Pinocchio, A Real-Life Character

By Theodore Wilson

May 11, 2021 ​

Hat Tip: Rip McIntosh

Why did you do this?” My father had summoned me to the basement, pointed to a partially burnt paintbrush and spoke in a harsh tone.​I carefully studied the charred remains of his brush and denied having any knowledge of how it happened and suggested that my little brother must be the responsible culprit.  ​“Stop lying and tell the truth.” My father’s ability to express anger by his facial expression and altering the tone of his speech was uncanny. He wasn’t talking to a child. I was in college.
​I stood my ground but it only intensified the situation when I refused to confess. Stubbornness was an inherited fault over which I had no control. The next time my older brother and his wife came to dinner, I inquired to see if he might be able to shed light on the burnt paint brush. When he admitted it, I cleared my throat to rebuke my father and he was more furious than  he had been about the burnt brush.
​Fifty years later, every time the discussion about Covid-19 surfaces, I am being accused of being Pinocchio. 
​“Have you had your Covid shot yet?” They don’t really want you to say “no,” and I am never sure why they ask. But if you have good character, you have to be stubborn and stand up for what you believe. ​“No, and I don’t intend to get a Covid shot.”  They stare at me like my nose was a foot long hotdog.
​In the United States, critical thinking has been defined as a form of descent. If you believe you have the right to speak, you must be silenced because you are a threat. Nothing is true unless the government says so, and the flow of information has been prohibited by the Pinocchio Press because you no longer have the right to hear all the details. 
​Now we are in the great crisis. We, the people, no longer have the right to be informed, get a second opinion, or are no longer allowed to control our lives. Disagreeing about the CCP Virus regulations can get you kicked off Facebook, U-Tube, and Google.
​If you are not allowed to get a second opinion, you certainly are not allowed to offer one, so let’s only look at the facts – what you already know and the forbidden truth.
​In January of 2020, I was not afraid of Covid-19. I had already experienced polio in 1950, the Asian Flu of 1957, and the Hong Kong Flu of 1968. During my annual physical with my family physician, he assured me that I would not likely die from the CCP. It only causes death in about 1.8 percent of the cases. I was content.
​When Dr. Anthony Fauci was appointed to White House Coronavirus Task Force, he agreed. Based on a study of 1099 patients confirmed with Covid-19, he stated, “This study suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 ultimately will be more akin to those of more severe seasonal influenza or a pandemic influenza similar to those of 1957 and 1968 rather than the SARS or MERS which have had case fatality rates of 9% to 10 % and 36% respectively. People do not need to wear masks. They do not work,” he said.  
​On March 11, 2020, Fauci went in front of Congress and blindsided America by reversing his stance. He screamed fire, run for your lives, and by the end of the week, the entire nation was shut down. Not a single piece of data was revealed and nothing was substantiated.
​What altered his position? His contemporaries where shocked. Renown scientists from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford, the leading university in the world according the U.S. News, spoke out against his plan as garbage. It would not work. 
​When asked “why,”  Fauci never answered the question. 
Two strong suppositions likely caused him to gaslight American citizens.
​With eight months remaining before the presidential election, he could preempt Donald Trump’s bid to return to the White House by creating a crisis, and leave the president holding the bag. Perhaps he was informed about Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots planned during the summer, and rigged elections. That was plausible because government agencies helped enable those events. Was he warned about being on the winning team?
It was the CDC, The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the national public health agency of the United States, and a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia that suggested mail-in voting six months prior to the election.
The Democratic Party and Pinocchio Press accelerated their slur campaign against Trump. He was not the primary target. They hoped to break down the voting coalition of the Conservative Christian Right, members of the NRA, Anti-abortion advocates, and the traditional American families in rural United States. 
Within two months after Fauci’s speech to Congress, the Democrat Campaign Committee projected an increase in Trump support, and, indeed, 10 million additional Americans cast votes for him. They needed to stuff the ballot boxes. Dr. Robert Epstein testified in a Congressional subcommittee that Google, Facebook, and Twitter were able to shift 15 million votes without the people’s knowledge or leaving a paper trail. In San Francisco, a group called Seed To Vote was a front for the Chinese Progressive Association, targeted infrequent voters in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The CCP paid Steven McClure, an American who worked out of Wuhan University, to generate maps and addresses of voters to be targeted for mail in votes.
​Secondly, Fauci was in bed with Chinese scientist as a co-participant in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the largest repository of bat coronaviruses in Asia working on Gain of Function Research to let a high-level corona virus loose in a controlled laboratory setting to see how it behaves. Over 300 emails between Fauci and China show this.  That experiment was highly criticized by Johns Hopkins University as extremely dangerous. 
Chinese researchers at the laboratory became infected in early fall of 2019. Considering his status in the project, he must have learned that. He would have also known that the Chinese researchers in the biowarfare department of the military were working on a vaccine.
We do not know why Fauci chose to bring the United States to a staggering halt.  His action turned the American medical profession into a political arena, put 40 million Americans on unemployment, 20% of small businesses failed and will never return, and the United States bureaucracy became the overseer of the citizens invested with the power to tell them when they could work, go to school or church, eat in a restaurant, play or watch sports, and gather for family meals on holiday occasions.
Dozens of experienced physicians refused to follow Fauci. They stayed true to the principles of the profession to fight for the lives of their patients. They spoke publicly against his policies, and prescribed hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax, and zinc for those who contracted CCP, pharmaceutical products that had be successfully used for decades.
