Nashville’s Satanic Theophany

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see


I hadn’t intended on writing again today, but I feel compelled to. In the past 24 hours, I have heard a number of people use the word “demonic” to describe what’s happening in America, with the Nashville shooting — even people who don’t normally talk like that. This week, it seems that something snapped within some people who have avoided drawing unpleasant conclusions about transgenderism and our country. It’s as if this was a Satanic theophany: a showing forth of the enemy of humanity. People rightly sense that there’s something more going on here than a mass shooting, as evil as that is. I do not want the moment to pass without us all seeing things as clearly as we can. We are all in the process of being massively gaslighted. 

The image at the top comes from this:

Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray

Trans protesters storming the Kentucky Capitol have their very own Shaman, and he’s dressed like a demon.


3:00 AM ∙ Mar 30, 20232,385Likes927Retweets

The pink demon and his cohorts were in the Kentucky statehouse protesting the GOP-controlled legislature overriding the Democratic governor’s veto of its transgender bill, the features of which PBS describes as such:

The sweeping Kentucky measure would ban gender-affirming care for minors. It would outlaw gender reassignment surgery for anyone under 18, as well as the use of puberty blockers and hormones, and inpatient and outpatient gender-affirming hospital services.

Doctors would have to set a timeline to “detransition” children already taking puberty blockers or undergoing hormone therapy. They could continue offering care as they taper a youngster’s treatments, if removing them from the treatment immediately could harm the child.

Transgender medical treatments have long been available in the United States and are endorsed by major medical associations.

The bill would not allow schools to discuss sexual orientation or gender identity with students of any age. It would also require school districts to devise bathroom policies that, “at a minimum,” would not allow transgender children to use the bathroom aligned with their gender identities.

It would further allow teachers to refuse to refer to transgender students by the pronouns they use.

PBS began its account like this, predictably:

In the midst of transgender-rights advocates rallying outside Kentucky’s Capitol, trans teenager Sun Pacyga held up a sign Wednesday summing up a grim review of Republican legislation aimed at banning access to gender-affirming health care. The sign read: “Our blood is on your hands.”

“If it passes, the restricted access to gender-affirming health care, I think trans kids will die because of that,” the 17-year-old student said, expressing a persistent concern among the bill’s critics that the restrictions could lead to an increase in teen suicides.

Listen to me: this has been the strategy of LGBT advocates for more than twenty years now: convince the normies that if they don’t give the activists what they want, that they will have blood on their hands. At the turn of the century, activists convinced schools that in order to combat bullying — a worthy endeavor — they had to teach gay ideology. You might have thought, “Really? Why isn’t it enough to teach that bullying is wrong, and to punish bullies?” The question itself reveals the real motivation behind the campaign.

And now they’re doing the same kind of blackmail. Thank God Republican lawmakers aren’t intimidated by this howling at the moon. 

As of this writing, Nashville police still haven’t released mass murderer Audrey Hale’s manifesto. I agree with Princeton’s Robbie George:

Robert P. George @McCormickProf

Audrey Hale’s so-called “manifesto” needs to be released. It is likely to show that Hale was a domestic terrorist who targeted and murdered school children and adult employees on account of their Christian faith. If that is in fact the case, the public has a right to know.4:31 PM ∙ Mar 29, 20231,413Likes301Retweets

It is possible that some specifics in the manifesto are legitimately not the public’s business, or reasonably could spark copycat killings. If so, police should show it to independent journalists who can be trusted to report its contents with discretion. We don’t need titillating details. We need to know why the transgendered Hale did what she did, so we can figure out what to do to prevent such evil deeds in the future. Was Hale’s murder spree a political act? The police know. Why won’t they tell us?

It was predictable that the national media would ignore or downplay the lethal violence done to Christians and play up the possibility that someone, somewhere, might think badly of trans people because of the Hale massacre. After all, since 9/11, we’ve had plenty of examples of the national media reacting to major Islamic terror attacks by rushing to local mosques for sympathetic pieces about how innocent Muslims are also the victims of terror. 

Still, it has been jaw-dropping, even for cynics like me, to see how hysterically the media have been true to form in taking the side of trans people, and lashing out at anyone who links Hale’s terrorism with her transgenderism (did you know, by the way, that three shooters in the past year have been genderqueer?). I think it’s completely wrong to blame all trans people for what Audrey Hale did, though it is important to discover if testosterone played a role in her act, and to what extent having been radicalized by violent online trans rhetoric motivated her. 

