Please join Sen. Graham and me for a live, private call on Wednesday.We are eager to fill you in on everything happening with his new bill to protect unborn babies at 15 weeks gestation from painful late-term abortion. Most recently, pro-abortion Stacey Abrams, running for governor in Georgia, brought attention to the 15-week bill with her own outrageous and factually wrong claim that unborn babies do not have heartbeats at six weeks. (SBA set the record straight here.) There is much to do because as we get closer to the consequential midterm elections, we want every pro-life member of Congress and every candidate to back Sen. Graham’s legislation. 

I hope you can join Sen. Graham and me on Wednesday. Please RSVP to me and I will make sure you have the call-in information.

Below I’m sending to you again for your use some top questions you may be hearing discussed in your circles of influence about Sen. Graham’s bill. I hope you find these useful:

Q: What does Sen. Graham’s bill do?

A: Sen. Graham introduced in the Senate the Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late Term Abortions Act on September 13. The proposed legislation restricts late-term abortion after 15 weeks gestation. It sets a modest national ceiling on abortion which will protect the unborn in pro-abortion states like California, Illinois, and New York from gruesome and painful late-term abortions. Our Charlotte Lozier Institute estimates this bill would save 55,000 unborn lives a year. At the same time, pro-life states may continue to protect the unborn as early as their own political consensus allows. 

Q: Why introduce it now, before the critical midterm elections?

A: It reflects broad political consensus and makes clear that the other side is extreme on this issue. 72% of Americans, according to a recent Harvard Harris poll, want to restrict abortions at 15 weeks or earlier. But under 10% of Americans support the Democrats’ agenda to guarantee abortion on demand until birth in every state in the country. 

Long before Sen. Graham introduced his legislation, Democrats were spending tens of millions of campaign advertising dollars – more than on any other issue – lying about what the pro-life movement advocates and trying to convince people we do not care about women. Sen. Graham’s bill equips pro-life candidates in key races with a much needed and tailor-made tool for refuting these lies and demonstrating that we are in-line with the American people – and that the other side is extreme. 

Q: Is there a solid legal basis for a federal role in protecting life?

A: Yes. The Constitution. The 14th Amendment makes clear that no state shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” It’s largely because of this constitutional call to protect our youngest Americans that 46 Republican senators – some of whom now say there is “no federal role” in limiting abortion – are co-sponsors of a federal 20-week pain capable bill! 

Q: Why are we settling for a 15-week national limit? Why not go further?

A: Because starting with where we have broad consensus is how we begin to move public opinion toward further protections for life. We must inject into our national discourse the truth about these painful dismemberment abortions to open people’s eyes to the horror of abortion. Sen. Graham’s bill is already doing just that. The more we have a national debate on life – while starting in a place most Americans agree with us – the easier it is to open new eyes to the truth about all abortions. As the truth becomes known, it will create moral brushfires for further protecting life via our democratic processes in Congress and in the states. 

I hope you will share these talking points and join Sen. Graham and me on the private call to discuss his bill to protect the unborn, and to discuss the importance of getting every pro-life member of Congress and every candidate to back it.  

For life, 

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President  Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, an American political organization that seeks to advance anti-abortionwomen in politics.[2] She was brought into the organization as its executive director in 1993, shortly after its founding by Rachel MacNair.[3]

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