Kathy Sinott, Former Member of Parliament
Father Marcel Guarnizo


Nowhere can the virus of heterodoxy and dissent be found to have infected a whole body politic than in Europe.  First, The Netherlands, then Belgium, then England, then Germany and now Ireland.  How was it possible?   Catholocism in America owes so much to Ireland.  Countless priests, sisters, brothers and bishops in the United States have come from Ireland.  Whole regions of the nation were made strong in the Catholic Faith by their ministry.  And not only the United States, indeed Irish missionaries brought the faith to Africa and Australia.

Some would blame the shift in the faith of Catholics in Ireland in recent decades on the pedophilia scandal.  But that does not explain wholly the subsequent shift of Irish Catholics on the subject of abortion.

Now comes the campaign in Ireland to legalize same-sex ‘marriage.’  Those who are close to the situation in Ireland say that polls indicate that the approval is coming.  My friends, Paul and Susan Abel who are close to Father Marcel Guarnizo sent me this link to his recent talk with Kathy Sinnot.

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What engenders more debate and strong feelings as discussion of so-called same sex marriage?  Kathy Sinnot, former MEP and host of EWTN’s Celtic Connections spoke with Fr. Marcel Guarnizo in advance of Ireland’s gay marriage referendum in May.

Ireland is 90% Catholic and yet perhaps a majority of Irish are prepared to vote for so-called gay marriage.  Why does the confusion and misinformation continue when a couple of years ago it would have been unthinkable?

Ms. Sinnott refers to Fr. Guarnizo’s reflections as among the best and most informative she has heard.  In their discussion they look closely at the issue from a human, psychological and faith level.  Finally they talk about how this issue, which goes to the very fabric of our society and how we understand family, plays out politically across Europe.

– Susan Abel


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