Bill Clinton’s Sock Drawer May Just Help Trump…This Is Too Good!

You don’t think the DOJ is being weaponized for political gain? Take a look at this story that compares the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence with Slick Willy’s sock drawer.
Let’s set the stage for this comparison. The Department of Justice is obsessing over former President Donald Trump’s files. Bruce Reinhart is the federal judge that signed off on the search warrant for the early morning clown show. He is a rabid anti-Trump judge.
Federal agents took boxes of documents, some of which might have been declassified while others declared personal records. They also took Trump’s passports…
The basis for the search has been eviscerated by former Justice Gorsuch law clerk Mike Davis. He clearly showed that the Presidential Records Act is not a criminal statute. The president is the ultimate authority in declassifying classified information, which the Supreme Court affirmed in 1988.
Now let’s compare this fiasco with former President Bill Clinton and his sock drawer.
Ten years ago, Judicial Watch filed a legal motion to recover tapes that were supposedly stored in Bill Clinton’s sock drawer. But the motion was rejected by a judge because they were considered to be personal records of Bill Clinton.
These tapes included conversations about the presidency, the potential firing of a CIA director, and nominating Madeline Albright as secretary of state. They were not his McDonald’s order.
The court also ruled that the National Archives had no legal authority to take them, this is according to the Washington Times.
Ironically, this sock drawer incident could aid the Trump legal team in the fight with the DOJ. The court ruled that the National Archives and Records Administration had no power to “seize control of them” because Mr. Clinton had used his authority under the Presidential Records Act to declare the recordings part of his records.
So let’s get this straight, both Bill and Hillary got away with legal matters involving classified documents…
Did you hear that thud? I just dropped the mic.

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