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We have the opportunity to have a video made for you to send to representatives, orand  put them on Facebook, Twitter, put them everywhere!  share, share, share
If you want to make one  Contact Rebekah Warwick – She is with Heritage Action- another Voter Integrity projectemail rebekah.warwiick@heritageaction.comcall  202 316 3930
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She is doing these until the end of the session.

On Sun, May 9, 2021 at 7:02 PM shawn Flanagan <> wrote:
Dear All,  We are meeting on Monday at 6pm at Silverado!     When I was coaching the Islanders in cross country,  if late in a race things were going right, I would yell at the kids as they ran by on the course:  “We are Winning, Just Finish it and We will Win!!!!”.  THAT IS WHERE WE ARE AT!!!!       Friday late afternoon the House passed SB7 for the second time, after the Senate passage of this Omnibus Election Integrity bill this is huge.  There are still some steps left but the problematic ones are over!!!!  Will give a complete run down at the meeting on Monday-but it is all good!   Ida and Julie will each talk about new methods we can use to lobby in Austin.   There are still single issue election integrity bills going forward to support.  We are planning on a small group going up to Austin this week and a larger group next week when we want to meet with our local Reps and Senator.  The group this week will meet on specifics with the SB7 Conference Committee and the following week to establish as positive, as possible, relationships with those that represent us in Austin.  We have two events coming up.  This Thursday we are presenting about EIP at the Corpus Christi Tea Party Patriots meeting at 6pm at the BBQ Man on I-37.  On Wednesday 26 May at 6:30pm we are co-hosting with the Annaville Baptist Church a Christian Values in the Public Forum event.  There are three topics-Election Integrity, Race relations, and The purpose of Public Education.  There will be two speakers on each subject.  First a secular speaker on the differing approaches to each subject with a preferred policy and a religious speaker explaining how the preferred policy aligns with Christian, Biblical values.  It will end with asking the audience to get involved in putting their Christian principles to work-like joining the EIP!  We hope this is the start of a series of forums at various churches.     See you Monday,  Shawn   

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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