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It’s the Wedding of the Millennium

Posted: 29 Nov 2017 09:01 AM PST

London, 1533.Yes, it’s the wedding of the millennium, as dashing Prince Harry weds his new lifelong partner Meg-Anne Boleyn (having tactfully said farewell to his previous lifelong partner, Queen Katherine)!

Anne Boleyn

Meg-anne previous acted in the Entertainment Doublet and Hose.

One religious difficulty will have to be overcome before the happy couple can be wed, namely that Harry (and indeed Anne) will have to leave the Catholic Church and become Protestant. Harry sees no problem with this, and has even offered to become the head of the new church.

Vincent Nichols tweet

The Vicar of Bray sends his congratulations, and angles for an invitation.

Further congratulations have come from the Lord High Chancellor, Sir Thomas More: “It is clear that Harry has really lost his head over this girl,” he says, “and I am sure that Anne will be losing hers too! Indeed I may even end up losing mine! Well done all round!”

So far no reaction has come from Rome, but it must be remembered that the 16th century postal service is not very quick, and Pope Clement VII is always slow to respond to letters – indeed, some Dubia sent back from the New World in 1492 have still not been answered. Moreover, the Holy Father is currently lost somewhere in the Burmese Empire, desperately trying not to say the word “Rohingya”, which is Burmese for “Can you direct me to the rest room?”

William and Angela Merkel

An awkward moment, when Prince William believes that Harry is marrying Anne Markle of Cleves.

The final word must go to Harry. “My family has always been keen on marriage, indeed most of hem have married several times. I don’t think I shall have more than six lifelong partners, myself, though!”

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