Anarchy in VC

There are rumours circulating that an embattled, deceitful and thoroughly discredited pontificate – at least discredited among faithful Catholics following events carefully – seeks to draw the clergy of the Holy Catholic Church, by coercive means, into a new vow of obedience in particular to Pope Francis and his own ‘unique’ Magisterium. I shudder at such rumours.

Are these rumours true? We do not yet know. How do such rumours evolve? Who wishes these things to circulate? Are they credible? Should it be taken seriously? Only the last question can I answer and only with an opinion. I fear so. I believe clergy have reason, based on their own observation of five years of laughably less than transparent conduct within the Vatican, to be on the alert at least. The new rumour suggests that this pontificate – one in which the use of reason as a faculty has already been ‘taken down a peg or two’ during the intra-ecclesial ‘dialogue’ concerning Amoris Laetitia – is considering the nuclear option of going for broke and enforcing loyalty to a dictatorship of relativism in the Vatican. Would that really be surprising? Not really.

But would Francis contemplate going down that road? He has already said ‘I might be the Pope who splits the Church’, a throwaway comment that made it sounds like splitting the Church and causing global schism was a bit like ordering food at a Roman trattoria. ‘I might have the cod, or I might have the steak. Oh no, I think I might split the Catholic Church instead.’ That this pontificate has sclerotic, schizophrenic but, most pointedly, psychotic tendencies has become quite apparent over the course of time, not that the Church has never seen ‘psycho Popes’ before. Anarchy rules in Rome. Yet, there is more than simply this to understand about this papacy, since there is simultaneously the most aggressive and to some extent the most effective and consolidated PR campaign in Church history going on, even as I type, and it is in the complete and total service of the Pope and his reputation. Christ our Lord is not a major beneficiary of this extensive publicity campaign, but we have after five years expected very little to come from the Vatican that lauds and honours the Church’s Lord and Head.

As ‘M.A Colonna’s’ The Dictator Pope made clear, the most disquieting aspect of this pontificate isn’t simply that this Pope is something of a thug, with contempt for his critics, for if he were only a thug, the whole world could see it, but rather that this pontificate seems to involve a mafia boss, one desperate to consolidate his power base while living among his enemies, who manages to twist and discredit the message of Jesus Christ while appearing to the majority of the world as a very kind man who is nice to the poor, who kisses babies and visits the sick, imprisoned and elderly, thus making him appear to be saintly and all the while doing it with a cameraman by his side, you know, like all the Saints did.

The truth is that real mafia bosses do not need to go to such great lengths to reinforce the image of their inherent goodness to all and sundry. Such men display greater sincerity perhaps than Francis, because, in fact, they are feared because they are dangerous, not because they appear dangerously virtuous to the public, while being cruel and scheming in secret. Within the walls of the Vatican, Francis is feared because he is terrible and has grown powerful, not because people are afraid that he might drop round and kiss their sick grandmother. In truth, no good deed of Pope Francis goes undocumented now, and hasn’t for five years, because such deeds are clearly needed to reinforce a PR message that the Pope is wonderful and beyond reproach. It all serves as wonderful cover and camouflage for a man seemingly without much faith in the actual words or mission of Our Lord to save souls and bring the Truth to those who need it, whether they wish for it, or not and even better cover for a psychopath to abuse his Office. If I were to suggest one reason why The Dictator Pope has the Francis Team worried, it is that such a document puts something of a break on the canonization attempts that will be a natural consequence and reaction to the day when His Holiness dies. For his changes to be permanent, the mafia need Francis to stay relatively unblemished in the eyes of most of the Church so that his changes can receive ‘sanctification’ with his reputation for mercy.

Outside of the circus of the Vatican, Francis is inviting the poor to the circus

And yet, even as Francis’s canonization day remains a possibility – could it be the date of his annual address to the Curia? – there is another aspect to this pontificate which has become stridently clear. Criticism – even stinging criticism, even criticism that rebukes the thuggery involved in this most unique of pontificates, even criticism that levels charges of corruption against Francis’s allies, or against Francis himself, is dealt with by a stunning reaction of near total silence, silence from those who should be in some way embarrassed or ashamed. It is almost as if no amount of truth or scandal can hurt those who now enjoy the benefits of power.

