Holy Family Homily

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Jospeh.

It is important for us to remember the family for the family is central to our society. God took on our human flesh and He dwelt among us. In doing so He chose to enter into a family on this earth. There is no escaping the importance of a family, no matter how much our society might try to redefine, if not eliminate the family from its midst.

Within the Holy Family we discover a love for God which is perfect. Mary and Jospeh were well versed in their faith and knowledge of Scripture. They turned to God in prayer and placed their trust in His will for them no matter how difficult that would be. 

If we think of the modern family the notion of God so often gets pushed off to the side. In the midst of the busyness of everyday life we can never forget God. It is important that families pray together, study the faith together, and attend Holy Mass together. Sadly, the domestic church (the church at home) is something that is missing from many homes.

Within the Holy Family the love between man and woman was found to be perfect. Jospeh respected his bride and he would do anything to protect her. Mary respected her husband and she would do him no harm. Their home was filled with the virtue of love not a so called “love” that has so many restrictions attached to it. Their love is an extension of the love that they had for God. So often our homes might contain a concept of love, but do we truly love as love is meant to be?

When times get difficult, the opportunity for true love begins to form. This is so because in the midst of sacrifice we can let go of what is not important and begin to love freely. Our homes are so often filled with so many distractions caused by our self absorption that causes each member of the family to go off by their self and do their own thing. There is no concept of sacrifice because it is something that is found to be irksome.

The Holy Family lived a life of sacrifice for they lived a life of love. Mary humbly sacrificed everything to God through her yes. Joseph went in haste in order to sacrifice in order that his family would be protected. They would also make sure to offer the sacrifice that was expected of them by the Law. Are willing to allow our family to sacrifice in such a way or would we rather our family be built upon the ways of the world.

May Mary and Jospeh pray for us that all families may be found to be holy and in love with Christ.

by Father Dustin Collins at 7:32 AM 

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  1. 4plainchant says:

    Thank you Father for this encouraging post. Just one small point, I think the word ‘we’ has been accidentally omitted in the penultimate line.

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