November 8, 2022
Special Edition
We Can Only Hope By: Bill SchoettlerNovember 8, 2022 The Right accused the Left, re the 2020 election, accused the Left of manipulating the votes, miscounting, not-counting, under-counting, and in many other ways presenting the people with a President whose vote was the highest ever. And Joe Biden won the election despite that Donald Trump won more votes in the 2020 election than he won in the 2016 election and more votes than any sitting President had ever won in a re-election campaign. When the Right leveled their accusations of voter fraud against the Left the Right mostly was unable to get any court to agree with them. The election was certified and the Right continued to lick its wounds with many continuing to claim the election was stolen.  Now we have the 2022 midterm elections upon us and this time, in advance of even the final day of balloting, both the Right and the Left are already accusing each other of voter manipulation, voter fraud, misinformation and, not to be forgotten…the potential end of democracy. At this point in our country’s history, the claim is being made, by the left, that if the Right wins a majority in the House and Senate “it will be the end of democracy”. “Democracy is on the ballot” we are being told.  Of course, only candidates are on the ballot and each candidate has had multiple opportunities to explain their position on whatever issues they felt needed explanation. The voters have had ample opportunity to look and listen to the candidates, to consider their own lives and how their lives have been affected by the policies of the current administration, to listen to the opinions and read the opinions of editorial writers, newscasters, commentators, and even celebrities. We are told that each voter in every State has had, or will have the opportunity to cast a ballot for candidates of their own choice. The ballots will be counted and the winners announced sometime beginning Tuesday night and into the next few days.  Already there are rumblings that illegal and fraudulent efforts will be utilized to manipulate the vote count, and that some of the candidates will win whose vote count will be false. Some of these complaints are, arguably, coming from individuals who fear their support is less than they had hoped and some complaints are coming from candidates who are trying to urge their supporters to be sure to vote. But some sitting politicians have already claimed that unethical efforts will be made by some to distort the election results and ‘harm democracy” by so doing.  The election results, completely unknown as this is being written (11/7/22), will demonstrate the public’s response to the Democratic administration that has been running the country under the leadership of Joe Biden for the past 2 years. There are pundits on both sides who are claiming the results will condemn and the results will affirm the quality of that leadership.  The election results may be close enough that neither side can claim the sizable victory they would like to see. One side may win a significant victory. One side will feel fully vindicated in their attacks. The real question is whether the American People will benefit from the results of this election.  Somehow I feel that the people have already lost. Democracy is not up for “re-election”. Candidates will be winners or losers. If a candidate wins the popular vote in any election it means the majority of voters of that State wanted that candidate to win. The process is how this country functions…and we call it “democracy”. We have witnessed, from the time of the 2016 election to the very present, a continuing attempt to impeach Donald Trump, to vilify him in every way possible, and to condemn everything he did as President (2017 to 2021). Seldom, if ever has one political party and its supporters spent so much time, money, and effort to attack one human being. And an honest and careful examination of all the published and disclosed evidence urged against this man has been found to lack sufficient evidentiary weight to convict him of any crime. This. Despite multiple “promises” from multiple politicians that “any day now a mountain of incriminating evidence will be revealed” [sufficient] to cast him (Trump) into the fires of hell for eternity.  We have also witnessed the Federal Bureau of Investigation, heretofore one of the nation’s most hallowed institutions, a stalwart force for good and perhaps this country’s greatest bulwark against the forces of evil, now clearly demonstrated to not only have feet of clay but to be riddled with management and supervisors whose duties have become the enforcement of absurd and unreasonable (and in many cases completely unfounded)  charges against some whose most significant transgression has been to disagree (publicly) with the current administration.  We have seen the Center for Disease Control, another beacon of light in the medical field, the protector of the Nation’s health, the promoter of legitimate medicine…turn into a propaganda arm of the Administration and blatantly ignore scientific methods and proclaim silly and ineffectual practices for protection against a series of viruses. And, to add insult to injury, to ignore medical evidence that contradicted their preferred treatment methodology, evidence that even proved to be harmful (to the point of death in many cases), and then attack and condemn those medical practitioners with the courage to contradict the “party line” and prescribe alternative (and genuinely efficacious) alternatives.   Based on a scientifically unsupportable conclusion that the conduct of the world’s economy, led by the United States as a principal contributor to CLIMATE CHANGE, the current and most popular bogeyman described as a genuine and “preventable” threat to the planet, our beloved president on his first day in office canceled the further construction of an oil pipeline and instituted further restrictions and limitations on the production of petroleum and natural gas in the entire country. The argument was that it was necessary to force the country to substitute wind and solar (and other “alternate”)energy sources to generate the vital electric power needed to operate this country.  The inevitable result of this has been the incredible increase in the price of gasoline, the growing realization that [despite] solar and wind-powered electricity is currently adequate to meet the country’s demands for energy. In an embarrassing move, the president turned to many foreign countries begging them to sell us oil (when we currently possess the world’s largest petroleum reserves) to replace what the President had curtailed.  Lest we forget, in a move that was contradicted by every previous President of this country, Joe Biden virtually opened the Southern border of this country to an influx of over 5,000,000 people who crossed illegally that border and entered the country. Every single president who has addressed the issue of illegal immigration has condemned the practice and urged strict border enforcement…except for Biden. There are additional issues that can be addressed, such as gender identity/confusion matters, racial characteristics being recognized as primary factors in employment, college admissions, selection of political office and judicial appointments, the overturning of classical grammatical construction, and the glorification of victimhood. Also the death of humor.  Whatever happens in this election we, the people, can only hope that we will not be forgotten as the two political parties slug it out over whatever issues they deem important. The people want to live their lives with some degree of comfort, with a feeling of security, and with the belief, they can trust the government to function in a reasonable fashion.  We can only hope  If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.Plato

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