Words of The Blessed Mother

August 3, 2021

“Again and again I have spoken to you, my children.

With outstretched arms I have called you to sit at my knee,

And to listen to the words my Son bids me to speak.

There is none that is excluded from these words,

For there is room for all at His table

If a contrite heart and a broken spirit are laid before Him.

In many ways and at different times

Have I spoken to you about the sanctity of life.

I have cautioned you again and again

To put not your hands on God’s creation,

And to interfere not in His divine plan.

But you have heeded not these words.

Man has tread upon that which is sacred,

And has twisted the laws of God.

God is not asleep, nor has He shut His eyes or His ears.

He looks upon the world and sees the state of men’s hearts,

And He hears the cries of the babies.

His mercy, which is abundant and overflowing,

Has been rolled up, and His justice unfolds.

In the coming days men will cry for help,

But the earth will rumble, fire will burn unharnessed,

And water will rush over the shores and engulf the land. 

Men will cry, “Oh Lord, rescue us!”

But the Lord will reply, “You rescued not the babies,

But sacrificed them on the altar of the world.”

Plagues will creep over the earth,

And viruses will play havoc with the reasoning of men.

But for every cure brought forth from the sacrifice of the babies,

Will the Lord administer justice with a sure hand.

Oh my children, again and again

Have I spoken words to you about the sanctity of life.

Soon you will see the justice of the Lord.

For my words you have heeded not.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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4 Responses to

  1. abyssum says:

    The prophesy is not mine!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  2. abyssum says:

    The prophesy is not mine!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  3. abyssum says:

    The prophesy is not mine!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  4. mortimer zilch says:

    Dare you prophecy in the name of the Lord? But what you say is right on target, fer sure.

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