Pro-Abortion Texas DA Lets Off Man Charged With Beating Pregnant Girlfriend, Killing Unborn Baby


Johnny Charles Ebbs V, an Austin man charged for regularly beating his pregnant girlfriend and ultimately killing their unborn baby, was let off on a plea agreement after striking a deal with pro-abortion Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza.

A radical leftist and extreme abortion supporter, Travis County’s DA has been causing increasing outrage for being soft on crime. The Travis County DA’s office offered Ebbs a plea agreement which will release him from custody with very few conditions and will most likely result in all charges being dismissed.

According to the court testimony of Ebbs’ girlfriend, LaShonda Lemons, he started regularly beating her when she became pregnant and the violence escalated when she reached 32 weeks.

An arrest warrant details that during one argument Ebbs punched his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach while screaming, “F**k you and this baby! You aren’t going anywhere!”

Lemons was eventually admitted to a hospital where she was told that her placenta had detached from the womb, a condition called “placenta abruption” often caused by blunt force trauma. As a result, Lemons’ baby died.

In court, Lemons shared more details of her regular abuse at Ebbs’ hands. “You were the first person to hold me at gunpoint, the first person to strangle me,” she said addressing Ebbs.

Despite Lemons’ heartbreaking testimony, Ebbs will be let off due to his deal with the Travis County DA.

The only restrictions on Ebbs’ release were that he must forfeit his guns, something he has reportedly still not done, and wear a GPS monitor.

Lemons’ attorney shared that the Travis County DA’s actions are not surprising. “While we’re disappointed with the ultimate outcome, it was expected,” Lemons’ attorney stated.

Tragically, as grievous as these crimes are, Travis County DA Garza has a long established record of looking the other way when it comes to violent crime, especially when that violence involves innocent preborn children.

Along with several other abortion extremist DAs, Garza publicly vowed to neglect his duty to enforce life-saving Pro-Life laws. Siding with the abortion industry over Texas women and children, Garza vowed to ignore Texas law and look the other way when abortionists illegally kill babies in Texas.

Explaining his vow to allow abortionists to illegally kill babies, Garza stated, “Enforcing this law will not only fail to promote or protect public safety but will also lead to more harm. Our office will continue to fight for and protect women’s rights and use our discretion to avoid tragedy and preventable harm in our community.”

Though he claims to “protect women’s rights” and prevent harm and “avoid tragedy,” his decision to release a dangerous domestic abuser back onto the streets clearly disprove all his high-minded talk.

Garza clearly does not stand for LaShonda Lemons’ right to not be brutally beaten to the point that her unborn baby dies inside her. Garza clearly does not stand for the rights of any women who may suffer at the hands of the violent, abusive criminals he lets back onto the streets.

And yet, despite this obvious and egregious abuse of justice, the media largely ignores Garza’s hypocrisy. It would seem that any amount of corruption and abuse is allowable so long as you’re a politician who supports abortion and radical leftist policies.


In spite of the media’s overall disinterest in the case, Garza’s decision to let a dangerous domestic abuser, who murdered an unborn baby, off the hook with nearly no repercussions has understandably caused significant outrage.

Many tweeted their anger over the lack of justice. “Sounds like the DA failed again to deliver justice,” “Another criminal is walking the street as after murdering a baby,” and “Women don’t matter. Unborn babies don’t matter. So sick of these plea deals,” were just some of the responses to Garza’s decision to let Ebbs go free.

Texas Right to Life stands firmly opposed to any and all efforts to allow violent abusers and abortionists to continue killing babies and hurting women.

Texans who care about the dignity and value of ALL human Life, unborn and born, must be sure to vote out corrupt abortion politicians and elect leaders who will protect Life.

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