Marriage Crisis in Church and Society. Bai Macfarlane


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Dear Bishop Gracida,

Would your readers like to join my plea?

Thank you,


With the non-profit organization Mary’s Advocates, I work to reduce unilateral no-fault divorce and support those who are unjustly abandoned. I ask if you’d have time to listen to the talk I just gave for a Knights of Columbus’ speakers series in Manhattan (Bishop Morlino excerpt is included).  

I’d be grateful for any suggestions about how laity could encourage canonists and diocesan leadership to exert any effort to protect children and faithful spouses from the outcomes forced on them by government no-fault divorce courts. I’ve found that tradition and canon law give the Church exclusive jurisdiction over case of separation (a.k.a. civil divorce).

Watch my September 9 talk at The Shrine and Parish Church of the Holy Innocents in Manhattan New York.

Marriage Crisis in Church and Society. Bai Macfarlane

Consider the sample Covenant in Anticipation of Marriage and Arbitration Agreement Between Husband and wife developed from a constitutional law perspective wherein Catholics can attempt to create an enforceable agreement designating that their obligations toward each other and their children are decided by those whom canon law specifies have competence to judge. See text HERE.

Thank you,

Bai Macfarlane

Mary’s Advocates

2721 Wagar Road, Rocky River OH 44116

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