Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, wasn’t playing with fire when he set out on his mission to protect children from the woke culture of his state. He isn’t just writing laws; he’s also putting teeth in the mouth of those who don’t cooperate.

We reported that Andrew Warren, the state prosecutor in Florida, was suspended by DeSantis after he refused to enforce Florida’s laws against sex-change surgeries on children. According to the governor, Warren had placed himself above the law and decided which laws he would follow and which he wouldn’t. This was at the request of his leftist ideology.

Warren replied in his own statement making it appear that he and only he are in charge of his small area. DeSantis suspending Warren is therefore illegal. This attorney quickly clarified that nothing DeSantis did was illegal. Warren, like most Soros-backed goons, is more concerned with keeping power than telling truth.

According to the Daily Wire, DeSantis now wants Warren to be removed from his position by law enforcement.

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