Judie Brown, No Exceptions, No Compromise.
Happy Birthday!
The defeat of Roe v. Wade took 50 years of prayer, commitment, and relentless faith and effort in the face of unyielding evil.The end of Roe is the beginning of the end of abortion. How did this happen? For over 50 years, Judie Brown has led the fight against this evil. She is the only one to lead from the position of an unwavering commitment to life. Abortion is child killing, at all times, under all circumstances.NO EXCEPTIONS. NO COMPROMISE.While other pro-life groups placate you for your support by claiming some sort of victory if abortion is banned at 12 weeks, 15 weeks, or if a heartbeat is detectable, children still die.Child killing is wrong. There are no moral victories when children are butchered under laws that compromise life. How can this be celebrated?Shutting down three of the 15 ovens at the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz that were murdering human beings is not a victory. This position has made Judie and her American Life League not so popular in the “corporate pro-life” industry.We don’t care. Child killing is wrong. “It’s about the babies” is a phrase Judie states every day.For 50 years Judie has said that any Catholic supporting child killing who hides behind words and worldly gobbledygook explanations of their support of death should be denied Christ in the Eucharist. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO COMPROMISE.Her position has brought on hateful and heated rebukes from now fallen ex-cardinals and prelate wolves parading in shepherds’ clothing. But Judie believes that denying the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and not exposing Him to sacrilege is spitting in His face, and she really doesn’t care what the world thinks. Today is Judie’s 79th birthday. She is a hero and a saint for those with no voice, and while she would recoil at that description, it’s true.The pro-life world seems directionless now. The defeat of Roe means abortion is now in the hands of 50 states. We see it very clearly. Children must be protected from the moment of their creation and afforded the dignity and human rights guaranteed by almighty God and the Constitution of the United States.It’s not complicated.It’s not political.Child killing is wrong. Child killing is evil. Child killing is protected by evil men and women who have made the decision to kill and to protect the killing.They must be opposed.Join me today in wishing Judie a happy 79th birthday and thanking her for her tireless commitment to the babies, to the elderly and infirmed, and to our Lord and His Church.Celebrate Judie’s legacy and make a generous gift today in her honor. 100% of what you give in support of her continuing efforts to rid this planet of child killing will go to fund her lifesaving programs at American Life League to educate the world on the value of preborn babies’ lives.Happy Birthday, Mom, and thank you for your leadership and courageous witness in an age of evil and madness. No exceptions, no compromise.Yours humbly in Christ,
Hugh Brown
Vice President
American Life League.PS: Your generosity allows us to save lives. The fight has just begun. Support our lifesaving work today. 

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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