The Signs of a HypocriteAtrox melior dulcissima veritas mendaciis. ‘The bitter truth is better than the sweetest lie.” By E.P. UnumApril 6, 2021(emphasis added)
There are three major signs of a hypocrite:
1.               Whenever he speaks, he lies2.               Whatever he promises, he breaks his promise3.               Whenever he is trusted, he betrays the trust. By these yardsticks, President Joseph Biden qualifies as a hypocrite. 
The great Greek philosopher, Democritus (470-370 B.C.) wrote that “cheats and hypocrites are those who do everything with words and nothing with actions”. That statement, written centuries ago, precisely describes President Biden who has spent his entire 50-year career working in government, first as a Congressman and then as a Senator. And, in that period of time, five decades, I challenge anyone to find one piece of legislation, one singular action that made a positive difference in the lives of Americans. He is often referred to as “the great healer” and “the great unifier”, a man whose reputation is built on “reaching across the aisle” to produce legislation that helps all Americans. In truth, Mr. Biden is none of these things. By now you know the story of his involvement with his son in Ukraine; as a “protected silent partner” in a Chinese Communist joint venture to acquire American businesses, some of them defense-related, and his demand that his son fork over 50% of his income “to the family”; and the millions in government contracts earned by his two brothers, Frank and James Biden. This essay is not about any of these sordid issues. They speak for themselves about the man’s character and lack of integrity. This essay is about far more important issues, ones that are dramatically and adversely impacting our daily lives andtransforming America into a socialist country on its way to a full-scale autocratic communist state.
Alarmist, you say? Hysterical, you say? Not really. And, I am concerned. The facts are irrefutable….unless we become less like sheep, more like wolves, and start fighting backConsider the following: 1.      For the first time in our 245 year history, an American President, Joe Biden, has called for economic sanctions against one of the fifty states over dutifully and legally passed legislation regarding how elections are run in that state. Joe Biden flat out lied about the legislation which earned him “Four Pinnochio’s” from the very liberal Washington Post. But his lies spurred Major League Baseball to “move its scheduled Annual All-Star Game from Atlanta, GA to Denver, Colorado.” That effectively wiped out roughly $100 million in much-needed revenue for Fulton County, GA, not to mention the lost revenue for small vendors selling hot dogs, beer, popcorn, and soft drinks at the new Stadium….you know, all the little guys good ol’ Joe says he represents. But there are other more profound issues. 
President Biden fancies himself as a champion of Black Americans. If that is true, what about the fact that African Americans represent 55% of Atlanta, 54% of Savannah, and 55% of Augusta, all in Georgia. How does the MLB action, sanctified by Mr. Biden, and championed by the Great Deceiver himself, Barack Hussein Obama, help these African Americans? What happens to all the minority-owned businesses in Atlanta? Did they bother to ask MLB why they relocated the All-Star Game to Colorado where African Americans constitute only 9% of the population? Did anyone question MLB signing a multi-million dollar deal with China to stream live games to that communist state? Also, did any of these companies read the Georgia legislation? I know President Biden didn’t; he just parroted what his handlers told him to say. 
Is Mr. Manfred, the Commissioner of Major league Baseball going to surrender his membership in Georgia’s Augusta Golf Club where the Masters is being held as a symbol of his protest and solidarity with the Biden Folly? And finally, will President Biden call for the boycotting of the Beijing Olympics over their inhumane treatment of various ethnic groups including Christians? Can you spell hypocrisy? 2.      As is always the case, the woke faction of corporate America joined into this White House inspired fiasco and, caving in to the pressure from the left, chimed in supporting the decision of Major League Baseball, So we have Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, United Airlines and others supporting this ridiculous move. Well, here is my answer to these corporations: I will not buy Coca-Cola products and I will not watch MLB Games this season. I will pray that others follow this action because that is one way all of us can fight back. Let’s see how long these companies will support MLB when half the country stops buying their products. 3.      Fresh off ramming through a $1.9 Trillion “COVID” Relief Package called the “American Rescue Plan” by the slimmest majority, here comes good ol’Joe again, wanting to shell out an additional $2.3 Trillion in the Great Infrastructure Program. That is a $4.2 Trillion spending spree which essentially doubles the size of our government in a matter of months. On examination, we find that less than 10% of this proposed spending is targeted to roads, bridges, and tunnels. So, what’s the rush? Well, it is pretty clear: to fundamentally transform the nation in accordance with radical leftist visions before Democrats lose control in 2022 and before Joe steps down due to health reasons and turns the reigns over to Kamala “Heels Up” Harris. 4.      President Biden is ready to enact another executive action(government by fiat) dealing with the Second Amendment and our right to own weapons. Like all left-leaning people, they believe that banning guns for citizens will curtail and eliminate the killings associated with mass shootings. Mr. Biden and all the quiche-eating, limp wristed liberal doves ought to read the writings of one of Rome’s greatest leaders Marcus Aurelius, who said “When catapults are outlawed, only outlaws will have catapults”. The Second Amendment was not approved to keep the government safe from the people; it was enacted to protect the people from government tyranny. History has taught us with unmistakable certainty, that those governments who take weapons away from their citizens, invariably institute tyranny. The list is long and ominous: China, Germany, Japan, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia
5.           I listened carefully to President Biden’s initial remarks at the opening of his first Cabinet Meeting. He looked around the room and said “This looks like America”. I am sure those on the left found this comment very wholesome and reflective of “the kind and gentle leadership Joe provides”, but he was actually saying that he was proud that the Cabinet he assembled consisted of Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Gay, Transgender, etc. But, I view it as utter hypocrisy. My questions deal not with the color of their skin, or whether they are gay or straight, but the competence they bring to the table. 
