By E.P. Unum

April 23, 2021          

Hat Tip: Rip McIntyre

Interesting how NBA ratings have crashed by 30% producing the lowest viewings in five years. Perhaps people are getting sick and tired listening to millionaires like LeBron James lecture us about how bad America is and threatening police who saved a black teenage girl from being stabbed in Ohio. Or, perhaps the decline is related to the NBA, like the MLB selling their souls to Red China. 2.        The mainstream media keeps harping on “systemic racism” in America. Why didn’t we stamp out this scourge when we had a Black President for eight years? Wasn’t Joe Biden a part of that Administration, the so-called champion of Black America? People should take a hard look at Joe Biden and some of the things he has said on the floor of the Senate about Blacks. He’s no champion of Black Americans! And he also maintained a close personal relationship with now-deceased Senator Robert Byrd, the former Grand Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). You can’t make this stuff up. Joe Biden is a fraud, through and through. 3.       Remember when New York’s Governor Cuomo announced that “President Trump is not welcome in New York City?” Tough guy Cuomo, who probably could not fight his way out of a wet paper bag, said that if Trump comes to New York “he will need an army alongside of him to walk in NYC.” Nice talk from someone who is responsible for the greatest number of deaths of any state in America and over 15,000 in nursing homes alone. But, hey, he wrote a book on how he handled the pandemic and even won an Emmy Award for his wonderful Press Meetings! Maybe he will write another book on how to deal with multiple women accusing him of unwanted sexual advances. What a blowhard! 4.       Congratulations to Jim Acosta who has earned the title of “Worst Journalist in America for ten years in a row!” He beat out several competitors and the closest race resulted in four broadcasters all tied for fourth place…Chris Matthews, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Madow, and Don Lemon, who is appropriately named. 5.       Remarkable how democrats want to make Washington D.C. a state and how they feel adding four more justices to the Supreme Court is in the best interests of the people…and of course themselves. And many of the left-wing liberals now want to abolish the Electoral College. I think we ought to realize this.   If any of these actions come to pass, and a few have already passed the House of Representatives,   Democrat Voters in California, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, Delaware, New York, Maryland, and Washington D.C would determine the President of the United States forever. Just think about that. We will essentially have abandoned a two-party system and rendered Republican votes useless. What could possibly go wrong? 6.       Just a thought, but if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can be tricked by a local neighborhood salon, should we be trusting her with a top-secret security clearance? But, in fairness to Nancy,  this is really blown out of proportion. Nancy actually thought the sign said “Saloon.” 7.       On the subject of security clearances, whatever happened to the Chinese limo driver Diane Feinstein used for 20 years who turned out to be a Chinese spy for Red China and was sharing secrets with China? Did anything happen to Senator Feinstein? How about Congressman Eric Swalwell who was swapping spit and playing lovey-dovey with a Chinese spy….why is he still in office and sitting on key Congressional committees affording him access to military secrets? 8.       California’s District Attorney issued a policy that police are required to consider “looter’s needs” before charging them with a crime. Fascinating. So if the looter “needed something, like new Jordan sneakers or a Gucci handbag” I guess it ain’t robbery. The times sure are changing. Guess growing up being taught right from wrong and to never take something that isn’t yours or doesn’t belong to you is a bit outdated and old-fashioned. 9.       Try this on for size: “As long as we have memories, yesterday remains. As long as we have hope, tomorrow waits. As long as we have love, today is beautiful. And as long as we have God in our hearts, anything and everything is possible.” I may be wrong, but if we taught this in our schools and reinforced it in our homes and communities, maybe we would all be a bit better off? 10.   So we have controversy over Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Police Lives Matter. It is all nonsense. 2,000 years ago Jesus ended the debate over which lives matter. He died for all of us. Never forget that. 11.    So let me get this straight. We are spending trillions of dollars on projects like Infrastructure that have little to do with infrastructure and trillions of dollars on an American Rescue Plan that does not need rescuing as our economy is improving every day. We also do not have a clue about how to pay for all of this spending because their plan of imposing increased taxes will drive the wealthy away from our shores and will once again place the middle class…you and I….in a death squeeze. Stated a different way, the inmates are now in charge of the asylum. Their plans offer no logical pathway to success…only abysmal failure. 12.   I am more afraid of the Democrat in the White House than I am of COVID-19 and I am 75 years old. You should be as well. The Democrats today are not the party of your parents or grandparents anymore. And they are far more interested in power than they are in improving the quality of life for everyday Americans. They are in the midst of implementing the plan, begun by Barack Hussein Obama, to cripple the United States of America and pit blacks against whites and Asians against Hispanics. They are executing a plan to turn America into a socialist state en route towards a Communist totalitarian state. 13.    Much has been said about Climate Change being an existential threat to America and the world. Barack Hussein Obama echoed this sentiment often. John Kerry Speaks of little else as he jets around the world on his private jet emitting more carbon than many people do in a lifetime. But have you ever heard an objective debate among scientists from either side of the issue of climate change? I can tell you with statistical confidence that the issue of climate change is anything but settled science! So why are we embracing this issue as if it is, in the words of our President Joe Biden a “moral imperative.” It is not. Far from it. But what is a moral imperative is the number of abortions committed on unborn children. That is a moral and an ethical imperative and I hear nothing from President Biden, who supposedly is a Roman Catholic on this subject. 14.   Fathom the hypocrisy of these truths and facts:

  •  Kamala Harris, the VP, owns a gun but doesn’t want you to own one;
  •  Philadelphia’s mayor and the California Governor can eat in restaurants but won’t let you dine out;
  •  Lori Lightfoot a/k/a Beetlejuice, Chicago’s mayor can go on vacation but forces you to stay home;

  I may be wrong but this kind of sort of feels like “do as I say, not as I do” and is a bit unfair in my opinion. But, then again, I digress, after all, they are all Democrats. 15.    I have been an avid sports fan all of my life. I played football and baseball in high school and college and professional baseball for a brief time. But today, at 75 years of age, you could not pay me to watch an NFL, NBA, MLB game because I find it disgraceful that these athletes cannot show respect for our Nation’s Flag or National Anthem. Like many in the media, they jump to conclusions about events that occur before a single piece of evidence is presented.  16.    I wonder when the mainstream media is going to focus on the CDC’s recent analysis that states it is perfectly fine when you are outside you do not need to wear a mask, especially if you have been vaccinated. Why can’t our so-called leaders in Washington, specifically our President, Vice President, Dr. Fauci, and others come forward and strongly reinforce this? Is it because they feel that it is far more beneficial for them to continually keep rigorous control practices in force because it adds to their power base? 17.  I am really interested in why we have not heard anything about Hunter Biden in the last several months. But my curiosity doesn’t stop with Hunter Biden. It extends to James and Frank Biden and indeed the entire Biden family. I’d like to learn more about how Joe Biden’s brothers, Frank and James landed lucrative government contracts as soon as brother Joe became Vice President. I also am very intrigued by Hunter Biden having worked with Communist Chinese entities closely aligned with the Chinese Military and in nuclear energy, some of whom have been under surveillance by the FBI for stealing U.S. Secrets. I think the American people need to know that the person who is now serving as President of the United States may be compromised by his family’s involvement with China. Recall Biden’s famous words repeated often and, I quote: “A rising China is in the interests of the Chines people, the American people, and the world”. Doesn’t make me feel warm all over. How about you?

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