A lesson in psychological warfare

Those who have taken over the house at the Vatican obviously understand that if you really want to annoy your critics, if you really want to anger people who only wish to see a modicum of natural justice flourish in the Church, you ignore them. That’s worse than ripping people’s hearts out while they are breathing because you are doing it spiritually, not physically. The Francis pontificate is a valuable political and military lesson in both psychological warfare and torture. Whether it is a petition, or a Cardinal in an interview, a dubia, or an article, or allegation, the best strategy is to ignore whatever they are saying – never address what they are saying or asking. Ensure that those who you consider, with contempt, your enemies – and treated with overwhelming indifference so that they feel irrelevant and unheard, while repeating your own message. What is that message? The Pope is changing the Church regardless of what Christ taught but God doesn’t mind and by the way, ‘Isn’t the Pope great?’

Now, in the first instance, it is clear that TeamFrancis are a little, but perhaps only marginally concerned at such things as blogs, or news sites that cover with attention to detail the obvious apostasies and sublime villainy going in the Vatican with a degree of support from the man Francis himself, but the only thing they really fear is a mass awakening within the Church not only to the reality of the conduct and character of the fraud Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his mafia, which should by now have entered into the realms of infamy, but a reawakening of the Church and Her children to the Lord Jesus Himself and His Infallible Doctrines, to Her glorious liturgy and worship and the proclamation of the message of the Salvation of souls.

For Pope Francis, his overwhelming desire (and the desire of those who surround him) seems to be to ensure that his personal reputation is impeccable even while insulting the faithful or castigating priests, or sacking good men, or instigating a global movement within the Church for abandoning Christ’s teachings in favour of his own, or selling out the Pontifical Academy for Life to globalist eugenicist monsters. In fact, one could say that the damage Francis does is contingent to his excellent PR team, and is perhaps dependent on it.

But the sheer level of deception that is going on during this pontificate is staggering, mind-blowing in fact, if you take into account that the push for the Kasper proposal which has wreaked such havoc already upon Jesus’s Church must surely have been planned well before Francis’s ascension to the Throne of Peter, because he talked about how wonderful Cardinal Kasper and his book was the very morning after his election, at his first Angelus. There was no waiting around. On day one of his pontificate, Francis was already stealthily undermining the Lord Jesus Christ and His teaching on divorce and remarriage and was busily prepping us for his earthquake Synod, at which the Bishops of the world were, like the Catholic faithful in general, ignored and the Kasper proposal, voted down by the Bishops, was retained by Francis in his Apostolic Exhortation by virtue of a single footnote.

One sect not averse to controversial oaths…

Smoke and mirrors

This pontificate is all about smoke and mirrors. Nothing is as it is presented to be. The Synod on the Family was the Synod on the Destruction of the Family. The Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia was bereft of much that could be described as Apostolic. An oath to the ‘Magisterium’ of Pope Francis will, should it come about – not be an oath to Jesus Christ and His teachings, but more likely to the personal interpretation of the Gospel of the man, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has distanced himself from the Church’s tradition and distanced himself even from the Word of God. If Pope Francis doesn’t care if the entire faithful wake up and smell the coffee in terms of the fraud being perpetuated against them, he does care whether people realise this while he is Pope. This is probably the only thing Francis fears.

Will people realise? It is, sadly, not likely since far too many Catholics are disengaged and far too many would see no problem with apostasy, many would not even understand the relevance or meaning of the word in terms of their faith. Readers, you who are firm in the Faith of Christ, we need to be mentally equipped for a hard reality. Francis and his team have probably taken the Church’s pulse and it is likely he sees that it is so weak he can get away with anything. Take heart, we’ll always have Poland! Deo volente!

