Atheism is the source of leftist terrorism.

God gives human beings Free Will. This is the core of the nexus of assumptions and their consequences that separates the commonsense part of the population on one hand and the crazy social-communists and wokesters on the other hand.

This gift of God means many things:

  • Man is a very capable decision maker.
  • God expects man to make his most important decision: to follow His Holy Son or not.
  • Free Will as it is given to Man, especially with the decision to follow Christ, is the highest level of man’s dignity.
  • This Dignity is imparted on all members of the human race, whatever their ethnicity, sex or whatever some people think could set them apart.
  • Man’s decision making is a power that helps him being self-sustaining with the help of Divine Providence.
  • Man can discover God’s Natural Law of creation to understand how to manage his relationships with neighbors and the earth.

Consequences on Atheists mindsets as they do not accept God, His power and His free gift of Free Will to man.:

  • Man is week, incapable of making the simplest decisions.
  • Man has no intrinsic dignity. 
  • Man’s dignity when he belongs to what would seem as apparently inferior classes, such as ethnicity, sex or whatever must be fought for to be accepted by the general population. Enlightened people working within a benevolent government need to do the fighting for all potential victims.
  • As he is weak, man’s subsistence cannot be expected to be a given. Man does not have the problem solving ability to ensure his survival. Enlightened people working within a benevolent government need to legislate and execute laws and programs that will ensure that subsistence.
  • There is no Natural Law: all the domains of what Christian culture included within the Natural Law established by God (e.g., family and genders) are up for grab.
  • The very existence of Christians and their faith in God and its consequences are essentially subversive to the understandings of the world by leftists.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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