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Under the guise of public health and safety, public worship in Ireland has been severely restricted since December, and now a new law further tightens this oppression, effectively criminalizing attendance at any religious gatherings, including sacramental confession with a priest. It’s now against the law for a priest to say Mass or hear confessions in Ireland.
This is an opportunity for the Irish people to become saints. They should defy state officials and boldly proclaim their public worship of God in imitation of holy Daniel who threw the windows open and knelt on the upper floor so that the king’s men could see him praying in defiance of the king’s orders. (Daniel 6:10) This is what God wants from us, not this fake obedience of kissing up to the state to gain favors.
Since Vatican II, bishops and priests have spent all their time doing away with obedience to God’s laws, like it’s a lost cause, and now they bow to these political Pharaohs that have imposed a new COVID religion on them. They’ve become like the hypocrites in Christ’s time, touting their hand-washing and “sanitary” procedures and adopting ridiculous “traditions of men” while the work of God is ignored! Such obedience is a “mask” of their cowardly denial of Christ.
Enough with sermons on how to obey the state, let’s get back to Catholic action and lock the state out of God’s Church. This is the obedience God expects from us. May the example of St. Thomas Becket spur us in that direction.
Ireland targets the Church: Outdoor Confessions are illegal, but chatting with a priest isn’t
Ireland targets the Church: Outdoor Confessions are illegal, but chattin…‘The ban on public worship is not, and has not been for some time, a matter of health but of sectarianism and mo…

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  1. Kate R. says:

    Oh, how true this is! But we need to understand that our bishops are not cowardly, they are in lockstep with the atheist authorities. When bishops give more authority to the state than to God, they are cooperating with evil, and if they will not immediately lead the charge and act as shepherds, they have outed themselves as hirelings and must not be listened to nor followed.
    It is time for the flock to be heard! It is time for the flock to act. If the “shepherds” will not, do it yourselves. Resist tyrants, it is the only way! We have God, Our Lady, the saints, of whom should we be afraid?? You will find you have more friends than you knew, but even if one were to go it alone, what a glorious way to honor God and fulfill your duties to God, to thank Him.
    Where is our Christian valor! We cannot accept tyranny, should never accept it. Pray publicly, meet and demand your rights. There is a website called MassResistance which works around the world to help people fighting the powers that be. Give them a look and learn how.

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