Dear Reader of my autobiography:

The copyright to my Autobiography—AN ORDINARY’S NOT SO ORDINARY LIFE—belongs to myself, and no other entity.  This copyright will expire 75 years after my death, according to the current laws of the United States of America.  All rights are reserved.  Feel free to reproduce excerpts according to “Fair Use” guidelines, but please do not reproduce entire chapters.  Rather, refer anyone and everyone to the ABYSSUM.ORG blog.
I’m happy to announce that in mid-October, my Autobiography will be made available as a beautiful softcover book.  The book will be sold by “at cost” — in other words, no profit will accrue to me or anyone from sales of the book.  The completed book—which is currently in the final stages of production—will contain more than 40 rare and significant FULL-COLOR pictures of my life, stretching back all the way to the 1930s.  Many of these pictures have never been released by any Diocesan paper or secular newspaper.  The final manuscript will be approved by me personally, and employs large type and crisp printing, using cutting edge technology.
I am pleased to know that so many people are reading my autobiography on my blog and I hope that everyone will be patient and also read the book, which will contain much more material that the blog, when it is published.  Thank you for the many expressions of appreciation I have received in person and by email.  I wrote and first published my autobiography on the internet and am now about to publish it in print to help everyone, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, understand through becoming familiar with my life, how God is involved in every aspect of our lives.  Hopefully readers will grow in their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Our Savior, His Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit of Love.
+Rene Henry Gracida
Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi

About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Henry Liguori + says:

    Bishop Gracida, thank you again for sharing. I look forward to the book. Who is your publisher?

    Fr. Henry Liguori

  2. Mitch Kralis says:

    Thank you Bishop Gracida for the heads up on your book. Will be sure to get it.

    Mitch Kralis

  3. jeanforsini says:

    Thank you very much for your biography dear Bishop. It was fascinating… Indeed God has very interesting interventions in all our lives and it is only required from us to follow His suggestions. But your life is really non ordinary.

    I am attaching a one-page flyer as my contribution to the New Evangelization. You are free to use it for the salvation of souls.

    God bless.


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