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Government in your Business
With Biden in charge, unelected bureaucrats are going buck wild. There’s been a bonanza of regulations and extreme enforcement of extreme regulations.
The government do-gooders are knocking on your door and they’re not here to help.
Our writers, have covered a few areas of interference this week.
EPA: Wrongly accusing mod-shops of modifying cars to defy air quality standards.
Biden’s announcement to enforce unattainable emissions standards on all cars. The thing that bothers me about this is that it’s another way to punish the poor. They cannot afford the fancy schmancy electric cars, there will be no charging stations near them, but they’ll be penalized just the same.
In Michigan, nosy ninnies have been hired to go through people’s recycling bins. because they’re not being fastidious enough. That’s tax payer money to root through trash.
COVID: How can we count the ways of government interference? They are myriad. Vaccine passports in New York. Edicts from the CDC telling landlords that they’re criminals for needing money to pay mortgages.
Donald Trump knew the misery that the regulatory state could cause businesses. That’s why he made cutting back regulations a mission.
Biden has reversed course and empowered bureaucrats are persecuting law-abiding citizens who have to waste time and money defending themselves against these government-paid hall-pass monitors.
Meanwhile, over the weekend, Barack Obama and his wealthy pals partied, maskless together. What’s a 600 person party? No big whup.
Meanwhile, with the latest COVID scare, there are vaccine passports and school regulations and businesses are freaking out.
Are you sick of it? 90% of the vulnerable are vaccinated and 70% of American adults are vaccinated and children have less risk than fully vaccinated adults. We need to stay this maddness and adjust to the reality that we’ll have to live with COVID. And, unfortunately, invasive species of Democrat-empowered bureaucrats.

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