Rene Henry,

Bishop Rene Henry Gracida is one of the most courageous defenders of Life in the world.

Today, Bishop Gracida turns 98! Even now, Gracida remains an active advocate for the lives of the innocent and vulnerable. 

Bishop Gracida rose to the national stage in the eighties and nineties, when, as bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, he took public action to confront the murderous exploits of Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion politicians. 

Bishop Gracida stood firm in his decision despite widespread backlash from secular and religious authorities.“The most important issue facing the world today is the assault on the sanctity of human life,” Bishop Gracida has written. 

Gracida is one bishop who does not mince his words. He was raised in the Great Depression and served as a U.S. airman in World War II, flying 32 missions over Nazi-occupied Europe. 

(On one mission, a shard of German shrapnel ripped through his plane, missing his head by inches. “If it had hit me, it would have taken my head off,” says Gracida. Incredibly he has held onto that piece of shrapnel and keeps the artifact as a memento to this day.)

Bishop Gracida is not afraid to fight for the truth and the defense of the weak. 

For decades Bishop Gracida has been one of Texas Right to Life’s greatest allies. “I’ve had such great respect and admiration for all you wonderful people associated with Texas Right to Life,” Gracida has said. 

Please join us in honoring Bishop Gracida’s 98th birthday by giving $1000, $500, or $98 to defend Life!GIVE NOWUnsurprisingly, Bishop Gracida has taken a strong stance against Biden’s abortion agenda.

Gracida has said, “it has become crystal clear that the politician who actively engages his political skills to maintain abortion-on-demand and who protects the ongoing genocideby voting for legislation in favor of abortion formally cooperates in the evil of abortion itself.”

Bishop Gracida has dedicated his life to the defense of vulnerable patients and preborn children. He has been criticized and attacked from all sides for his Pro-Life efforts! 

We need you to join in Bishop Gracida’s fight to protect the innocent by giving a gift in his honor right now. 

When you give in honor of Bishop Gracida’s 98th birthday, your name will be featured in a special birthday message to the bishop himself!

Texas Right to Life is very thankful to God for Bishop Gracida’s faithful witness and defense of Life.

Thank you for helping us wish Bishop Gracida a very happy 98th birthday! 

For Life,

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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    Happy Birthday, your Excellency!! Interestingly I will be 74 this Sunday myself God bless! Jean-Francois

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