Long ago, as a young boy in a Catholic grammar school in New York City, I learned this about our history and democracy: “Democracy without meritocracy is just hypocrisy and as such is no different from autocracy” No clearer example of this exists than in reviewing the pride which Biden’s Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin (Ret) talked about the “newly designed uniforms for pregnant soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen”. Do you think China, Russia, Iran and North Korea were listening to this? Time will tell how effective General Austin will be in leading the Pentagon (assuming Biden learns to remember his name) but I would much rather have heard him speak about how we will step up our preparedness for dealing with what soon will become a crisis for our allies in the South China Sea or Russia’s all too frequent incursions into our airspace near the Aleutians or Iran’s countdown to nuclear missile capability. 6.      I wonder how long it will be before interest rates rise? More importantly, when they rise, as they inevitably will, what does that portend for our national debt which will soon reach $30.0 Trillion? 
As of today, interest rates are artificially low and have been kept that way by the Federal Reserve. But what if they rise to say 2.0% or 3.0%? That would imply roughly $600 to $900 billion in interest before any principal reduction. That is 25% of the entire tax revenue the IRS collects today from all sources, corporate, small businesses, individuals, and the wealthy. What will be left to deal with services Americans have become accustomed to and our standard of living?
Joe Biden speaks about increasing taxes on the wealthy and corporations. He talks of increasing taxes on capital gains and rearranging the tax basis of inheritances (estate taxes). Now all of this works in theory on paper. But, what happens when corporations balk at paying 28% income taxes, up from 21%, and decide to move offshore? What happens when wealthy individuals relocate offshore?
All of this is likely to happen, as it has in the past, and the impact is erosion to the tax base with the burden falling ultimately on the middle class…as it has in the past. With the flight of capital offshore, comes unemployment…massive unemployment. And with unemployment, comes a loss of productivity…a shortage of goods and services. So, the end game is fewer goods and services, higher debt, lots of money in circulation and you have a classic example of hyperinflation, the kind of inflation that crippled Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, and other socialist/communist states. 
This is not rocket science folks; it is Macro-Economics 101. I guess Joe Biden missed that class in college…and so did his financial advisors. 7.      I wish more parents would rise up and demand schools open. If they do not, demand that those teachers who refuse to teach be fired immediately and their pensions forfeited. I realize that is harsh but we are living in harsh and unprecedented times. Seems to me that the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike during the Reagan Administration. President Reagan fired all of them. The nation went back to flying again very soon after. 
Don’t we owe it to our children to provide the very best education we can give them? Think of the hardships we are making them suffer. Enough is enough. Get the teachers back teaching full-time or tap into those of us from the Baby Boom Generation to step in and teach our children. I’m ready. I do it now and will gladly do it again. The CDC has endorsed the return to school full time and has stated there is little risk for teachers in the classroom from Covid. 
Parents, step up and make your voices heard. 8.      If President Biden cared about our children he would announce his displeasure with those state governments pushing to create a taxable marijuana industry nationwide. Their quest for more things to tax and more money to raise and spend has outpaced their desire to act responsibly on behalf of the people. 
Here is a medical fact, scientifically proven with years of documented evidence: Marijuana is addictive, especially in those who start using it in their teens and it can have permanent effects on the brain such as impaired attention, memory, and learning.Astonishingly, laws recently enacted in some states actually bar police from notifying parents if their child was caught using marijuana or alcohol, and, even if found using them again. Some laws make underage use of marijuana and alcohol penalty-free while deterring police from confirming such use. Some of these laws (NJ) actually hold law enforcers criminally liable if they question a minor stemming from the discovery of marijuana or alcohol. I am reasonably certain that these issues are not well known and even more certain that voters did not agree to decriminalize marijuana and alcohol for children. Ask yourself this: would you care if your son or daughter was using marijuana or alcohol, or both, while they were driving around town? What could possibly go wrong? If President Biden truly cared, he might use his office and the bully pulpit to speak out against this insanity. But, if truth be told, he is probably unaware of them. Not since the Civil War has our country been more divided. It seems like there is a giant schism driven down the middle of our country, separating democrats and republicans; the have’s and the have nots. Frankly, I am fed up with Democrats and Republicans. They are supposed to work for us but all they do is bicker among themselves, forgetting why we sent them to Washington…to represent us, we the people. We did not send them to represent a political party but to represent we the people! They are so preoccupied with changing things that they are incapable of focusing on what is working and has worked since the founding of our Republic. The democrats are in power now, and, so, they want to make their presence felt. But they are going about it the wrong way. There is an old adage that seems quite appropriate in this essay and so I include it here: “If you kick a dog long enough, he’s gonna bite” So, a word to the wise: Learn to work together because that is what a team does. And, there is no “I” in Team! We are facing some very difficult challenges from some formidable nations. If memory serves me correctly, neither democrats nor republicans won Word War I or World War II.  Americans did that.

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