By: Marvin L. Covault, Lt. Gen. US Army, retired

December 5, 2021

(Emphasis added)

There is an old saying, “For every complex problem there is a simple solution and it is usually wrong. The Biden administration has brought new meaning to that piece of wisdom. Some examples:   

Complex problem: the Afghanistan drawdown.

Biden simple solution: force the issue with an arbitrary and low in-country force level of 2500 U.S. military personnel.   

Consequences, we could not meet Biden’s demand to secure the embassy and simultaneously keep Bagram Airbase open with only 2500 combatants. Bagram closed first guaranteeing a failed evacuation.  

Complex problem: securing the border. 

Biden’s Simple Solution: open the border. Consequences, in 10 months the U.S. has been inundated with sick illegals, drugs, drug dealers, human traffickers, gang members, possible terrorist cells from multiple countries and now We the People are on the hook for billions of dollars to fund welfare, education, crime and medical. 

Complex problem:  Trump defeated every democrat and legal effort to deny building a wall on the southern border.  

Biden Simple Solution: with the stroke of a pen on inauguration day, shut down construction. 

Consequences, the cost to We the People is $2 billion and counting. 

Complex problem: about 20-25% of the 1.7 million illegal immigrants crossing the border this year are ill, aka Covid positive.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: don’t test them.Consequences, when U.S. citizens have been asked to stay home, businesses forced to shut down, schools closed, etc. the super-spreader illegals have been bussed and flown into communities all across America.  

Complex problem: Americans would be horrified, ashamed and resentful of the administration if they were shown the inhumane crowded conditions of holding areas when the border patrol is overwhelmed with illegals.  Biden’s Simple Solution: declare a complete blackout of media coverage of holding areas and additionally get the illegals moving on busses and planes ASAP. 

Consequences, pass the problem off to communities across America without funding to support it.

Complex problem: while the southern border is processing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens per month, the overall immigration policy for the U.S. is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: amnesty.  

Consequences, it is a slap in the face for the millions of immigrants who have worked and are working the lawful route to become U.S. citizens.  

Complex problem: shipping back-log caused by long term systemic problems such as rigid union work rules, bad regulations in West Coast ports, truck restrictions, driver qualifications, unrealistic state-issued regulations, insufficient container storage areas and insufficient equipment/facilities.  

Biden’s Simple solution: work weekends.  Consequences, continued backlogs and empty shelves across America just in time for Christmas. 

Complex problem: government-funded Covid relief packages for Americans. The $484 billion Covid Relief package made sense in April, 2020 during the economic lock-down.  But not so much the $2.3 trillion in December, 2020 when economic growth factors were looking better. But it made zero sense by April, 2021 when economic recovery indicators were strong.  

Biden’s Simple solution: demonstrate he was a, “President for all the people” and send out another $2 trillion in relief.   

Consequences, the economic recovery hit a road-block when millions of workers were content receiving their government checks and refused to go back to work. And, there are still 10 million unfilled jobs. 

Complex problem: from observing Covid-related distance learning at home, parents became increasingly aware of what is being taught and not taught in our classrooms.  They openly confronted ineffective school boards across the nation.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: call the outspoken parents “domestic terrorists” and weaponize the Justice Department and FBI to deal with the “problem.”

Complex problem: how to pass nonsensical liberal legislation that, if considered as a stand-alone proposal, could not survive the light of day (for example, amnesty for millions of illegal migrants). 

Biden’s Simple Solution: hide hundreds of these non-passible issues in multi-trillion-dollar legislation that is thousands of pages long and unread by legislators who are asked to pass them with one up-or-down vote. 

New Biden administration complex problem: how to immediately pander to the far-left liberals who voted for him.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: within hours after the inauguration, alter the entire dynamic of oil production. 

Consequences, immediate and continuous increasing fuel prices which negatively impact every single American.  

Complex problem: how to, at least partially, pay for massive spending proposals.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: equally new massive tax increases.  

Consequences, general disincentivization, lack of capital for business expansion, steady slow-to-no-growth economy and taxation that will without a doubt eventually hit the middle class hard. 

Complex problem: how to force the issue of transitioning to battery-powered vehicles.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: implement policies that force the price of gasoline so high that battery-powered demand will go up, (maybe).  

Consequences, the U.S. immediately transitioned from oil independence and exporter to dependence on OPEC imports which is an enormous geopolitical negative position.  

Complex problem: how to deal with American’s displeasure at rising gas prices.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: take 50 million barrels of oil out of the nation’s strategic reserve.  

Consequences, 50 million barrels is equal to 2 ½ days of U.S. consumption. A 2 ½ day reprieve will have zero impact on nation-wide gas prices. The reserve is called “strategic” for a reason.  Since we are now a net-importer of oil, we are subject to being cut off by suppliers.  Yes, it can happen. Every one of my generation, including Biden, have vivid memories of the oil embargo in 1973-74. 

Complex problem: who can supply imported oil, Venezuela, Iran, Russia?  

Biden’s Simple Solution: ask OPEC to drill more.  

Consequences, they said, “no.” There are potentially serious future implications in that simple answer.

Complex problem: collecting all the tax dollars owed to the federal government. 

Biden’s Simple Solution: hire 86,852 additional IRS agents. 

