Priests and Prelates, Perverts & Predators – What Is a Faithful Catholic To Do?

A plethora of priestly pedophiles, perverts, and pederasts, are and, for decades, have been attacking, raping, and abusing their victims. Priests, bishops, and cardinals have been hiding their wickedness and their demonic actions from those in the pews, while their enabler bishops and cardinals have shuttled them around the country, and around the world; knowing what they had done and that in many cases, almost certainly, with their new prelate-provided cover, they would do it again, and again, and again.


Bishops, archbishops and cardinals, both those guilty of these abuses and those covering up for them, have stolen billions of dollars from the faithful to pay off the victims, who were and are overwhelmingly boys and young men. In the United States alone over four billion dollars have been paid. Their clerical poison has permeated not only parishes and dioceses – by one estimate each and every diocese around the world –  but also the papal palace itself.


Now it is expected – based on previously proclaimed and published heresies  – that these same wolves and hirelings are going to welcome a new would-be pseudo-magisterial teaching that those voluntarily engaging in loving homosexual actions, although they do not achieve the perfect ideals of love and of marriage, have a smidgeon of the ideals, enough to make what they do acts of virtue; that, eventually, gradually, they will achieve the ideals.


The perverse attempt at new dogma will go on to say that, for those who freely choose to engage in loving homosexual actions, their voluntarily doing so is the will of God Almighty; that the voice of their consciences, telling them “this is not just OK, but virtuous” is the voice of God for them. Never mind that the voice of God for millions of others is directly contradicting this voice that they hear.


All the faithful will be required to publicly welcome them and integrate them into the ongoing life of their parish communities, with all the public adulterers already receiving Holy Communion. And those priests and bishops, known to actively and regularly engage in these actions, will smirk, smile and parade (with pride),  their sins each time they walk, or dance, to an altar.


What is a faithful catholic to do?


Suppose you do not have your own radio talk show. You do not have a regularly syndicated newspaper column or your own internet blog site. You do not write books or articles and you are not a very good public speaker. In the face of all this monstrous priestly perversion and pervasive prelatel evil, what can you do?


Those here on God’s good earth for some decades more than half a century will recall a TV show called “The Christophers,” whose theme song included these words:


“If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be.”


Each faithful catholic can light such a “candle” that cannot be extinguished, not by demons and not by the wicked priests, not by the evil bishops. That candle is a single act of goodness, an act of virtue, a freely chosen act that brings into the world a good that was not there before.


The first principle of the natural law has often been translated from the original Latin as “Do good, avoid evil.” The Latin verb translated as “do” is the verb “facere,” which can also be translated as “make.” No human being can create in the way God creates from nothing; but each human being can freely choose to do good human actions and, in doing so, can “make” good. (for further discussion, see


God makes each person in the divine image and likeness, giving each person free will to choose to “make good and avoid evil.”  God also made each person unique (see, e.g. my article “Each Person Is a Divine Revelation, Catholic Lane,” This means that there is good that each person can “make” that no other person can make.


Such good, once made, such an action once done, cannot be un-made or undone. In a sense, such good will be forever. All the powers of evil, demonic and human, within the Church today cannot destroy such a good, once made by a free person. Each such good made by a faithful catholic in today’s world will shine like that “one little candle.”


One such act  “makes” good, a small good, but still unique, a good that can bring God back to earth as did the Last Christian in Myles Connolly’s Mr. Blue:



“On top of that black tower of the devil in the kingdom of the Anti-Christ,” said Blue, “after all those centuries of extermination, there stood a priest in amice and alb, maniple, chasuble, girdle and stole, heir in a noble line of Christ’s servants, clad in their symbols of chastity, charity, honor and faith. The figure of Christ’s cross lay on his back. The anointment of Christ was on his soul. Before him was his altar, his case topped with altar stone and missal and chalice. On it lay the corporal with the wafer he had made from the wheat he had grown. By it stood the two cruets of water and wine. He waited until first there was a streak of light across the east. Then he bowed down before his altar. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus sancti. Amen. The Mass had begun. He was keeping his promise to bring God back to earth.”

. . . .

“The last Christian,” said Blue fervidly, “was a priest. Can you see that heroic figure in the twilight of the world saying Mass in the citadel of the Anti-Christ?

. . . .

“It was magnificent,” exclaimed Blue as if he were telling of something he saw. “And the while he is making the sign of the cross over the wafer of bread, the powers of the Anti¬-Christ are gathering. He has been seen.

. . . .

“Veni sanctificator omnipotens, aeternae Deus. ‘Come Thou Who makest holy, almighty and eternal God…’ He is beseeching the blessing of the Holy Ghost.”

    The Mass goes on.

    “The Master of the IGW has summoned the marshal of his soldiers. ‘Stop the Mass immediately!’ he commands.

“The marshal reports that planes are speeding to the tower.

 . . . .

“The Master is furious. ‘Bomb the tower. Destroy it.  Demolish it. But stop the Mass!…’

“His face was black,” said Blue. “From his own tower he could see the silhouetted figure bending over his small altar. He tears his flesh in his rage.

“Two, three, four planes are circling above the tower. One drops a huge shell . . . Another bomb falls. Another misses. …

     “But now the priest bows low over his altar. Qui pridie quam pateretur… He begins the words of the consecration, the words that shall change the bread and wine of his altar into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  “He approaches Christ’s own words at the Last Supper. “One plane is now low over the roof of the tower, so low that the crew can make out the figure of the Cross on the priest’s chasuble. A bomb is made ready. . .

“And now the priest comes to the words that shall bring Christ to earth again. His head almost touches his altar: Hoc est enim corpus meum…

 Blue was whispering. I think he was shivering.

     “The bomb did not drop. No. No. There was a moment of awful silence. Then, a burst of light beside which day itself is dusk. Then, a trumpet peal, a single trumpet peal that shook the universe. Then, the sun blew up like a bubble. The stars and planets vanished like sparks. The earth burst asunder…And through this unspeakably luminous new day, through the vault of the sky ribbed with lightning came Christ as He had come after the Resurrection. It was the end of the world!”

     Blue’s last words were just barely audible.

    “The Kingdom of the Anti-Christ disappeared like ashes in a whirlwind. And hastening up out of their tombs and resting places came the souls of the just, happy, hearty, wholesome, to greet their king.”

     Blue paused. Then he added: “Father White who had been No. 2,757,311 found himself a hero even in heaven.”


A single act of goodness can be this “burst of light,” and can initiate this shaking of the universe.


George Orwell spent his professional life crusading against totalitarianism in all its forms, but he never dreamed that Jesus’s Church would be infested with the worst sort of totalitarians. His last sentence of Animal Farm about how the pigs could no longer be distinguished from the farmers can be paraphrased today:


The faithful outside looked from priest to pedophile, from pedophile to bishop, from bishop to pederast, from pederast to archbishop, from archbishop to pervert, and then from pervert to cardinal; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

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  1. hellenback7 says:

    Following is a link to Randy Engel’s monumental tome on the homosexual infiltration of Catholicism.
    It is long but I believe worth the insight it provides, if you can tolerate the subject matter for any length of time
    With the “LMNOP” onslaught in the media it’s hard to voluntarily subject oneself to more talk/study of the source of much perversion but I believe it is important to understand our enemies to be better able to recognize (and defend against) them.

    If this link/post is not approved I inderstand but it is to a legitimate and legal free “Archive” site that I have found very helpful, especially for the classics on solid Catholic teaching/texts. Perhaps many here are already familiar with it.

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