How the Projectionist Game is Played.


By: Victor Davis Hanson

November 1, 2022

Almost anything or anyone the Left opposes is smeared as racist or a racist. And the rules are made only by the Left.

The N-word is utterly racist. Yet it continues and obviously gains currency when rappers and comedians use it promiscuously on the assumption that leftists and blacks cannot be racist when using a racist word.

Cultural appropriation is said to be racist. So, blonds who have cornrows in their hair in racist fashion culturally appropriate the black experience.

But MSNBC anchor Joy Reid is not a cultural appropriator when she dies her blond as if she is a Scandinavian Valkyrie? White wannabe rappers are cultural appropriators, but not so black opera singers? Is the rule asymmetry? That those who smear others on racial grounds are exempt from their own racial smears or hypocrisies?

These rules of leftwing racism are so opaque and contradictory that almost everyone falls afoul of them.

It is not racist to demand that Asian students have 450 points higher on standardized tests than blacks to enter Harvard and other Ivy League schools. It is racist to suggest that it is racist to use skin color to so discriminate. It is racist of course to pick the race of your future dorm roommate unless you are non-white and so is he/she.

We are told that the MAGA Republicans are racists. But from whom do such charges emanate? Joe Biden?

Did Biden not fabricate the racist corn pop sagas? Was not he the one who called a senior aide “my boy”? I remember Biden half-praising Obama as the first articulate black presidential candidate. He claimed donut shops were the sole domain of Indian Americans. Did not Biden talk down to black professionals that Mitt Romney would put them back in chains as if an accomplished audience had ever been itself enslaved or would allow that to happen without Joe Biden’s help?

Why did the projectionist Biden libel two black interviewers as “junkie” and “you ain’t black?”

Why did Biden praise his segregationist Senate mentors in a fashion that once lost Trent Lott his Senate majority position for his bizarre praise of the racist and segregationist Strom Thurmond?

There is a current parlor game of simply listening to the frequent charges of racism from those in the race industry and then assuming the charges are proof that they are racists. Kelisa Wing, the Pentagon’s “Chief of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Department of Defense Education Activity” and Democratic candidate for Senate in South Carolina, Krystle Matthews, charge racism. But, of course, both can be easily found to have racist rants in their past. Is that why they charge others with what they themselves are guilty?

But then again, before Joy Reid became a racial arbitrator, she too had an entire corpus of past racist and homophobic slurs and smears. She escaped culpability by falsely claiming her electronic messaging was “hacked.”

Unfortunately, the charge of racist has now become synonymous with projectionism. And it falls into three loose categories.

One, there are the Jussie Smollett/Duke lacrosse/volleyball sorts in which race-obsessed figures or their enablers lodge false charges of racism to enhance their own failing race-based careers. As the failing ratings crunch CNN and MSNBC, expect the deposed or demoted to claim “racists”sandbagged them.

Or two, there are the white liberal racists, so often rich and elite, who have a history of racial slurs or discomfort with the non-white, and thus libel other non-racists as racists to ensure their own past is exonerated.

Joe Biden is the best example. But do we remember “progressive” Harry Reid’s assessment of Barack Obama (a “light-skinned” African American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”) or Bill Clinton’s reported putdown of the same future president (“A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”)?

Do we remember progressive Nancy Pelosi’s latest immigrant quip (“Why are you shipping these immigrants up north? We need them to pick the crops down here?”)?Who would dare to suggest a Biden, Reid, Clinton, or Pelosi was a racist?

Or three, we have the self-declared non-whites who are obsessed with race either out of their own apparent sense of inferiority or because, in contrast, they are proud racial chauvinists who say one thing in public as if that empowers them to say its opposite in private.

How about race-baiter Nury Martinez, the LA City Council head who for years bragged that she was a leader in the resistance to Donald Trump’s supposedly racist policies to make immigration legal only?

Do we remember her recently revealed real sentiments that might explain her leftwing frequent charges that others were racists (e.g., “F— that guy, he’s with the Blacks.”/“monkey”/“like a little white kid”/“Let me take him around the corner, I’ll bring him right back”/[of Oaxacans] “I see a lot of little, short dark people…I don’t know where these people are from. I don’t know what village they came [from], how they got here… They’re ugly.”)?

And on and on…

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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