Consequences, additional $80 billion in funding.  Additionally, watchdog reports say the IRS problems are widespread incompetence, mismanagement, ineptitude and abuse that will not only not be solved but exasperated by adding 86,852 new hires. 

Complex problem: improving race relations.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: support indoctrination of school children with Critical Race Theory which is an obvious race-divisive tool.  Secondly, imply that the majority of white Americans are white supremacists, saying, “white supremacy is the most lethal threat to America today.”

Consequences, Biden rhetoric has immediately and drastically increased the racial divide in our country. Identity politics in action. 

Complex problem: all categories of crime rapidly rising nationwide.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: blame the racist police. 

Consequences, Americans generally do not feel safe and secure. 

Polling tells us these are the issues Americans worry about, “a great deal:”

ü affordable health care, 

ü the economy, 

ü inflation, 

ü affordable energy, 

ü race relations, 

ü illegal immigration, 

ü drugs, 

ü terrorist attacks, 

ü size and power of the federal government, homelessness,

ü crime and 

ü Covid. 

Complex problem: extemporaneously answering detailed questions concerning these type critical issues during news conferences.  

Biden’s Simple Solution: address some issues with prepared teleprompter scripts.  

Consequences, more often than not, he will turn his back and walk away as the media shouts questions at him. In doing so, our president is figuratively and literally turning his back on America. The combined weight of three critical character traits, accountability-trust-respect, are in play as he exits stage-left. Accountability: his remarks are routinely filled with blame; Trump, racists, white supremacists, Covid or failures of We the People. Accountability, zero.  Trust: how are we expected to put our trust in someone who is frequently guilty of misrepresenting the truth about major issues?  Respect: notwithstanding his decades-old obsession with being president, how can we respect someone, and his family, who knew he is physically and mentally incapable of handling the toughest leadership job in the world? How many times have we heard our president say, “I was told I am not supposed to take questions?’ Translation, I cannot be trusted to know or say the correct thing. 


Major national issues, immigration, the economy, entitlements, crime, education, race relations are being turned inside out by Biden-Simple-Solution, knee-jerk, vindictive decisions without a national debate and which go against the will of the American people. 

Polling data: 

Reputable pollsters report that: 

ü 76% of American voters do not support Biden’s open borders. 

ü 78% do not support more dead-end welfare entitlements without workfare incentives. 

 My personal “polling” says: 

ü 100% of Americans are against the out-of-control rise in fuel prices.  

ü 100% of Americans want better results from our broken education system.  

ü 99% of Americans want sustained economic growth which cannot simultaneously exist with a Biden Simple Solution destructive tax-and-spend economic philosophy.  

ü 100% of Americans do not want the IRS conducting detailed audits of their bank accounts. 

ü 100% of Americans want to feel safe walking the streets of our towns and cities. 

ü 99% of Americans are against dehumanizing, demonizing and defunding police.  

ü 99% of Americans want criminals arrested, held, charged, prosecuted, tried and if convicted sentenced to the full extent of the law.  

ü 99% of Americans want drastically improved race relations not greater division. 

For an incoming president to set out, as one of his legacy accomplishments, to infuse into this country a massive policy of generational entitlement dependency through multiple, massive unaffordable programs with no workfare requirements goes against everything this great nation has been about since the first settlers arrived 500 years ago.  America will always provide for those who are willing but unable to provide for themselves; but it is inhumane to infuse government dependency into the psyche of young Americans. This is not what America wants, this is not what America needs, this is an enormous stepping stone on the path to destroy our country. An entitlement nation discourages incentive to be all you can be. The Biden transformation is unconscionable leadership and one of the major stepping stones toward a socialist state.  

President Biden, stop, damnit, just stop what you are doing and listen carefully to We the People.  Stop telling us you, “will be president for all Americans” and start doing, not just saying, but doing what is necessary to move us forward economically, socially and culturally to be all we can and should be.  

Mr. President, you have told us you want to, “transform America.”  Unfortunately, you are on a very fast track to do exactly that.  But when your days in the White House are over and you look back at the transformation, I do not honestly believe you will agree with the results. 

There is one exception to the wisdom of the above thesis that, “For every complex problem there is a simple solution and it is usually wrong.”  In this instance there is a viable simple solution; we must defeat Biden’s Build Back Broke legislation. Why?

The Penn Wharton model tells us that the most likely cost of the Build Back Better legislation is over $4 trillion dollars. There is a Simple Solution to this potentially destructive transformative bill; first defeat it then tear it completely apart and for every individual entitlement program, every major Green New Deal expenditure, every immigration, every major transformative issue, consider them as stand-alone proposals.  Shine the light of day on them by letting the process play out as it should.  That is, hold congressional committee hearing on each one; listening to expert witnesses.  Let the media report out to We the People on each committee vote.  Inform we the people so that we can respond to polls and email our legislators thereby forcing Congress to do its job. 

Our Constitution, the greatest document in world history, constructed by the most brilliant assembly of men in history tells us that, “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  Let these immortal words become the guiding light going forward for the Biden administration and our broken Congress. 

Marvin L. Covault, Lt Gen US Army, retired, is the author of VISION TO EXECUTION, a book for leaders, a columnist for THE PILOT, a national award-winning local newspaper in Southern Pines, NC and the author of a blog,


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