Could George Washington ever have foreseen the day that we’d have to live side by side with Satan clubs for children in public schools?Have you had time to think about joining the battle against Satanism by joining a special program for to defeat the devil in 2023:Saint Michael’s Sword: Effective, LongDistance Combat against Satanism
Please consider it!Part of our work is helping inform locals about Satanic events to protest, like the Satanic”Christmas Snake” in the Illinois Capitol this year.
Saint Michael’s Sword is Return to Order’s monthly giving program that lets you help Return to Order continue opposing the Satanic Movement with effective action this year and future years.

Return to Order has 2,917 St. Michael’s Sword members, and I’m praying that you will become one before the New Year, so we will be 3,000 strong to stand with Saint Michael against Satanism.The threat of Satanism is growing fast! For example:
Children as young as 5-years-old exposed to Satan Clubs opening in elementary schools around the nation.Attempts to put a statue of Satan in the Arkansas State Capitol grounds.
Popular TV shows with evil Satanic themes.Black Masses at a public tax funded center in Oklahoma City.
And Satanic “prayers” officially started off city council meetings in Florida, Alaska and Colorado.And Satanists are trying to say an invocation to the devil to open a city council meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. They only recently lost their case to open a Satanic club in Pennsylvania…but only after we protested.
That’s why I’m inviting — and indeed urging — you to join in the fight against Satan.And you can — for just 50 cents a day! That’s just $15 a month.
Also — we have many members who give 83 cents a day — $25 a month.Whenever a Satanic event takes place, we try to
help and train locals how to fight the threat.
Please give it serious thought — and if your answer is “Yes!”……then I’ve reserved a Spiritual War Kit for you that includes these special items for the intense spiritual battles against Satan:A St. Michael Medal to helps protect you each dayA St. Michael chaplet for your personal devotionsA companion chaplet prayer cardA magnificent Mount Saint Michael screen saverWe need good fighters who are not afraid to stand up against Satan. Americans who will not sit silent while blasphemy against God dominate the airwaves and threaten to get a strangle hold on our young people.I’m seeking 83 new members by the New Year.Will you be one of them?Your donation will help all of our efforts, large and small
That way, we can have more members to oppose the mainstreaming of Satanism. Your 50 cents a day will put you in the ranks of God’s children who are battling the hordes of Satanism. And you are needed!In fact, I also need many who will send 83 cents a day!One thing I know:2023 will be a year of intense spiritual battles against Satan and the growingranks of Satanists nationwide.But with your help, I can dedicate funds to oppose the mainstreaming of Satanism.To let me know about your decision, just CLICK HERE. Remember, the devil never sleeps. We expect many battles with Satan in 2023. But we have the certain hope of victory which rests on our confidence in Jesus and Mary, and on your generous support.May God Bless you and your family, and may St. Michael strengthen you.PhotoSincerely, Signature

John Horvat 
Vice-President, Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP)
www.returntoorder.orgP.S. Return to Order has 2,917 St. Michael’s Sword members, and I’m praying that you will become one before the New Year, so we will be 3,000 strong to stand with Saint Michael against Satanism.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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