Anger Games, Night 9 – BLM Window of Opportunity Starts to Close…

Posted on June 4, 2020 by sundance

Today in Minneapolis was the first of three funerals for George Floyd in three states.  The next funeral will be held in North Carolina on Saturday; then the grievance tour travels to Texas for a full day viewing on Monday, and final funeral on Tuesday.

What media will not discuss is the lack of visible support across social media on the first day of the five official days of public mourning.  Perhaps the BLM and AME network have overplayed their hand; and/or, people are burned-out over the continued use of the race card.  It also did not help that Al Sharpton played the lead role for funeral one.

Now, considering the amount of media coverage, what I just wrote might sound odd; but I’m not looking at media… I’m looking at the national audience response to the overblown media coverage.  There is a big difference and a massive disconnect.

The media are hyping the five days of national mourning and live broadcasting the funerals and events.  However, the downstream reception rate appears very poor.

There is a much lower reception and redistribution rate with George Floyd than Trayvon (Orlando), Mike Brown (Ferguson) or Freddie Gray (Baltimore).  Those were the last times the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME network) were in full alignment.

What this indicates to me is a far more significant percentage of the targeted audience are now awake to the manipulative effort of both BLM and AME networks.

Additionally, the long-standing Achilles heel has still not been overcome.

The internal racism within the “people of color” coalition was always the inherent problem for Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Tom Perez (Team BLM), because the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party absolutely dislike Latinos.

When Barack Obama attempted outreach to the Latino community he even changed the language.  Gaining Latino support was the reason the DNC sent out guidance to use the phrase “people of color” instead of “black” during media coverage.  Additionally, Obama’s attempted outreach to the Latino community was always through the illegal alien angle, the “dreamers”; but Obama never delivered on his fake promises and the PoC lingo could not help.

Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam do not like Latinos and/or Hispanics.  The New Black Panthers do not like Latinos and/or Hispanics.  These groups are always in constant conflict.  The friendly political relationship between La Raza and the radical Democrats doesn’t compensate for this massive divide amid Blacks and Latinos.

In one way it is still a generational problem.  Latinos lean heavily Christian; while the radical NoI and NBPP elements who agreed to align within the BLM movement are heavily influenced by Islam.   This is why there are two internal black coalitions.  BLM is influenced by Islam, while the AME coalition is Christian.

Through the religious prism the AME network could gain support from the Latino community; “people of color” could work.  However, the AME network is not the center of activist energy.

The BLM network is the center of activist operations and that means Islam is favored. [Keep your “people of color”, because the BLM prefers “black”.]  Hence, Minneapolis is a good fit for BLM activation because Minneapolis leans Muslim thanks to the decades long influx of Somali refugees imported by Bush and Obama.

The media, especially the political media, are never allowed to talk about the internal ideologies behind the two camps: Team Obama (BLM – Islam) and Team Clyburn (AME – Christian); but the issues are very real and keeping the coalition together is not easy.  Seeing Al Sharpton (AME team) deliver his racial narrative to the Minneapolis funeral audience today is a reflection of how important and tenuous the dynamic really is.

The BLM foot-soldiers do not like the lack of purity within the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton messaging.  Two-J’s and Sharptongue are both old-school AME members where religious worship kneels foremost in front of the altar of money.

Those behind the BLM network are more ideological and they see the AME’s lust for money as a risk.  It’s a weird interplay and ultimately that’s why the two factions keep splitting apart.

Floyd family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, is more AME than he is BLM.  Al Sharpton was Crump’s mentor going all the way back to the Martin Lee Anderson case in 2006. But at the same time Crump needs the BLM foot-soldiers to drum the social justice message in order to achieve maximum impact.

Bottom line today is that Minneapolis opportunists, specifically the Muslim community, will benefit from the current anti-police narrative.  The Somali Muslim community wants Sharia-enforcement officers instead of traditional law enforcement. Ergo the Ellison/Omar agenda will benefits from recent events.

However, beyond the local benefit, the new BLM/AME alliance does not seem to be moving the national needle.  If you look closely it appears more and more people have caught on to the unspoken and divisive agenda.

Lastly, the long standing issues between Latinos and Blacks is an important angle to watch; especially with 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden going down on his knees in favor of the BLM/AME network.

There is a risk that Democrats might lose more Latinos than they will gain amid blacks. This type of political calculation always carries a risk; this is what happens when ideology intersects with the assembly of special interests.

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