And yet, there is more to the Church’s most unfathomable Pope even than this, because even when it becomes increasingly apparent that Pope Francis is psychologically unstable, given to massive temper tantrums when his personal will is thwarted or contradicted, deals contemptuously and spitefully with those who work in his service and stands accused of allegedly using money from Peter’s Pence to support the campaign fund of his favoured political candidate during the US election, the abortion supporting Hillary Clinton, in the mainstream media Pope Francis finds very few critics.

This is because – or if I may posit a theory – wherever Christ is persecuted and sidelined, marginalised or dismissed from public life, even life within the Church, wherever He is treated with contempt, scorned and derided, all of his enemies will gather together and work together to achieve the outcome so wished for by His enemies, enemies spiritual in nature, enemies who once were angels and now are devils but who inspire those who have, through their willful rebellion against Almighty God, made themselves his servants.

The mass media – even some Catholic media organs – are deeply complicit in the covering up of the obvious personal defects and subtle doctrinal deviations of this Pope and  his overarchingly political agenda, not because they are blind to them wholly, but rather because he is serving their shared purpose, or rather the Devil’s purpose, in which they are only too happy to co-operate, namely the destruction of the Church from within and especially the destruction of Christian morals. Be honest, if you hated the Church and Her teachings, would you protest a bad or mad Pope who set out to undermine the very religion you hate? They do not want Christ, they do not want Christianity, they want it expunged from public life and if a faithless and rebellious Bishop or Rome does the groundwork for them within the Church they will be happy to stay silent, especially if he places himself and his personal virtue in opposition to the traditional Church and its traditional evils in the eyes of the world. We don’t, sadly, live in an age in which the Press are interested in upholding and serving the public with the truth, but an age in which the truth is manifestly resented and hated within public and private institutions, most notably in Government and in the Media, as well as within the Church herself.

Francis promised a ‘Conversion of the Papacy’, but Christ calls us to Conversion to Himself

From what I can see, Pope Francis, in terms of fulfilling the Office of the Papacy and doing what Popes are intended by the Lord Jesus to do, or even as what a faithful Catholic is called to do, is a complete and utter fraud, a fraud made all the more scandalous by the determined effort to appear to be such a wonderful Christian on camera, making his pontificate all the more destructive. By all accounts, by now his reputation should now be covered in ignominy, since there are so many accounts of his behaviour and his intentions to persecute those faithful to Christ are so obvious, but I suppose that is what makes the fraudulent and counterfeit look so real and yet be so fake; the effort in public to go in extreme in the opposite direction in which you are manifestly going in private, behind closed doors, as you scheme for the downfall of your enemies and plot your egocentric outmaneuvering of your enemies, yes even our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, whom you claim to serve in public, but whose doctrines you make it apparent you despise in private.

‘Pick-a-Scandal Papacy’: Now honouring an abortion activist 

Pope Francis has brought total anarchy to Vatican City and the institutions of the Church in Rome, his strange teaching wreaking havoc on everything he touches and he is visiting his anarchy upon the Church across the world. I pray very much that the rumour of an oath to attempt to put an end to the resistance to his desired interpretation of Amoris Laetitia is false, but it has got to that stage where it has become clear that those who do resist it are already being called by his favoured so-called  ‘theologians’, ‘dissenters’. How long will Francis tolerate dissent to his ‘new paradigm’? Will he go for broke and press the nuclear button?  What would a dictator Pope do, knowing that through a prestige marketing and PR campaign he could keep the majority of the media onside and rule by fear and by fiat an episcopate and clergy who can, he believes, be easily bullied into submission?

Pray for an end to the crisis in the Church, but whatever rank you occupy within the Church, to which the Lord has called you, pray for the endurance and courage to stand firm and publicly for Jesus Christ come what may. We may be approaching the Church’s darkest hour, but dawn will come and the Lord Jesus will eventually shed upon the current darkness his radiant light. Look towards Him and be radiant. Those who persevere until the end will receive the crown of life, but for now His servants must endure this bitter crown of thorns. Stay faithful, stay true, stay close to Him, for He will never fail you. Prepare for the worst that Francis can do, and prepare for the best, the very best, that which is beyond our comprehension, which the Lord has promised for He is with until the End of Time. Come, Lord Jesus! Victorious King!

