March 25, 2023

“Words carried by an angel come not forth until the location and the recipient are such that it fulfills the will of God

For words carried by an angel are placed there by an act of God and locked inside until what has been willed by God comes to pass

But the moment this angel of which you have been told arrived on earth

Then the earth fell pregnant with the words he carried

For indeed the world was called to the travail that would come to pass

And which would culminate with the birth of this baby into the world.

And as I stood drenched in the majesty of God

That dripped from the wings of this angel,

The words that he spoke pierced the fabric of the world,

Now pregnant with anticipation.

And as the angel’s words pierced my womb,

The Spirit, which had arrived in anticipation of the angel’s arrival,

Gave life to the words which then fell upon fertile ground

Prepared for this moment,

And a wondrous union took place.

I knew not how such things could be

But the angel spoke the words given by the Father,

And the Spirit quickened at the words,

And the Son, the beloved of the Father,

Became the recipient of the creation He had himself formed.

And myself?

Why, I was an untarnished vessel, and a holder of grace,

And although I knew not how such a thing could be wrought within me,

I knew indeed that once the words were spoken, it was so.

And now to the expectant gaze of a pregnant world,

I echoed the words of the Spirit, “It is done.”

The words of an angel, carried to earth intact,

And locked away until brought forth by the perfect plan of God,

Had now been spoken.

And the world entered into the travail, although largely unsuspecting,

And animals cried, and rocks moved, and the sand blew against the door.

And I stood, and praised the name of the Lord,

For my womb had become a cradle of love,

And indeed within me was now prepared a bed of grace,

In which the Son of God would grow.

And although I knew not how this could be,

I knew that indeed it was,

And within me the words welled up,

“Oh, what I now carry will carry me,

And indeed all the world.”

And the pregnant world waited,

And entered into the travail

Which would set the stage for all of time.

And the words welled up in me,

“What now has been done unto me,

Has been done unto the world,

And the One that I carry will carry the world,

And I will be His Mother, and theirs.”

Indeed, today, angels now gather and come again to visit the earth,

And the words that they carry have been placed there by an act of God

And cannot be released until the location and the recipient are that

Which has been willed by the hand of God.

And the angels ask, “So is there one who will stand and receive these words,

And take them forth into a world that awaits in anticipation?”

And so I have come here today, and am even now among you,

And I form a conduit for the angels’ words,

For Christ comes again unto the world.

And in His eyes is the fire of justice,

And in His hands is the mercy of the ages,

And in His Sacred Heart is His love, the love of God.

The world is pregnant with anticipation,

For He comes unto man again,

And if you will come and walk with me,

I will provide the vessel of grace,

By which you may receive the words of the angels,

And I will walk with you through the travail of these last days.

For the world is pregnant, 

And reels in anticipation of the travail that now unfolds.

But walk with me,

And I will be that vessel of grace,

That will receive the Son

And bring Him even now unto you.“


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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