Dear Relatives, Friends and Loyal Readers of abyssum.org.

As some of you know, I am going to have an operation to replace my right hip.

Because of my age, 97 years, there has been a certain extra amount of caution being manifested by the medical profession.  I have been having a series of consultations with my doctors.

I am neutral about whether or not to have the operation although I recognize that my activity, including publishing abysum.org daily is becoming more difficult with each passing week.  Therefore I place my trust totally in the will of Our Lord which he will surely reveal to me.

Because of my age and because I have a slight problem with the left ventricle of my heart I suspected that my cardiologist would rule out ether and would favor a spinal block for the anesthetic for the operation.

I had a consultation with my cardiologist yesterday and he ruled out a spinal block because of the the three metal devices my spine surgeon implanted in my spine to cure spinal stenosis which was causing sciatica in my right leg.

So my understanding is that I will be given a light dose of ether; perhaps I will be able to listen in as the doctors perform the operation.

I have my next consultation with the surgeon on June 23 and I will learn more about what he will do after he has reviewed the recommendation of my cardiologist.

I will continue to post on Abyssum up until the day of the operation, if there is going to be an operation. If there is to be an operation there will necessarily be a period of silence on abyssum.org which may last as long as a week (or permanently if it be God’s will).

Your prayers for the success of the surgery will be most appreciated.

Yours in Jesus Christ our Lord,

+Rene Henry Gracida

About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Ed Kelly says:

    Estimado padre y Obispo Gracida,
    . You well know that the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal promised, “Through articles that I kiss, my Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, will work prodigies and miracles.” She has, of course, fulfilled that promise. If you don’t have one of these relics, I will send one immediately upon knowing where.
    Perhaps lesser known is that the Virgin added, “Those who wear them with faith and confidence will suffer their corresponding Purgatory on earth.” From what you have told us about eye problems, hip problems added to all the “normal” annoyances that one suffers in 97 years, it seems like you well might already have served much of your time, and that this second benefit is meant mainly for me.
    When I talk on Garabandal this Sunday, June 21, on Relevant Radio’s “Miracle Hunter,” I don’t thank you for your kind words that grace the top of the back cover of my book on these apparitions, so thank you greatly for this and for all you have done, (including making Garabandal known), that will make it more likely that many of your followers will make it to Heaven.
    If you can stand more, watch the sequel in Spanish (opening in English as “Unstoppable Waterfall” on July 2) to “Garabandal, Only God Knows.” You will have to look closely (and have a good imagination) to see the old bald guy, the only one speaking English, waving to you.
    (I’m sorry, the link didn’t copy, so you have to write, “catarataimparable” in the address bar.)
    With esteem, love and prayers,
    Ed Kelly
    Marysville, California

  2. Elizabeth G. says:

    Dear Bishop,
    May our Blessed Mother keep you tucked under her mantle. Rosaries and masses will be offered for you this week.

  3. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Sandra !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  4. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Barbara Ruth!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  5. abyssum says:

    Thank you!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  6. shjihm says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida,


    Upon hearing about your health difficulties, I took it upon myself to consult with a mentor who is helping me use PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology with my own health issues: very low energy and cancer. Having done some research into PEMF, I decided to plunk down about $3,600 for an Omnium system and have to disclose that I just started using it. However, you will find many doctors on youtube as well as testimonials from patients who have seen great benefits using PEMF. Sometimes, you can find a practitioner/doctor/clinic offering the service in your area (so you wouldn't need to buy one). 


    I sent your post of to Diana McIntosh (my mentor) asking for her opinion and here's what she said:


    Hi Sandra, 


    Wow, 97yrs old and looking at an operation. Do you personally know this man?


    As long as the implants in his spine are not electrical devices, than the Omnium would certainly improve his energetics and very likely help him with pain issues as well. Remeber, that PEMF is working with energy, whereas the traditional medical profession focuses on the physical. However, it is the energetic blockages that create the disruption in health and the physical manifestation of all pain, sickness and dis-ease always starts with the energetics, which is simply a result of those stuck energy zones in the first place. Thus, the mat would very likely help Rene alot, and to what degree, we could only wait and see. 


    But YES get him on it every day if you know him, as it would definitely help him feel better. I only know that hundreds of thousands of people have had dramatic health challenges healed and helped in many ways. It could only support him in the right direction.


    Thank you for thinking of him…as he is definitely looking at options and the Omnium mat is certainly a great choice to support him!.

    PS Love the article that David Martin wrote on Abyssum…looks like more people are seeing the truth than we realize….thats awesome…Yeah David!




    Diana McIntosh


    Swiss Bionic Lifestyle Consultant

    Vancouver, BC 



    You can google youtube, PEMF therapy for many videos regarding its benefits. Here's Dr. Pawluk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTrCDdXyqko&feature=emb_rel_pause discussing PEMF.  


    I consider PEMF 20th century medicine (with some 21st century updates). Mainstream treatments are Neanderthal medicine.


    I hope this helps. 