The government’s cancel culture kicked them hard. They were fired from their practice by the medical corporations that employed them, and kicked to the curb.
Simone Gold, M.D. established America’s Frontline Doctors who are committed to revealing conspiracy-pseudoscience about the CCP Virus. They provide credible/verifiable information, and they continue caring for patients. They created on-line patient care to treat Covid-19. Everyone has access to their website and an opportunity to obtain the banned medical prescriptions.
The America’s Frontline Doctors participated in the January demonstration in Washington D.C. They are now labeled terrorist by the Democratic House of Representatives. The Justice Department issued a warrant for Gold’s arrest for entering the capital with the intent to sow the seeds of information that would discourage people from taking the Covid-19 vaccine. Since then, hundreds of doctors have joined the efforts of the AFD.
Fauci was the perpetrator, but the people behind the scenes were the instigators. It was a mathematical scam. Power and control reap money. Everyone in the medical industry had the ability to reap incredible financial gains. Pharmaceutical companies received billions for vaccine research, hospitals capitalized every time s patient went on a ventilator, and more when they died.  Suddenly, deaths from cancer, heart attacks, and many other illnesses dropped drastically and federal payments to hospitals leapt up. 
Finally, the release of the vaccine and more money in the pockets of big pharma. Where do the trillion dollars that pay for the shots derive? The taxpayers.
Even the media companies profited. CNN kept the death toll numbers by the side of commentators around the clock to help viewers internalize fear. Their numbers escalated as did their ratings.
The money trickled everywhere, to the unemployed, illegal immigrants, pork barrel projects, municipal governments, and on. One city is building a new city council chamber on covid money.
Currently, every American taxpayer owes $183,000 on the national debt and Joe Biden spends millions of tax dollars at the rate pennies flash by on the gas pump. 
Information is a weapon of destruction. Why? Because when people see facts and details, they become critical thinkers, and it makes them believe they have the right to speak. That was the reason the flow of information was censored by the Democratic Party and their partners, the Pinocchio press.
What are some details about the CCP you should know? As a starter, the states with the strictest Covid19 restrictions have the highest virus statistics. Michigan proves this. That state has the strictest compliance regulations and they are the Covid Capital of the U.S.A. 
The same statistics are true in Europe. The UK has been most strict and had the highest cases and death rate, a 12% to 18% increase. 
Sweden and Denmark had much lower compliance regulations and had, by far, the lowest number of cases and death rate of a 1.5% increase.
In the Unites States, as of May 10th, 2021, 587,950 have died from the CCP Virus, less than the rate of heart attack victims, and half of the Covid deaths were in nursing homes. They average death age of the CCP victim is 78 years old. That is the normal average death rate in the United States.
A vaccine stimulates the production of antibodies to provide immunity as a synthetic substitute. The CCP vaccine represents an experimental approach antibody dependent enhancement for SARS 2. The vaccine for SARS 1 (2002) never came to market because of known complications, and studies have indicated that previous flu shots have increased the chance of major influenzas, not decreased it, and, thus, adverse effects are possible. 
The misinformation about the current CCP shot leads recipients to believe they are “safe and sound,” and that cannot be a fact as this shot is an experimental medicine. To force the public to take the vaccine, they took drugs off the market that had been used successfully for 65 years and are completely safe. That boosted their revenues from the vaccine. 
People who have not been vaccinated simply don’t believe it makes sense to give a healthy body an experimental drug that will alter their body permanently with a promise that it is a “good thing.
As I see it, the critics against masks are missing information in front of them. Countless times I have mentioned to friends that I have not had a cold, the flu, or a sore throat in 18 months and I receive a kindred response. Yes, they have been healthier too. Just wearing a mask tends to make us more aware of the need for good hygienic practices. 
What are some of the details we have not asked about the CCP Virus? What is the confirmed case fatality rate (CFR) ? And, we should also be looking at the infection fatality rate (IFR). These statistics offer insight into Fauci’s Covid-19 war. We should also know how much money was deferred from cancer technology research, SARS, and heart disease in order to focus on the CCP virus. 
A fair question, will the critical thinkers inherit the future of the United States? The odds always improve when the numbers increase. We can’t just compare the number of traditional family conservatives to the socialist and communist Democrats. You have to add a third group. How many Americans rely on the government and Pinocchio for answers. 
When you follow the activities of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they appear to be adversaries to traditional values and the Constitution.  They have targeted anti-abortion leaders, President Trump, and many of his appointees performing well.
​Gradually, Americans are waking up. The strength lies in our Congressional representation and legislatures of every state.
To reclaim the power highjacked by the United States bureaucracies, we need to be on the door steps of every elected official in state, local government, and school districts. They are the backbone of the nation.
​Utah’s censure of Mitt Romney was a great beginning. The leadership of our governors who have become outstanding orators speaking for the people in their states, and legislatures that have rebelled against the voting scams, and who have pushed for education reform in the past five months represent a wave of rebellion against the violators of the United States Constitution. 
​The Biden Democratic Political Machine must be stopped before the ravenous tiger devours the Republic that ended World War I and defeated the Nazi’s and Japanese in World War II. 
They are ripping apart the flesh of the helpless culture pictured in the form of a helpless women, the symbol of traditional American families. 
What are you going to do about it?

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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