I’m talking about rhetoric like this, from a male former soldier who now identifies as a Communist and a trans woman:

Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis @DrLoupis

Another trans lunatic showing off ‘her’ gun. Why are these mentally ill people not locked up in a psychiatric facility?


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“Genocide” is one of the most evil words in the English language. There is no trans genocide, and nothing even remotely close, except in the fevered imaginations of people who project their desire to kill onto others. These lunatic activists wind themselves and their trans brethren and sistren up into an apocalyptic frenzy. If you really believe that They Are Coming After You, wouldn’t you be tempted to react violently? I mean, look, in Washington DC this week, this event is planned:

They’re going through with this even though Nashville happened. Will the FBI be watching them for potential advocacy of domestic terrorism? Incidentally, a tenured professor at Wayne State University has been suspended after writing on Facebook that it’s much better to kill right-wing speakers, including “transphobes,” than to silence them (his actual words: “far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down”). 

Our media, however, seem to be following this strategy: 

1. ignore the possibility that Hale’s transness had anything to do with her murders (admittedly, this is easier to do given the silence of the Nashville PD regarding the manifesto)

  1. Ignore the fear that Christians and others (e.g., Posie Parker, physically attacked in New Zealand) who oppose trans ideology now have of trans violence 
  2. Guns! Guns! Republicans and Guns!
  3. Focus on the suffering of transpeople as Republicans Pounce™, e.g., this from the Washington Post:How many stories have you seen in the mainstream media about the fear Christians and conservatives have about being the victims of violence by trans activists seeking vengeance? If the media’s reaction to the killing of Christians, including Christian children, by a transperson doesn’t tell you how much the media despise us, I don’t know what will open your eyes. By the time the Washington Post and the others are done with it, Audrey Hale will have been turned into the Pavlik Morozovof the trans rights movement. (Morozov was the Russian boy lionized by the Soviet state in its untrue propaganda for turning his father in to the police, and in turn being killed by his angry family.)

Meanwhile, in California, the state legislature is moving forward with a bill that will allow therapists to take children away from their families without notice:

“An example of the calibre of counsellors who decide if a 12-year-old comes home from school is Kenna Cook, who has access to the kids at Davis Unified [School District]. She held a BDSM group called Slaps Giving; she authored blogs: ‘How to be a better butt slut’.”

“Twelve is the age that California can steal the rights of parents and hand over mental health decisions to a child, or worse, a pervert,” Friday concluded.

Kenna Cook is described in a Facebook post as a “pansexual, kink and polyamory-friendly, fierce femme and sex-positive parent.” She is also a community health worker and sex-ed teacher for CommuniCare Health Centers, which offers “affirming services for Yolo County’s LGBTQ+ community.” One such service is the Free Binder Project, promoted to girls aged 12-26 in the Yolo County region. Adolescent girls seeking to flatten their chests using one of the dangerous chest compression devicesprovided by the service are assured that the binder will be “mailed discreetly” to their home or a safe location for pick up.

This is the kind of person that State of California might authorize to seize children without parental consent. The language of the bill removes existing California law’s requirement that in order to received mental health treatment or enter a shelter, “the minor must present a danger of serious physical or mental harm to themselves or to others, or be the alleged victim of incest or child abuse.” If this bill passes, all the minor will need is a therapist to sign off on it — without parental notification or consent. 

They really are coming for our children! This is not hyperbole. If this becomes law, your California child or adolescent may be propagandized to believe he or she is genderqueer, and if you refuse to affirm, the state could take your kid away on a therapist’s say-so. The potential for abuse is staggering. Yet this is what the trans community and its allies demand in California — and it certainly will not stop in California.

Do you see what’s happening here? The Machine is working to alienate young people from their bodies, and to mutilate their organs of generation, and even to steal children from their parents for same. The media are gaslighting the public about the trans phenomenon, even when it might clearly be tied to a mass shooting of Christian children. 

And there is this; don’t worry, the private parts have been blurred in the video:

Woke Archive @WokeArchive

There is a Netherlands TV show called “Simply Naked” where naked adults present themselves to children. This episode it’s trans adults flashing their weird bodies at the kids. HOW THE F*** is this legal?


