To Both Protect Yourself andPotentially Make a Lot of Money From Farmageddon…

Let me tell you one more quick story…

There was once a man named Bill.

Bill came from modest roots. His dad was a merchant marine. Later, Bill moved to Iowa to begin a new life… as a coroner in a small country town.

Bill found out he didn’t like inspecting dead bodies. And the pay wasn’t great. 

So Bill moved into a new business… storing grain for local farmers.

Flash forward 156 years to today: 

Bill is now known to history as W.W. Cargill.

The grain storage business he founded in 1865 is known as Cargill Inc. 

It’s the largest private company in the world, with nearly $120 billion in revenue and 130,000 employees in 63 countries.

Today, the Cargill family is still extremely wealthy. And they are getting richer…

According to a report to Yahoo Finance:

“Rising food prices… are fueling a surge in wealth for the billionaire family behind America’s largest closely held company Three more members of the Cargill family… have joined the ranks of the world’s 500 richest people thanks to their stakes in Minnesota-based food processor Cargill Inc. Each has a net worth of $5.3 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, up 20% this year…”

But Farmageddon isn’t just creating riches among the billionaire class…

Companies large and small are profiting like crazy! According to the same Yahoo Finance report:

“Agricultural trading house Louis Dreyfus Co. reported profit surged 82% last year on grain price fluctuations and strong margins in oilseeds. The valuations of some of the largest publicly traded food companies are rising fast, with Illinois-based Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. up more than 25%…”

In a world where food will become as valuable as gold, those who control the food supply will become very wealthy indeed…

Those who don’t prepare will be left behind to suffer. Perhaps for good. 

So what are the next steps — to protect yourself from the ravages of Farmageddon, and to set yourself up for the potential to grow your wealth in the next couple years?

Well, in a moment I’m going to show you some simple-to-make financial moves you can take action on right away.

These financial moves are important to make right now. 

If you wait to get started, these investments will likely only get more expensive, which means you will miss out on all the potential profits…

If you can grab a piece of the explosive wealth from Farmageddon, you’ll be in a much better spot to survive the damage we will see from higher food prices, shortages, food riots and political and financial instability…

Remember… food prices are rising right now…

Food shortages are happening… right now…

The global food supply system is a house of cards…

This isn’t “theory” or some far-off “gloom and doom” prediction… 

We’re already in a gloom-and-doom situation.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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