Finally, I thoroughly concur with Fr John Hunwicke’s post on the Papal Oath of Fidelity, not for the clergy to ‘sign-up’ to whatever novelties the incumbent is preparing to unleash on Christ’s Church, but for the Pope himself to swear allegiance to Christ and to the Deposit of Faith entrusted to His servant and Vicar. It is claimed – though it is not claimed with certainty, that there was such an oath, worded as follows:

That would make a great start. But then again, I guess that even oaths, solemn oaths made in public, mean little if, in our hearts, we seek the destruction of the sacred tradition for some mysterious purpose, in which is advocated some alteration of the saving faith, the saving truth from God that is our glorious inheritance for the salvation of souls.

Pray for our Holy Mother the Church.


Brilliant analysis Bones of this evil in The Vatican.We have an anti-pope in charge causing mayhem and Heresy at every turn.It is so sad that the average Catholic doesn’t give a fig about what is going on in The Vatican-which is what one should expect from a dumbed down Church of Nice.The Catholic Faith hasn’t been taught in most places for about forty or fifty years.We should expect MOST Priests will go along with the filth that rules The Vatican(the people know nothing anyhow)and Faithful Catholics will move (i already have )to Tradition where strong Catholic Teaching and Catholic Purity is practisedLong live Tradition and Recusant Faith.However it is so sad,so sad.God Bless.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Ana Milan says:

    This pontificate is a fraud. From the scandalous conniving of the St. Gallen Mafia with the support of the Obama administration, NWO George Soros et al, how can it be otherwise? Blackmail was undoubtedly used to evict PBXVI from the Seat of Peter & install this Destroyer Pope whose every word & action shows the contempt he has for the True Faith whose dogmas & teaching he has been contriving to change since obtaining office. It has been out with the old, in with the new from the outset, the new being the Masonic/Marxism learned from crafty proponents in Argentina many decades ago, the implementation of which he & his supporters suggested a time limit of four years. That time limit has been & gone so the rush for enforcing their liberal agenda continues apace.

    The fact that PF only calls himself Bishop of Rome & not Vicar of Christ is significant. So, too, is the fact that he has never spoken ex cathedra although I’m sure he would dearly like to. Could this be because he does not hold infallibility as his election is invalid? Does it rather point to the other silent half of this dual papacy as still being the true pope? If PBXVI’s resignation was forced this would render it null & void. Cardinal Burke has recently spoken on this subject so we pray that he & other Cardinals & Bishops who know far more than we do, receive the necessary spiritual strength to come forward in sufficient numbers to call for a general council to decide on who really is the valid successor of St. Peter

  2. This darkness would not befall us without the ignorance of the faith by most. When I observe the delivery of the plan to destroy the Church from within, I am astonished at the brilliance and attention to the detail, the synchronization of events over decades – at least. When good is now named evil, and evil good, and when most have fallen into error, willing to destroy the remnant of good for the sake of the good, with Christ’s love and mercy on their lips, I see how it happened, and I just stand there with pain in the heart and with a mouth wide open. With most, nothing I say and do will make a difference.

    I am not attached to anything earthly much any more. I wish the end would come, hoping for God’s forgiveness, fearing His justice. It is painful to watch this enormous evil.

  3. Great commentary.
    It is the faithful that now sustain the faithful, and God sustains us all. I can’t look to a pope, a Cardinal, or in many cases, a Bishop, to provide spiritual sustenance and direction. Those days are over. And it is true, most Catholics do not know or care, and many lack critical thinking skills that would enable them to dig a little and find the truth, if they cared at all. So they’ll go along. If tomorrow he demands an oath of allegiance to himself and threatens to laicize any priest who does not sign, these water carriers would criticize priests who will not sign, because the media would tell them to.
    Yes tough times are here and likely to get tougher. This is the trajectory of the last 9 years or so. The only thing that went our way was the US election. We have a man in the White House who defends Christianity and Christians, and, if you heard his Poland speech, you see he actually comprehends the threat to the West and, Christianity! What did we do to deserve this man, little old ladies and gentlemen, quietly praying in their rooms, brought this semi-miracle about. God be praised.

