After Elon Blows Lid off of Twitter Censorship–Biden Gets Hit With Major Lawsuit

In the last few weeks, Elon Musk has thrown social media–and Washington–on its head. Musk released thousands of internal documents from former Twitter executives, revealing that the company was not only censoring users but doing so at the request of the federal government.

Top execs were colluding with the FBI and other agencies to suppress the free speech of American citizens. All to protect the political agenda of Democrats in D.C. But we’re only at the start of this unfolding drama. Hot off the heels of these revelations comes news of a new lawsuit. And it’s setting its sights on Biden himself.

The discovery phase of a free speech lawsuit from GOP state attorney generals, represented by the  New Civil Liberties Alliance, has revealed that the Biden administration pressured social media companies, including Twitter and Facebook, to censor users online who were posting information the White House deemed “Covid misinformation.” […]

“Newly released documents show that the White House has played a major role in censoring Americans on social media.”

“Email exchanges between Rob Flaherty, the White House’s director of digital media, and social-media executives prove the companies put Covid censorship policies in place in response to relentless, coercive pressure from the White House—not voluntarily,” reports the Wall Street Journal. [Source: The Post Millennial]

This is really bad for Joe. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt along with Louisiana’s AG is bringing a lawsuit against the Biden administration. They have revealed communications between Biden’s director of digital media and various social networks. Biden’s man was pressuring these companies to censor users who questioned the administration’s COVID narrative.

In fact, the White House went so far as to censor Americans, that these companies didn’t do it voluntarily. They were coerced. This is an ugly violation of the First Amendment. Not only is the government not allowed to silence our free speech, but it cannot force private companies to silence us.

It appears that Flaherty bullied Facebook into censoring the posts and comments of those who worried about the COVID vaccines. Biden had a deep interest in forcing Americans to get the shot, even though many did not trust it. Biden even went as far as to threaten the jobs of millions of Americans with his mandates–which were, thankfully, struck down in the courts.

But behind the scenes, one of his goons was working to take down any content that revealed the dangers of these vaccines. Today, plenty of data is coming out suggesting that most Americans shouldn’t get a COVID shot. Some data might even suggest that these shots are harmful to most.

Yet Biden was trampling our First Amendment rights to push this vaccine, all so Big Pharma could get our tax dollars.

If that is not grounds for an impeachment probe, I don’t know what is.

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