Fact Check:Cori Bush & Maxine Waters – July 4th 
By: Kathleen Brush, Ph.D.July 8, 2021Cori BushBlack people still aren’t freeAnswer: RidiculousAmerica is the only global power in the world to elect a minority to the highest office of the land – twice. She has fifty-seven current black Congresspeople, a black woman is the first elected female to occupy the oval office, and black mayors lead 1/3rd of the nation’s 100 largest cities. African Americans in politics, industry, and sports are globally recognized and admired around the world. There is no nation in the world where a minority holds this much power. This claim is absurd.Congresswomen Bush might want to focus on the black murderers in her state that are free. 
Blacks are killed by blacks 90% of the time, and distrust of police, and fear of retaliation limits witnesses from coming forward. 
In Bush’s home state of Missouri, in 2020 90% of homicide victims in St. Louis were black, and 61% of cases remain open. Homicide in St. Louis was up 36% in 2020. Cori BushThe freedom they are referring to is for white people? Answer: False●  African Americans are the most prosperous and educated black population in the world. ●  Latino household income is higher than exists in any Latin American nation. ●  Asian Americans are the most educated and most highly compensated racial group in America. ●  Five black women count among the 100 most influential women in the world. Four are from the United States.  Maxine Waters tweeted the names of 5 black people killed by police. Answer: And the police?Thirty-seven officers were murdered in the first 5 months of 2021. This year there have been 161 police line-of-duty deaths. An officer is 3.75 times more likely to be killed by a black person than a white person.  Maxine WatersIn 1776 the founder wrote: All men are created equal. Only white men.  Answer: False.In 1776 no one was free. The Revolutionary War was concluded by treaty in 1783. Soldiers were mostly unfree, poor white men, and most stayed poor and unfree after the war. In 1776 laws limited freedoms for: blacks; Native Americans; white Catholics, Jews, indentured servants, and poor people; and all immigrants. Poor whites would be able to vote throughout the United States in 1830. In 1863, blacks were freed but white indentured servants remained unfree. Some until 1930.  Cori BushThis land is stolen.  Answer: Untrue●  Land in America was originally claimed by Britain and France under the Doctrine of Discovery and the Right of Conquest. ●  Most Native American tribes sided with France in the French and Indian War, and Britain in the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812. ●  As losers, France and Britain conceded large swathes of Native American land. ●  Additionally, many settlers given grants of land by the Crown decided to pay the Native Americans for land. ●  Native Americans had surplus land and were anxious to trade for goods, like arms. ●  It was regular for Native Americans to also pay off debts with land. ● ●  After 1776 all Indian land was to be acquired by treaty, and it was. 
For some, an issue of unfair power relationships left lingering feelings of land theft. To address this, the Indian Claims Commission operated between 1946 and 1978.  After this, claims continue to be negotiated with lawsuits. By 2016 about $7 billion in claims had been paid.  No indigenous population in the world has been courted more to ensure fair compensation for their land or received the protected freedoms, concessions, and financial transfers as Native Americans. 

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