  4. Mary Anne says:

    Yes it is tragic! There is no where to turn. I can’t look at him anymore. It is painful. I made my own little altar in my bedroom and I am comforted by it. Spiritualy. It keeps me saying my prayers and thinking in the right direction … I have my Mothers and Fathers 1930s Prayer Books and a St. Andrews Missal. Thank God for this. My little suggestion to help anyone is to make a home altar. Pretty statues are still available on Ebay and other places. They will probably disappear soon. God Bless.

  5. Gianna Rae says:

    Bergoglio is the prophecised False Prophet and works behind the scenes as we speak with the literal son of satan the antichrist. The New World Order Agenda is upon the entire world. The only way these so called elites who actually run this world can get this New World Order to work is if they can control the Religious. They have their men within the Vatican walls who are of the Masonic Order, the Free Masons.
    They devised a plan on March 17, 2011 to oust Pope Benedict which they were successful in doing. Pope Benedict resigned under the umbrella of resignation when in fact he was blackmailed and accused of things he had no part of. For the sake of trying to hold the Church together, he announced his stepping down as a resignation. They ousted Pope Benedict in order to put their man in place. The New World Order Religious Leader is Jorge Bergoglio. Many well known so called Theologians are also Free Masons and they publish daily to help convince the laity that the False Prophet Bergoglio was elected and is valid. THEY TOO ARE LIARS. Jesus forewarned us that he would be elected but he would be the prophecised False Prophet.
    He may have been elected by those wearing red robes who are also Free Masons, but the Holy Spirit of God had absolutely Nothing to do with that election. The Masonic Order had Everything to do with that election. Bergoglio has been sent to dismantle the Holy Catholic Church as well as All Christian Churches. He is sent to form the New World Religion which falls under the umbrella of the New World Order which is the only way the New World Order can successfully work, which is to control the religious. They Must control the Religious and the Faithful before their Diabolical New World Order can be successfully implemented.
    This is WHY he makes apostate statements, which is WHY he is separating Holy Dogma and Doctrine which in fact he has absolutely no authority from God to do. Which is WHY he calls Jesus a sinner, one who had to beg for forgiveness.. when in fact Jesus is God manifest in the flesh and who was and is and always will be perfect and infallible. This is why he says that the Blessed Mother felt betrayed by God when in fact she was created in the womb of Saint Anne for one reason only and that was to be the purest of souls who would accept and house the Son of God made flesh and NEVER felt betrayed but knew she was Blessed, which is why she said, for generations I shall be called Blessed… I could write a book on the blasphamys this man has uttered and a second book on the Spin Doctors calling themselves Catholic theologians who twist and turn and weave and stretch and bend every abomination this man utters.. Thier job is to convince you that the False Prophet is a valid Pope.. When in Fact Pope Benedict is our ONLY TRUE and FINAL Pope.
    You must all understand… that this man Bergoglio is laughing behind the scenes with the son of satan, the antichrist right now at the faithful and how easy it is to manipulate you. He was sent to destroy and dismantle the Church and that is precisely what he is doing. The TRUE CHURCH as Pope Benedict so wisely prophecised.. will become SMALL… Meaning that the TRUE CHURCH will be the Catholics who will NEVER follow this false prophet into error but who will stand and fight for the TRUE CATHOLIC FAITH that Jesus Christ established through Peter and His Apostles. We are witnessing prophecy unfold and it is time that ALL CATHOLICS wake up… stand together united in Jesus Christ and fight this beast together in order to help save the souls of our brothers and sisters who are being misled straight into the arms of the antichrist, who will hand deliver them to satan.
    God Bless +

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