Fr. MacRae’s Case Is at a Pivotal Moment
October 11, 2022
Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on new developments in the case of Fr. Gordon MacRae:
This is a pivotal moment for Fr. Gordon MacRae. Those who have been following his case know that the Catholic League has long stood by him, holding that he was unjustly convicted in 1994 of sexual assaults that allegedly took place nearly twelve years earlier. To read my account of his travails, click here. Now there is a new development that could change things dramatically.
Harvey Silvergate is a crackjack civil liberties attorney from Boston. His piece in the October 10 edition of the Wall Street Journal lays out how matters have changed. We have never trusted the account of Detective James McLaughlin, who was in charge of the MacRae case, and now we have more reason to doubt him.
McLaughlin has allegedly been engaged in falsifying records in at least one of the cases he handled. The question is whether he also falsified MacRae’s records. To read Silvergate’s article click here.
Please keep Fr. MacRae in your prayers. For more information, see his blog post,

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