I’m worried that with so many priests being falsely accused, the priests who have yet to be so accused will be tempted to distance themselves in some ways and to some extent from kids and minors, and perhaps even from all people in general. The concern here is the absence of trust on the part of priests in their relationships with laypersons. I’m not certain that I can blame any priest for taking such measures, such precautions.

How does one live each day knowing that the next kid you tick off for any reason might report you to the authorities and falsely accuse you of pedophilia? For an ordained man to bite the bullet and suck up the fear of being falsely accused by not distancing himself from others would be an act of heroic virtue, I think. And I hope and pray that all our priests can do this. But is this a realistic expectation? In any case, this whole issue is absolutely surreal. When did human beings become so malicious as to rival the demons themselves? This the members of SNAP have managed to do.

I hope to write a post on my blog dealing with this issue in the near future. In the meantime, I just want to extend my love and support to every last priest out there who has been wrongly accused. Know that my prayers are for you and with you. You know, I wonder what would happen if SNAP actually got what it wanted. What if every last priest were driven out of his ministry, and what if the Church herself were to suffer extinction in this country? You would have a MASS EXODUS on your hands, America.

Catholics by the millions would be seeking to leave this country in order to find a land willing and able to preserve the right of Christ’s followers to practice their faith and their religion in peace, without so much as the fear of persecution. I can certainly say that I would leave. And why? Because money is not everything to me. Many people love this country because it offers freedom and economic prosperity. But what are these things without the faith and religion which lead to life after death? We might as well slit our wrists now if country is the end-all and be-all of happiness. No, if there is one single thing more important than a nation’s freedom, liberty and economic propserity, then it is the freedom and liberty and prospertiy of the True Religion, the true faith, the Catholic Faith. Because in the Catholic Church alone will human persons ever reach that final, perfect and eternal happiness which is Heaven.

The torment wrought by SNAP cannot go on forever, because nothing under heaven is everlasting. Hate is inheretly a destructive thing, and when it has destroyed the very things it seeks to destroy, it has no choice to but to turn on itself and destroy itself. Even if SNAP in its hatred could somehow destroy the Church, it would have to destroy itself in the end. Their time is limited, and their time is coming. I hope they can make the best of the time that’s left to them. Make it count, SNAP.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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