    Sandy O'Gorman https://faithfulandtrue.biz/


    Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 5:59 PM

  7. Barbara Ruth Spencer says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida, I love reading your posts and will miss them while you’re in recovery…praise God. You’ve been an awesome Bishop and warrior, so loyal to our Lord. Prayers for you from Mexico. God bless you! Barbara

  8. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Donna !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  9. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Al !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  10. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Frederick !!! Yes, in my case it is necessary!!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  11. dcdonna says:

    Dear Bp. Gracida,

    May our Lady draw her mantle around you.  I will be praying for your good health.

    In Christ, Donna Bethell

  12. Al Notzon says:

    You are in our prayers. I love your leadership and example of faith in Our Lord

  13. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Frederick !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  14. Frederick Dempsey says:

    God bless you, Bishop! We’ll pray for you. One question: is such radical surgery truly necessary? Hospitals are dangerous places!

  15. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Mau McSh!!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  16. Mau McSh says:

    In my daily prayers Bishop Gracida and thank you for your guidance and your website. From Ireland

  17. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Mary !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  18. abyssum says:

    +Rene Henry Gracida

  19. Mary D says:

    Yes !… Bishop Gracida, please do notify your readers of your surgery date so we can double up on prayer and fasting for you. We thank you for all you have done for us…..for your priestly love and guidance .
    Oremus pro Antistite nostro Rene Henry Gracida!
    Stet et pascat in fortitudine tua, Domine, in sublimitate nominis tui.

  20. abyssum says:

    Thank you, George and Salli !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  21. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Carol !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  22. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Lucy !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  23. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Father Joven !!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  24. abyssum says:

    Thank you, Katey!!!
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  25. abyssum says:

    Thanks, Audrey!!!

  26. sgomuse says:

    Dearest Bishop Gracida: May our Lady, Mediatrix of all graces, protect and console you. Count on our prayers.

  27. Sam says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida,
    Thank you for everything you do for us. We pray for you daily in our rosary. And now we pray for a complete restoration of health. God bless you! George and Salli

  28. Fr. W. M. Gardner says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida, I offered Mass this morning for you and your intentions. I hope you are able to find healing and strength in the midst of your current afflictions. Thank you for all that you do for Our Lord and His Church! Sincerely, Fr. Gardner

  29. jorgecerra says:

    Good Bishop Gracida, you will have my modest prayers for the success of the surgery.
    I will miss your blog while it is silent.
    Respect and regards,

  30. Louise Brady says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida!

    I am totally amazed at your stoicism, serenity, not to mention your continuing great capacity for reading and dissemination to all of us

    some wonderful articles which otherwise I would never see!

    So be assured of my prayers that your health will improve and the doctors will come up with a good plan.

    Thank you so much for all the material you share with us. It’s a great blessing for us.

    God bless you!

    Louise Brady, Sydney Australia

  31. Lega Antipredazione says:

    Dear Rene Henry Gracida, gratefulness and our prayers for the success of the surgery Nerina Negrello president Lega Nazionale Contro la Predazione di Organi la Morte a Cuore Battente http://www.antipredazione.org

  32. Robert Copsey says:

    My Lord Bishop, I will offer the Supreme Prayer of the Church in the Old Rite for your good estate. You ordained me in 1994. Deo gratias

    Sincerely in Christ,

    Robert Copsey s.ol.t. (In England)

    Sent from my iPad


  33. geoffkiernan says:

    ” for our Warrior… Liz Yore”
    A Warrior indeed at 97. Prayers and Best wishes… We need someone of your caliber for a while longer yet, as much as you deserve your reward

  34. ebcatholiclife says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida, we love you. You care so very much about us that you do everything possible to warn and prepare us. I am so grateful to you. You will be in my prayers. Truly a man of God. How blessed we all are. Elizabeth

  35. Dale Cumberland says:

    Praying for a successful surgery.

  36. registarrex says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida,
    Thank you for your continued leadership and guidance in your less active pastoral life.
    No where is it written that a bishop emeritus should refrain from continuing the mission of evangelism and Eucharistic service entrusted to him by God. I thank you for you being one of the few voices in the wilderness stirring the people of God to be mindful of their obligations to the Most High.Thank you, for accepting and fulfilling the chair of the Church in Corpus Christi.As I stated to you before, there is no title or anointing more blessed, august,or beautiful than that of the Bishop of Corpus Christi. The bishoprics of Jerusalem ,Alexandria, Antioch and Rome and Constantinople may be more historic, fabled and biblical,royal, or imperial but none have the glorious celestial, mystical ,or Living real presence of that ,of Corpus Christi.
    I lift you up with my prayers united with those of Our Lady,and Queen of Corpus Christi and her worship of her Son, Our Lord and Savior ,Jesus Christ ,our sovereign King of Mercy in whom we trust .God bless you Bishop Gracida.
    Richard Mccabe.

  37. Fred Martinez says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida,

    You will be in my daily rosary and Mass as well as as in my prayers throughout the each day. Thank you for all the kindness you have shown me and my family. I have asked the Catholic Monitor readers to pray for you and we have some some prayer warriors.

    Fred Martinez

  38. Henry A. Liguori says:

    Be assured of my prayers at Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, Bishop Gracida. I will offer a Mass for you also.

  39. Christina Hiracheta says:

    We will pray pray PRAY, fast and get some Masses said for you!!! We LOVE you Bishop!!!!!!!!!! Hiracheta Family!

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