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by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  •  June 7, 2020    332 Comments

Wilton Gregory violates civil rights of DC clergy

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WASHINGTON ( – In a bald-faced violation of their individual civil rights as American citizens, Washington, D.C.’s Abp. Wilton Gregory is ordering his clergy to dress in cassocks (or at least blacks) and protest President Trump at 11 a.m. Monday morning at Lafayette Park, and then march to the White House at noon.

Abp. Gregory issued a blistering critique against President Trumpafter he and his Catholic wife visited the shrine of Pope St. John Paul II

It’s being billed as a pro-life, anti-racism rally, but at least one e-mail from the archdiocese to clergy being circulated (see below) explicitly calls it a “protest”:

Let us gather to rededicate ourselves to the defense of all life and recommit ourselves to pray for end to racism.

We will assemble at Lafayette Park beginning from 11 a.m. on Monday, June 8. At exactly noon, we will begin with prayer and move in prayer toward the White House. 

Things you may need: 

Clergy and religious, please wear cassock, habit or black clericals

Do not forget to grab a bottle of water and a hat/cap.

You are welcome to bring appropriate signs/posters.

Remember that social distancing may be difficult, so do not forget your mask.

The best way to travel to the park is by using Metro and getting off at the McPherson Square Station. If you drive, please note that parking is limited in some areas of downtown Washington at this time.

Inside sources tell Church Militant that Gregory is angry at the local D.C. Knights of Columbus that had invited President Trump to the John Paul II National Shrine, an invitation reportedly extended weeks earlier.

The sources inform Church Militant that Gregory retaliated against the local council and ordered it to send out an e-mail to its own pro-life list and to bill it as a “pro-life rally.” Threatened behind the scenes by Gregory, the D.C. Knights complied. The e-mail reads:

Brother Knights,

Archbishop Gregory has invited local clergy, bishops and the Catholic lay faithful to publicly witness against institutional racism and to pray for the soul of George Floyd and the soul of this country.  We gather at 11 a.m. in Lafayette Park and proceed to the White House at noon.  Please spread the word.  Further details from the Archdiocese are below.

Fr. Pat Smith

Former state chaplain

Catholic protest on Monday, June 8 at noon

Please join the Catholic faithful in a public witness to pray for the soul of George Floyd and the soul of America. Join local Catholic bishops, clergy and lay faithful as we pray and move with Christian solidarity to lift our country up in prayer. Let us gather to rededicate ourselves to the defense of all life and recommit ourselves to an anti-racism agenda.

Our mission: to pray for a change of heart, an end to hatred and institutional discrimination of all kinds. 

The e-mail then sets forth the same instructions on the protest as sent to clergy, ending with a note that Fr. Cornelius Ejiogu, SSJ, pastor of St. Luke Parish, is coordinating the effort. D.C. insiders tell Church Militant that Gregory is trying to pull a ‘fast one.’ Tweet

In addition to an obvious violation of civil rights — an employer cannot order employees to participate in a political protest — the “rally” is also timed to coincide with another protest where leaders will be boisterously demanding that Trump be deposed. D.C. insiders tell Church Militant that Gregory is trying to pull a “fast one” and “mingle D.C. clergy into that other rally” to make it appear that his clergy also want Trump deposed.

According to those close to the unfolding events, Gregory is trying to orchestrate a media event whereby national news outlets will report that the “Catholic Church in America does not believe Trump is fit for office” and is using his own clergy to paint that picture.

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  1. Matt Noah says:

    Archbishop Gregory apparently does not have much influence over ‘his’ priests since the far left Washington Post reported only “dozens” of priests showed up to the BLM protest. –

    The fact is that those priests in his archdiocese are God’s priests; from whom all their priestly powers flow. The Church ordains them through the power of God but just as I am not my bishop’s possession, these priests are the possession of no one but God. We all owe a debt of service to our Church insofar as our Church instructs us ex cathedra on faith and morals. And I do believe we owe our Bishop or Archbishop a respectable amount of consideration for what he says, I do not have to obey what I would consider a questionable or immoral command, instruction or suggestion.

    I have no more duty to protest with BLM than I have to turn off or on the Gandhi movie. Now, if the good Archbishop had instructed me to join the March for Life in his episcopacy, I would have strongly considered doing so. Has Gregory done that?

    I’ve seen too many of these so-called protests turn into riots. Protesters are then turned into ‘cover’ for the rioters, disabling or distracting police from doing their job.

    There is a reason for this problem and it lies at the feet of the Democrat Party. Ever since the Civil Rights Movement, they have influenced Blacks to vote Democrat but to what end? Have Democrats and Democrat laws, regulations and policies helped Blacks? No! Did any politician come along who increased Black employment, provided for the opportunity for better jobs, and treated them like human beings rather than props for a re-election bid? I can think of two and one of them is our current President.

    The truly discriminated against portion of our society is clearly unborn babies. #UnbornLivesMatter To that I would add the second most discriminated segment of our society is the elderly. #ElderlyLivesMatter.

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