03/27/23Dear Rev. Fr. Rene Henry Gracida Gracida,When my good friend and Director of America Needs Fatima, Mr. Robert Ritchie, who is also a an ardent supporter of Return to Order, told me about his protest of Amazon Prime’s streaming of the movie THE U N H O L Y, which graphically and textually turns Holy Mary into a DEMON and promotes it with the tag line — Be Careful Who You Pray To — well … I knew I must recommend his petition to all RTO subscribers and ask you to sign his petition. So the links will direct you to America Needs Fatima’s web site.
Thank you.
— John Horvat II
… I’m sure this will break your heart; this international streaming company, Amazon Prime, is using their platform to promote the idea that praying to Holy Mary and devotion to Her is actually praying to a demon and risking demonic possession.This is NOT to be taken lightly!
Amazon Prime is a big deal with a mega-phone projecting its message across the globe.Tell Amazon Prime:
“NEVER AGAIN blaspheme Holy Mary and devotion to her!”

Yes. According to press reports, Sony Pictures, with an ‘all-star’ cast, intentionally premiered this movie on Good Friday last year, and we vigorously protested it. It cost about $10 million, plus marketing, to make and only grossed $15 million domestically. PROTESTS DO WORK!Now Amazon Prime has picked up the devil’s black flag from out of the cesspool and is streaming more blasphemy.
Michael Haynes, writing for LifeSiteNews, sums up the film:”In what seems to be a deliberate move, Sony Pictures is releasing a new film on Good Friday [sic] that severely blasphemes Mary, the Mother of God, by portraying her as akin to a devil.
… “the trailer depicts what is purported to be Mary as a demonic figure with blood, black tears, and empty eyes in her statues. The girl who supposedly sees Mary is also depicted with black eyes, another characteristic of demonic portrayal.”Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will link to the promotional posters,but I WARN YOU, though they are not offensive to purity, these promotional posters blaspheme Our Lady and are hurtful, insulting and mocking.
They are an example of the depths of evil. We must denounce them at the risk of otherwise becoming tepid, mediocre and complacent in the face of sin.I will write a description below for those who do not wish to view this filth.
• promo poster #1• promo poster #2
The main promotional slogan for this film is:BE CAREFUL WHO YOU PRAY TO
Tell Amazon Prime to:
“STOP Blaspheming Holy Mary and devotion to her!”And the promotional movie trailer is just as bad if not worse.
A scene in the trailer sums up the blasphemy as the main protagonist asks the young woman ‘possessed’ by ‘Mary’: “And why do you think Mary chose you?” She replies, “I opened myself up and welcomed her in.”And the movie reviewer at “Pluggedin” notes that the movie depicts Mary as using the young woman ‘seer’ as a false prophet: “The movie … ends with a Bible verse (Matthew 7:15), ‘Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves’.”
Here is a description:In promo poster #1:
• A mood of foreboding is affected with a dark, charcoal-and-white theme and a sun-setting twilight sky with the entire lower half of the poster foreground dominated by a dank and weedy, highly reflective pond at the edge of a harvested corn field. In the left background is a large, dead, scarecrow-like tree and in the right background is a pristine but simple wooden old country-style church. Quickly focusing attention to the center, in the weeds at the edge of the pond, be-haloed by an unseen setting sun, and reaching to a life-size height, is a beautiful, unpainted statue, in shadow, of Our Lady of Divine Grace. Immediately below the statue is a macabre ‘reflection’ of Our Lady in a wildly Halloween-ish tattered gown, very long and pointed witch-fingers and a demon-face with hell-fire burning eyes.Just below that image are these words:

Tell Amazon Prime to:
“NEVER AGAIN blaspheme Holy Mary and devotion to her!”
In promo poster #2:
• Again, a dark and sinister mood is affected by using a charcoal-and-white theme, with another beautiful full-length statue, unpainted and illuminated in-shadow, of Our Lady standing reverently with bowed head and hands prayerfully folded and encircled by a rosary.• The ‘hands’ of Our Lady are dreadfully elongated more like claws, the rosary is blood red with the cross displayed, Satanically, upside down, and in large, blood-red font, centered vertically down Our Lady, is the word…U N H O L Y.
And so now we have seen how blasphemous and offensive this Sony Pictures movie is. All of Heaven calls for our response. Are you listening? How will you reply?Tell Amazon Prime to:
“NEVER AGAIN blaspheme Holy Mary and devotion to her!”

Please share this petition with as many as you can.God love you! And Mary be with you!PhotoSincerely, Signature

John Horvat 
Vice-President, Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP)
www.returntoorder.orgP.S.: Long live The Wise and Immaculate Heart of Mary Most Holy — please PROTEST NOW!

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