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It’s all about desensitizing children to sex, obviously. This is why the reporting on LGBT books forcibly taken out of school libraries deliberately ignores the visual details of what’s in many of these children’s books — including drawings of oral and anal sex. 

If you could transport yourself back in time to 2003, and tell Americans what the future was going to hold for them and their families if they embraced the LGBT movement, would they have been so eager and so naive? I appreciate gays and lesbians who speak out against the trans insanity, saying there is nothing about supporting homosexuals that requires you to support transgenders. But sorry, that ship sailed a long time ago, with transgenders on board. The logic used to sell Americans on affirming homosexuality — the logic of bodily and sexual autonomy, and personal feelings trumping any other consideration — has also been used to justify affirming transgenderism. The philosopher Edward Feser quipped the other day that watching a leading gay commentator objecting to trans extremism is like listening to the Mensheviks complain that the more extremist Bolsheviks are rushing through the door that the Mensheviks helped to open. 

You might hate the culture war, but it has come to you whether you like it or not. In my hometown this past week, a slim majority of the congregation of the United Methodist church, in which I grew up, voted to disaffiliate from the denomination over the national church’s affirmation of homosexuality. But the breakaways did not achieve the two-thirds majority needed to formally leave, so the local congregation will remain with the United Methodists, and governed by the progressive minority that captured the local church. I am told that some people are already leaving the local congregation. I can imagine that there will be friendships broken that might never heal. And I suspect that within a year or two, there will be gay weddings in the Methodist church of this small, conservative Southern town. 

It’s a small thing, maybe, but it goes to show you that there is no place to hide. You have to take a stand. In Kentucky, Tennessee, and other states, Republican lawmakers have finally realized that the trans madness will destroy more and more young lives unless they act against it, despite the threats of trans berserkers and their media allies. Good. Parents in California and more liberal states are probably in a politically and culturally hopeless situation. At least other states can be sanctuaries for them.

Still, do not think that there is a geographical cure for all this. The pro-trans, genderqueer propaganda knows no state or national borders. A reader sent me this flyer from a college in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, an 18th-century village which, with a population of 1,500, is smaller even than my Louisiana hometown:

The United States is in moral meltdown. There really is something demonic about what’s intensifying with each passing day. Nice, normal liberal, moderate, and conservative people don’t want to argue, but the activists, the domestic terrorists, the media, the medical industry, and the Democratic Party do not give you a choice. 

If you are a pastor, and you are not telling your congregation what’s going on, and preparing them for resistance, why not? Do you really think this evil is going to pass you by if you all just sit tight and keep your heads down? How about you parents? Do you think that ignoring it and allowing the culture to morally instruct your kids is going to work out well for them? 

This is not a war we started, but it’s a war that is going to finish us if we do not defend ourselves successfully, using all peaceful means necessary. Understand that the battle is not just in state legislatures, but in the hearts and minds of all Americans. Last night I was at a reception in Budapest talking to Chris Rufo, who is over here for a month, and we both agreed that most American conservatives are not yet awake to the full dimensions of the crisis upon us, and therefore not ready to act decisively and effectively to defend their families, their institutions, and their liberties. Rufo is working hard to change that, and is over here for the next few weeks learning from conservative Hungarians, who are fighting back harder and better than we are. Rufo wrote on his Substack today:

The philosopher Leo Strauss once wrote that nations that win on the battlefield often absorb the ideological yoke of the foes they defeated. This is true. The Hungarians have been stamped forever by the brutal hand of communism. But Americans, too, have unconsciously absorbed some of the features of our old enemies in the Soviet Union. American conservatives, in particular, did not adapt to these conditions, preaching the gospel of limited government while presiding over the creation of a massive state bureaucracy.

The twenty-first century is beginning to take shape. We should be willing to learn from anyone who has wisdom from the past and an instinct for the future.

He’s right. If we don’t learn how to resist like the Hungarians are doing, we American conservatives — religious and cultural alike — won’t have a future. Go back up and look at the pink demon howling at the Kentucky legislators. That is what the enemy looks and sounds like. He knows what kind of future he wants for America, and is willing to raise hell to get it. Do you? Do you get it? There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

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