Guardian Angel

August 26, 2020

“The people looked out their windows,

And they said, “There is a storm coming,”

And they poured themselves a drink,

And locked the windows and the doors.

But they knew not the truth of what was coming,

For a darkness is coming that carries within it a pestilence

Such as has never been seen upon the earth

Since the beginning.

As the Lord said to Moses, 

“Stretch out your hand towards heaven,

And let darkness, darkness so thick that it can be felt, cover Egypt,”

He soon says it again.

This darkness will spare not those who have claimed to be learned men

For they have spoken against the truth of God,

And it will spare not those who have claimed to love God,

But who have loved themselves instead.

The time of divine mercy draws to a close,

And the time of justice now falls upon the earth,

And even when the darkness has ended, and the light has returned,

Many will not see it not for they have become creatures of the dark.

Unrest now covers the earth.

Looters wander through the streets while evil sells itself on the corners,

And the innocence of children is stolen,

And given to the highest bidder.

Shed not tears for Rome says the Lord for they have desecrated My holy places.

But know also that God no longer smiles upon your country,

For it has killed the children,

And blasphemed His name and the place that He dwells.

There is a darkness that is coming that nothing can penetrate,

Except the light of a candle that has been blessed by a holy priest,

And in that time nothing will keep out the demons that beat upon your doors

But the blood of Christ.

But there is no need to smear it upon your doorposts,

For you have been washed in His blood,

And you are now covered.

And therefore you shall not be harmed.”


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About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Leo D. D. Lion says:

    The three (3) days of darkness.
    That will be an amazing event.
    Going back to when our Lord was Crucified, three (3) hours of darkness occurred.

    Going back in time, a thousand years or so, the astronomers for China and Japan kept maticulous records for their emperors. These writings/records were evident of large celestial objects would pass in close proximity to Earth and the Moon.

    Not only was this information a political advantage for the ruling emperor, also served as a time to store food and water. These celestial orbital visitors would cause extreme havoc to food and water supplies.. Not to mention earthquakes and other disasters from a near Earth object..

    The Holy Bible also lists events from near Earth objects such as Joshua’s long day, Sodom and Gamora and more.

    I believe God uses one of these near Earth objects which us one a several hundred year orbit in and around our Sun.

    So during the Crucification 3 hours of darkness occurred.
    If God used this near Earth object….
    Do the math to understand its size…
    The size and diameter of our Moon, causes about 7 1/2 minutes of total darkness.
    So I wont calculate it here, but how many 7 1/2 minutes are in 3 days which is 3 x 24 = 72 hours @ 60 minutes in an hour, divided by 7 minutes >>> will give us an approximate size of this near Earth object compared to our Moon.

    And furthermore it will pass between the Earth and Moon…

    Thank you for attention

  2. Maureen Avila says:

    Why is the identity of S. being withheld?
    This is very much like the 3 Days of Darkness predicted by Padre Pio ..but some say that here is no authentic documentation of his ever speaking of the 3 Days of Darkness.

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